That Ole ‘Cash For Questions’ Issue Lies Over Cameron’s Outfit Like a Noxious Gas

Neil Hamilton & Ian Greer S2P5

Neil Hamilton & Ian Greer.

In October 1994 the Major Government was getting embroiled in wrongdoing which became known as the ‘Cash for Questions Crisis.’  The General Sheeplic had already been treated to tabloid tales of Mellor’s romps in 1992.  Neil Hamilton and Ian Greer were pursuing libel actions against The Guardian in 1996 due to these C for Q allegations but these were then dramatically dropped at the last moment.  In 1997 before Mr Downey could publish his findings from an enquiry into all this ‘corruption’ Major called an election.  How convenient.  GovWatch recalls that Jonathan Aitken did some ‘bird’ in 1999 for perjury. 

ken clarke

Ken Clarke – Cameo’s ‘Minder’.


Cameron and Thatcher Pact.

Sir Gordon Downey S2P5

Sir Gordon Downey.


Simon Milton (Boris Johnson crony) – Coleman asks about his connections to Greer  –

Around this time, a hard-hitting television program called The Cook Report, which GovWatch remembers for its ‘take ’em by surprise’ tactics, stopped being broadcast.  GovWatch has since learned why.  Apparently Carlton TV bought up Central TV thus taking control of any material produced by Cook which was unaired.  David Cameron happened to be working at Carlton TV at the time, and he arranged for remaining tapes to be given to a lawyer who, GovWatch presumes, put it all ‘in a safe somewhere.’  Fast forward and Cameron becomes PM.  The tapes involved one Ken Clarke who was filmed in the office of the lobbyist called Ian Greer.  Just a mo, there was a big Hoo Hah about ‘Cash for Questions’.  Unfortunately, the hastily called election allowed some of the shadier folk to quietly melt away or emigrate to foreign climes.  Ergo Greer fled to South Africa.  There are still questions to be answered all this time later.  Firstly, what was on those tapes which was so damming for Ken Clarke?  Secondly, why was Clarke virtually living at Greer’s office?  Lastly, why do the police say MPs are ‘above the law’ in 2013?  Finally why did Greer flee to South Africa?  South Africa seems to be a popular destination for UK shady typesMark Thatcher, Derek Laud, Greer and friends.  Could it be South Africa’s more relaxed climate perhaps?

Maybe the South African police force are ‘a bit soft on crime’ as some of them have done some fairly heavy stuff themselves.

‘Ken Clarke MP Is Above The Law And Cannot Be Questioned Says Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit
Friday, May 10, 2013
‘  Well that means we can also cite this if we are accused.  Lawyers can now claim precedence.

Back story re the C for Qs saga, page 3, page 4, page 5 etc  Good gracious!

Brighton keeps coming up and parties there.

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