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”When you intuit a being in your presence, say either telepathically or outloud, “I am breaking the code of disillusion to see what is before me.” Repeat this three times. You can actually create any mantra that you wish, including these words like, “Reveal the true identity of any entity outside of myself, that is cloaking itself or not showing itself. I am not in agreement of this disillusion”. Just be sure to include the first sentence, as that seems to be the catalyst to break the code.” http://howtoexitthematrix.com/2016/05/02/breaking-the-hypnotic-code-of-reptilians-how-to-see-them/

The Sad Fate Of Reptilian Researcher Frequency Fence

Published on 3 May 2018
Youtube is taking massive efforts to censor the truth and deletes dozens of channels.
This channel could also no longer exist tomorrow.

Whether he was repeatedly abducted and severely programmed, or mentally ruined through constant psychotronic and/or telepathic warfare, or replaced by a programmed bio-droid, is hard to tell. One can not reach serious conclusions via far-distance diagnosis. Especially not in situations where there is alien technology, psychic entities and advanced military black op tactics involved. This is absolutely not professional and should be avoided. There are hundreds of possibilities, not merely a few. And he might recover as well. Therefore he should be supported as possible, not exposed to additional stress in form of slander, gossip, rumor and hostility towards him.

This video just raises awareness of his imbalanced mental state and the documented fact of negative alien involvement in his live with a bit of gallows humor. There is nothing really funny about it. Reptilians do present themselves using the Clown-Theme. Google: “Halloween Make Up” to find hundreds of these interdimensional demonic entities.

Obvious fact is, that FrequencyFence is in a state of severe mental distress/imbalance.

The facts:

-FrequenceFence is/was (oe shouldn’t prematurely judge) one of the most intelligent reptilian researchers.
-As such he posed a threat to the reptilian controlled illuminati.
-They are well known to terminate threats to their agenda.
-They terminate researchers by various means, including murder, induced mental illness, financial ruin, relationship manipulation and emotional ruin, etc.
-They try to make the breakdown of a character appear organic, to prevent speculation of any outside influence. Which would give unwanted legitimacy to a researchers material.
-While Frequency Fence arbitrarily used christian terminology he never appeared to be a religious fanatic.
-He was repeatedly threatened throughout his time as a researcher.
-He documented several psychotronic attacks on him.
-He was repeatedly threatened by reptilians/reptilian hybrids. Both online and in his private life.

-He appears very robotic and lifeless in his last videos. And his voice is very monotone.
-In his last videos he refers to obvious cases of bulimia as “reptilian entities”. This confusion is not product of a proven prime intellect.
-He refers to himself as “Jesus” and rightful leader of Israel. Religious delusion is a primary characteristic of those that suffer to episodes of severe schizophenia/psychosis.
-He suddently promotes violence and war to overthrow the Illuminati. This is not in accordance with the consistently peaceful strategic standpoint he adhered to in all other videos.

What that means? I don’t know. But whatever it is, it has reptilian finger prints all over it. They are responsible.

9 months ago
Given FrequenceFence’s strategic role and relevance it’s safe to say that it’s more than just (given the environment) naturally occuring delusions. At least it’s certainly severely amplified by them, to push him deeper into it. They identify one’s individual weaknesses, then focus on the one with the most potential, analyze and adapt to them and following prey on them relentlessly. Also such a developement doesn’t suddenly start at some point randomly. These interdimensional forces are able of identifying a soul that has the potential to cause their agenda trouble down the timeline, consequently they are targeted from childhood on and have their lives manipulated in subtle ways.

The matrix routinely scans the population for genetics that reveal an advanced soul expressing its nature biologically. As the physical is an expression of the metaphysical. These individuals are targeted due to their potential control system destabilizing capabilities. Potential alone is sufficient to attract the attention of the system, which is why many people are wrong believing that they are safe from such intrusion as they “pose no threat”, referring to their actions. ‘Doing’ is not necessary, ‘Being’ alone can attract harassment.
Once such an individual was identified by the system, a process of continuous abduction and programming of the soul incarnate begins.
Usually starting at infancy, with many such people having memories of abductions starting at the age around 5. However, it is known in cognitive research that having memories from before that age are seldom, therefore this is likely not the age when it begins but as far as people can remember.
Intense nightmares, revolving around particular, repeating themes – owls, grey aliens, snakes, reptilians, monsters in the closet, etc. – are common.
An extreme form of this is often revealed in the memoirs of or psychological reports about serial killers, that unisono report having had monsters come from their closet telling them to do bad things, beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood. Almost all serial killers are known for bed-wetting when they were young. This is the theme of the hollywood movie “Monsters Inc”.

The goal of the continuous programming of such individuals is either recruitment or destruction, usually beginning with the attempt of recruiting the person into the negative hierarchy. Once a control system organization was joined (military, secret societies), once a contract was signed (military, industry), once the individual took part in compromizing activities, the individual will be bound by contract, oath, blackmail, and neutralized as an actual or potential threat to the system. This is sort of the theme of the movie “Devil’s Advocate” and “The Firm” and in a way “Tomorrow land” that is about technocratic scientific break away civilizations.
Those that are identified as unreliable or unstable are often recruited only in order for the system to gain the metaphysical allowance to immediately destroy the individual after recruitment.
The most resilient people that couldn’t be recruited or compromized are being solely targeted for termination. Which often can’t be done directly and instead follows a step by step procedure, where they have to gain increasing allowance.

It simply is the impersonal defense system of the matrix at work that targets everyone who it perceives to be an actual or potential threat to the matrix control system.
It’s not personal, it’s not even “business”. It’s the function of a soulless robotic apparatus. And this apparatus can be calmly and rationally responded to/interacted with. And while maybe that isn’t originally its purpose, it can be used for spiritual exercise to advance in strength, knowledge and ability.
There doesn’t have to be drama in that. And it certainly is not hopeless. It’s a matter of personal challenge and growth and knowledge expansion and knowledge application.
It can be perceived as being stalked by a gang of creeps, or as useful resistance against and thereby aiding spiritual advancement. Now that sounds a lot more productive and joyful i’d say. Not being victim to it, but challenged by it. Looking forward to the fruits it will provide.
“GrowthAmplification”, or “MatrixBattleMachine9000”, how about that for alternative terms? The “Matrixinator”, “Milky Way Matrix Gladiator”, okay i stop lol!

Of course it’s difficult for people under the influence of that to grin and bear it. But attitude in most of these cases is absolute key, with most people getting emotionally involved and psychologically affected by it to the point of emotional or mental break down. What is the very point of it from the perspective of the matrix defense mechanism. To seek and destroy.

There however is no rule of nature of sort that demands this situation to be met with seriousness. You can laugh it off if you decide to. No law against that. And once you do, things will turn around because this phenomenon relys on being payed attention to and emotionally invested in it.
This is metapyhsical law and quantum-mechanics applied, not shallow self-help advice.
By adopting a relaxed attitude one uses the law of attraction to stop attracting (no more emotional/psychological investment), and the law of awareness to block (learning calmly about the workings of the defense mechanism) further manifestation of matrix defense mechanisms.
-Anticipation/Awareness prevent/block
-Ignorance allows
-Emotional resonannce attracts

You get what works on you. Some people are gangstalked, others not at all or very little. The more you obssess about it, the worse it gets. Once you develop an attitude of “whatever”, it stops or at least gets reduced. Whatever individual program was developed for you, the most important is to not get emotionally involved in it. As emotion is the energy required for realm dynamic manipulation.

It’s difficult to counter that solely intellectually, with perspectives and analysis. What allows for fastest progress is:

1. Daily cold showers. This cleanses body and etheric body of attached/implanted negative etheric energies or life forms (witches can’t cross running water). It strengthens the immunesystem and improves one’s neurological strength and willpower and increases one’s level of environmental awareness and focus.
2. Meditation. This instantly pushes one into a higher frequency state and repells negative frequency attacks. Additional to the various benefits of meditation. 5min a day will do wonders.
3. Physical exercise with weights. Increases willpower, felt strength, stamina, motivation, etc. But also one’s spiritual strength and rooting.
4. Breathing. Easiest, fastest and most effective way to control your frequency. Breathing exercises like the “Breath of fire” help to push one’s frequency higher.
5. Environment frequency control (think energetic terraforming). Keep your enviroment clean, uplifting, positive at all time. Every piece of garbage, old food, even piles of unordered paper gives them an advantage. It might seems insiginificant, but it adds up.

They can temporarily employ random people for their schemes. As seen in the Matrix with Agent Smith jumping into people. In real (souled) people this leads to observable confusion after they said or did something which they were animated to do/say by an outside force. Of course they don’t reveal themselves as reptilians, laugh! “Don’t mention the reptilians” is the golden rule. That’s because they plan to rule openly again soon as they did in ancient times, for this they need to be accepted by the masses to ensure their ‘externalized hierarchy’ will have stability. They don’t want the public to become aware of their criminal involvement in people’s lifes all over the planet and the industrial scale extent of it. They abduct, program, murder, mentally ruin, emotionally ruin tens of thousands world wide. And did so since the time they arrived, from behind the veil, operating from underground bases and at night when no one is arround and no video camera running.

They try to induce anger/hatred/rage in their targets to drag them down into their frequence range. Once their target’s frequency resonnance vibration (FRV) is synchronized with their own, this allows them several ways to interact with the target, what they otherwise could not do:
-Stronger psychic attacks
-Programming during Abductions
-Adding etheric attachements/implants
-Programming you into certain criminal actions (the mentioned violent acts which would allow them to propagandistically exploit them)

The lighter your diet, the higher your vibration. Although one needs to listen to the demands of the body. One might is spiritually dedicated but physically not yet at the level where a purely vegan diet can be pursued without suffering to malnutrition and consequently weaknesses. The human body was genetically engineered over eons by hostile alien forces to be as weak as possible. Upgrading it is a challenging task and rather a two step foward, one step progress instead of a overnight transition.
Eat lots of fruit! That will severely higher your vibes. They want you to eat bread/noodles as it contains the addictive neurotoxin sugar and white wheat which drops your vibe. In earlier times, schizophrenia was refered to as “bread-madness”. If you eat meat, avoid pig meat at all cost, this stuff is just bad news. Stick to chicken and fish. Avoid red meat. All meat should be energetically worked on before consumed, in reference to Emoto’s water crystal experiments, one should focus his energy on food and water and use positive affirmations on it before consuming. The reptilians certainly make use of this technique for negative aims. Blasting food with dark curses in factories or warehouses at night through the speaker systems, or build food procesing plants atop of satanic ritual underground bases, etc.

9 months ago
They can kill you, and from what it sounds like, that’s what they are trying to do. It’s just that they can’t kill you immediately and need to go through a several step program. Murder you or turn you insane or poor or homeless or whatever else bad. What they are ultimately allowed to do likely differs from person to person. But the progress of the downward spiral likely is the same for everyone. Well, no reason to get nervous, there are thousands of people they try to get rid of or silence them. And that are doing fine (like me for example… well, I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘doing fine’, but ‘fine’ given the circumstances, lol). Their actions can be effectively countered and their success is absolutely not granted.

Montalk’s take on it, what I can attest to based on my own experiences:


I noticed this from observing the way they work in my life and other people’s lives. If someone is a threat to them, they don’t just push a button and have the person disappear or drop dead. There’s always a gradual stalking and weakening process, and a subtle “permission asking” process, by which the person is tempted and if he/she makes the un-spiritual choice, it gives them more leverage to take it further during the next iteration. This tells me they are working within limitations imposed on them. They’re always trying to get permission, trying to tempt, trying to trip and dissuade. These are the actions of beings who are flying under the radar, working with loop holes, hacking the system so to speak. They don’t have absolute power. However, if a person or society or entire planet gets to a point where, through successive investment of their manipulation successes these beings finally get to the check mate stage, then they can swoop in and turn everyone into alien sausage meat if they wanted. Like the Nazis rising to power; doing it democratically, until at the end nothing could be done to stop the extermination of dissidents.

So let’s say you’re a target and have been for several years, and their stalking and massaging of you has resulted in your weakening and the making of a cascading series of stupid choices; you’re weak and depressed and paranoid because of all of it. Then one night a black shadow being comes in, wraps itself around you, squeezes until you can’t breathe, and you die of a heart attack or asphyxiation. The whole time you scream no no no, you don’t want this, you don’t choose this. Now, was that a freewill violation or not? It was in that moment, but it wasn’t in the big picture because you spent the past several years giving away your freewill piecemeal so that in this final act, you face the consequences of your past accumulated indiscretions. But the fact that these forces had to stalk you for several years shows they lacked the power initially to just do away with you, even though in the very end it seems like they had total power over you in that one final moment.

Things that can weaken a person:

-deep obsessive paranoia and fear
-having intentionally invited these forces into your life
-occult rituals and pacts, maybe bargaining with them for favors in exchange for your soul
-weakening by drugs and alcohol
-prolonged depression and suicidal thoughts, acts of suicide
-feelings of exasperation and giving up of all hope
-choosing a partner who is an energy vampire and/or psychopath
-being drained by a life of choosing to have had kids that are energy vampires or psychopaths
-ending up in jail at the mercy of the prison system, or choosing to enter the military
-working for the military or government or black ops and signing papers allowing your termination if you violate the contracts
-living by the gun or sword and accumulating much karma from the harm of others
-having had karmic accumulations from past lives, and that includes demonic pacts made in other lives.

Genuine freewill violations still happen, but I think they require physical force, for the perpetrator being completely in the physical. For nonphysical entities to try and take you out whenever they wish, they will run into metaphysical opposition of some type. I don’t know if it’s a natural law, or if it’s more protector beings stepping in to counter it. All I know is that physical violators don’t tip toe around the issue and just go for it, while astral, alien, and demonic beings tread very carefully and have to “hack the system” so to speak to pull off their offensive maneuvers. And even then, physical hit attempts like getting smashed by an oncoming car or assassination by bullet can get thwarted if higher law or higher positive beings step in when some “game rule” violation occurs.


According to my alien contactee friend, he said that encounters with aliens in life tend to have a fracturing effect on the mind, and thus many people tend to be wacky/loopy. I’ve seen it in such people. I can feel it, intuitively, how their mind feels to themselves, and yes it’s a bit dissociated and wacky. The human mind isn’t suited to dealing with the cognitive dissonance it brings. Also alien experimentation and programming adds fractures to the mind as well. And the etheric/psychic field aliens emit can distort a person’s etheric body too, leading to further damage.
In my case, well I would say it was mainly bout self-awareness, self-examination, self-correction, and introspection. When engineers build a robot that walks, they build a feedback circuit into it that says if you tip one way, then extend leg or arm the other way to correct balance. That’s a feedback loop. Likewise, if you are self-aware, then if you begin going off the rails one way you can then use willpower and logic to create an opposite course of action to correct yourself. This means looking within and being honest with yourself, and writing stuff down to stay objective, and being aware of when you’re not being objective… which means, being aware of the root feelings and assumptions behind your choice of action or feeling or perception. If you can pull that off, then it’s difficult for anything to knock you off kilter.

Most people are externally focused, so inside they are easy to yank around by psychic/hypnotic strings by third parties. And those who are introspective, often don’t differentiate between what feelings arise from ego/trauma/programming and genuine discernment and intuition. And so they, also, are easy to nudge into depression or paranoia or whatever. Thus the key is to draw a line between what is your real self, real intuition, real logic, and truth … and what is not, even within your own head, and to treat that other part of ‘you’ (the false / ego part) as an enemy to stay watchful over.

Again, most people don’t have that ability because there are too many distractions in life and not enough challenges that force them to perform that level of discretion by turning their mental telescope inward. Also their level of consciousness-intensity plays a part, which may vary from person to person depending on their “soul age” or perhaps how much of their total consciousness dipped down into the body this time around (in terms of reincarnation), or how much they lost due to trauma, or how much they failed to develop due to distractions in childhood, or even brain structure differences that impede attention and focus.

9 months ago
Here are all my videos about interdimensional warfare:

9 months ago
Making a target kill himself naturally is the best solution from their perspective. In such a case the only influence that will be noticed by someone investigating is “bullying by peers”, what of course is quickly explained away with “children can be so gruesome”, or “the ugly face of human nature”, what of course does not describe humans or human nature but reptilian nature and reptilians hiding in human form among us. It’s a traceless crime and cost-efficient too. I recommend the interviews with Carissa Conti on that topic.

Here is her book: http://in2worlds.net/abductions2

What you describe I refer to as Sauron’s background nagging. It’s psychic transmissions, interdimensionally, telepathically and in some cases psychotronically (voice to skull technology – artificial telepathy) broadcasted thoughts. The methods depends on the faction who you’re dealing with.
I describe this in detail in my video “Black Telepathy”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYvyWc07x4Q

Yes, psychic anger inducement is what I am mostly dealing with as well. Some people get depression, others frustration, some get sexual stuff, others get insanity, procrastination, apathy or even humor. I get all of that, but yes, mostly hate. Hahah 🙂
What makes it difficult is that they simultaneously while blasting you with anger inducing vibes, they also suppress your defenses and prevent you from realizing that it’s induced by an outside force. Resulting in you having to deal with it as if it was your own issue, what it, of course, is not. So that’s very tricky, but you do get better in it, although it’s very chewy.

Weren’t you known under the name Son Goku before?

9 months ago
Different sources have their own version of a seperation of ways scenario. I think there already were massive timeline or hologram partings starting from 2015. Where large parts of the global population were seperated into entirely different realities. 2015-2016 was a period of insane timeline instability. And some realities right now are likely in the middle of a full force alien invasion/open occupation or maybe the entire planet was destroyed. For this watch my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSXULHqpYaE
Supposedly all timelines will eventually merge into one, the final one. For this read below “The Third Phase” of the article: http://montalk.net/gnosis/220/9-the-end

9 months ago
I know right! They tremble in terror when you confront them that way. When I go to forums to spread the message, mainstream forums, not conspiracy or fringe forums – off the plantage so to speak – the reptilian gatekeepers there absolutely lose their shit and panic! It revealed the even to me very surprising apparent fragility of their control system. They need to keep everyone in their little ideological cubicle. And interaction between them needs to be strictly prevented.

What shapeshifting motives do you print on the shirts?

Yes, I’ve already seen the video. And what he said was equally interesting. The caller, in jest, told him that he might as well is a reptilian. To which Domian responded that he spent over 20 years on air and hoped to be able to retire before someone finds out.

While he appears to be a very moral character with a positive influence on society, I have to wonder if there’s a hidden sinister purpose of the show. I mean you would be awfully gullible if you wouldn’t wonder about it, right? People call there to admit all their shortcommings and character flaws, and expose the darkest corners of their psyche, or in other words, they map out their weaknesses. And there sits a lizard listening… Not sure what to think about that.

He also has obvious sex maniac tendencies what people constantly call him out for. Whenever there is a caller with a sexual topic, he suddenly gets very attentive and wants to know every single detail, contrary to other topics. That is also worrysome because it’s well known in alien research that these creatures are most interested in human reproduction. For various reasons, but ultimately they seek to crack the human genome.
Maybe it’s harmless and he’s just a bit pervy, but maybe the guy is a vicious reptilian spy that poses as the friendly ear to human problems while actually milking the human race for its weaknesses and sexual secrets.

Now some will say that this is overly suspicious and paranoid and judgemental and racis’ and what else. Not knowing how bottomlessly depraved and unbelievably deceptive reptilians are. They can be in someone’s life for DECADES, acting nice husband, empathic parents or lovely girlfriend and when they got what they wanted from a target or when they get exposed they turn into vicious vile demons within seconds, that would have no problem cutting their stomach open and feasting on their organs. But! Humans judge by their own standards and don’t have the knowledge of evil. That’s why they are easy prey and why Reptilians could rule over the human race for 300.000 years.

They study us with great effort and methodically in order to extract the required knowledge to create what they call “the perfect human slave”. They collect this data on all the planets they turned into human slave colonies to refine their knowledge and become more efficient farmers or slave masters. As it is the goal of the force of evil to enslave all life forms in all universes. And for that you need to know what their weaknesses are and how to exploit them.

People who had reptilians in their lives told me over the years that these creatures had an unsatible interest for what they were thinking at all times.

9 months ago
Truth is a frequency weapon. Every shot fired, further destabilizes the integrity of their low-vibe frequency net. For that it doesn’t matter where it happens as every event has global impact. They shapeshift more and more in public. Jenner, the Queen, Bieber, Adele, etc. And there are more incidents of which we don’t know. People wonder why there aren’t any videos of it. How naive. Because they are instantly wiped off of all the cell phones, while the minds of the witnesses get wiped as well, or their desire to speak out about it suppressed.
People have no idea of the true capacity of the control system that is already in place. They have total control over all technology. And they can mass manage human minds, and so on. But despite all their extremely advanced alien technology and total technological control and micro-managing of minds, eventually the dam of control mechanisms will break. We just have to continue putting cracks into it. Every crack counts. That’s why you should reupload your videos. Let the computer run over night to upload them, if necessary.
You can also open a t-shirt store. Go to fiverr.com to get professional motives with the pictures you give them. Then open an account on amazon Merch and sell them. Putting pressure on the system at every corner and at all time. Constant pressure pressure pressure.

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