[[Breaking Code of Disillusion]]

Shapeshifting Non-Humans Capture Compilation (Part 1 2016 R.Bruce Los Angeles CA)

Identifying Shapeshifter Hybrids A complete Guide HD

Breaking The Hypnotic Code Of Reptilians, How To See Them

See Frequency Fence Material


”When you intuit a being in your presence, say either telepathically or outloud, “I am breaking the code of disillusion to see what is before me.” Repeat this three times. You can actually create any mantra that you wish, including these words like, “Reveal the true identity of any entity outside of myself, that is cloaking itself or not showing itself. I am not in agreement of this disillusion”. Just be sure to include the first sentence, as that seems to be the catalyst to break the code.” http://howtoexitthematrix.com/2016/05/02/breaking-the-hypnotic-code-of-reptilians-how-to-see-them/