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Published on 13 Nov 2017


NZ Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway Remains Silent on Kidnapping of Australian National, Brendon O’Connell

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First Kim & Phil video – https://vid.me/MLT5k

Bomber Inquiry – Manchester

Published on Jun 19, 2017
Nobody went to the victims inquiry, nobody went to the bomber’s and with both sides of the case adjourned for a while, plus the arena closed till September, will this event just fade away?

UK critical thinker, Obelines and Myself, chatting.

Amazing Grace

Andrew Moreton (edited)
Another thing about that documentary on the hospital at Westminster was they were supposed to be in a life threatening condition either in that or the press yet in the other one they were sat chatting on beds no probs! Also notice how Saffie was first named with Georgina yet last buried? And despite mum ill & not wheelchair bound her support with the man bun held her by her bad arm! And he was laughing as coffin brought out & mum looked to be smirking. Later she took sling off and held it fine just her mummy style hand bandage. Also the coffin was taken in twice because the floor is wet on one yet not on the other. And the ambulance staff don’t have coats on in one but do in another, not proof exactly but shows how long it went on for. I wouldn’t be surprised if the memorial is Saffie herself. Think I’ve said before her name rose Roussos means red rose literally the symbol of Lancashire. Roussos means red or redhead in old French. I know Queen Elizabeth 1st was red head but was Victoria too? UKCT I was chatting to Chris Pawley on your vid about him other night! Lol Notice how Zach Bruce seems to have disappeared since he messed up a 3rd time & posted that vid of kids on stairs saying before blast. I said to Chris you wanna be careful cos if you mess up they either pay you to disappear or they make you disappear with terror legislation. I think they can use the national security tag to not disclose the evidence to the accused now too which is crazy cos you can’t appeal. Kirks71 told me that cos I told him about Melanie Shaw-told Nottinghamshire social services about historical sex abuse by politicians and was before a secret court next day & on remand 9 months solitary then sentenced to 2 years in Jan this year but remand not coming off plus they keep giving her extra time for assaulting officers when it’s 6 big blokes storming her cell! UK column news on here are supporting her & petition on change too.

Andrew Moreton – > Kirks 71
Ha ha I know it doesn’t add up yet again which usually means that there is no truth in the equation! Here’s the link to all Met statements that week & even Acting Commissioner Craig Mackey happened to be on the bridge to witness it too. Oh and all pics taken by the those 2 political & royal insider pro photographers who were there by chance & only there pics, no public used-they did well to cover the 250m of bridge from start to finish but barely getting any decent ones like bus or other vehicle registrations 🙄😆 http://news.met.police.uk/news/latest-on-westminster-incident-229843

Addy – > straight to the point ! 
Manchester lies on the 22nd longitude .

Andrew Moreton
I think your reasoning behind the false flags that are less impactful are for all the reasons you said: fun, betting, testing out stuff, keep the fear & tragedy constantly desensitising people but also as an extra tax and I think one was the Mccanns because it never made sense that they got so much government support yet they couldn’t even get stories straight after 6 months in uk to get together! I’m sure it’s just so they have content for media networks books etc but also a distraction from other bad political news but although not the most reliable sources Kate herself said they got 58 million hits on website in first 2 days and the sun said 128 million hits in first 2 weeks. Now even if only 1 in 10 donated £1 that’s £5.8 or £12.8 in May alone yet the accounts (never audited properly) say £1.8 million for the year! Globally they could have got hundreds of millions and same for all recent events as we never used to have emergency funds after these events yet we do now and who knows what got donated? Most would give a £5 or £10 so again £11 million or £18 million are probably way underestimating it and why they move round each country. PS I got a bear!!! 🐻😉😆

Avalon is another.
We don’t believe you! – More to the truth!

Avalon 3
Published on 17 Oct 2017