{{{Babylon 5 – 7}}}

gary mayfield (edited)
Realize this. All nations have the same leader. The Vatican !!! Look at every countries capital building. Gov buildings. Its all free mason work. They’re all one in the same. Purposely causing conflict and war to depopulate earth. Sterilizing women is a big agenda now for them. Stop reproduction. This info is all backed on solid foundation

The leaders all meet with the pope. Kiss his hand. Bow to him. Its so easily hidden in plain sight. Watch the hand signs of free mason. Learn them. Look inside the Vatican. Its shaped as a snake head. Look at its creepy throne. These are who our counties leaders answer too because they have the $$$ the Rothschild are the Vatican ties
The obliques in all nations. Once all 7 continents are under rule of one Vatican. NWO comes in. Syria and north Korea I think is left to concur. Iran

It’s called Babylon 7. We’re at Babylon 5 now. 2 more continents to succeed

Scott Miller
gary mayfield I couldn’t agree more Gary. I also agree Trump is not the man many think he is . He’s captured the hope of so many disenfranchised people . Trump is a hypocrite too. He’s playing a tremendous game with Libertarians and Truthers. I have zero faith in the man. They are all evil. Democratic and Republican alike . The Vatican and the Pope representative the Devil and Hell on Earth . Most people don’t realize under the Roosevelt Administration, the United States and congress secretly filed bankruptcy and allowed the Vatican to bail us out under the condition that we no longer abide to our Constitution. The Constitution has been suspended for 90 years. We are not a Democracy. We are now a Corporatocracy where 40 % Of taxes go to the Vatican and all decisions are made based on meeting the evil agenda of the Vatican. This is the reality and yes, an 80% loss is more than likely. That Korean missile will be delivered by a Deep State submarine off the coast of Los Angeles or Long Island . We’re all Fucked . Sorry. Thank you for putting out the truth . I really appreciate your efforts . Sadly I don’t think hope and prayers can save us. Take care bro. God bless Adam. I’m a truther and believer from Connecticut