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2. Had the attempts to oust Jeremy Corbyn worked last year, it would have been so much easier – a piece of cake in fact. Form a GNU & mess about with the franchise sufficiently to ensure a second referendum, with rigged questions, would achieve the required result.
3. But they lost their bottle. Not confident enough to place trust in Corbyn to head the GNU, the plan fell apart. We thought we’d got rid of most of them, it went very quiet on here when the PeoplesVote campaign fell apart & most of the FBPE trolls vanished overnight.

4. Little did we know that whilst we were pleased to see a Government with a decent majority returned on 12th December, a pandemic was already unfolding in China.

For whatever reasons, the World Health Organisation & the EU sat on their hands for weeks, unwilling to act.

5. The EU’s Rapid Response Assessment on 14th February placed the risk of infection transmission from inter-European travel as ‘low’. People happily travelled to Italy to go skiiing, bringing the pandemic back home with them during February half term.
6. Italy practically begged us to open our eyes to what was happening in Lombardy with their health care system overwhelmed.

But the World Health Organisation were more interested in giving mini woke lectures, telling us we must not call it the ‘Chinese Virus’.

7. By the time the WHO finally acknowledged we had a pandemic it was the middle of March and too late. Very, very serious questions need to be asked about that organisation. Globally, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions will die because of their inaction.

8. In the meantime we saw senior civil servant, Philip Rutnam clashing swords with Priti Patel & more recently Neil Ferguson has resigned. But the Cummings spring cleaning hasn’t gone nearly far enough, soon enough.

9. With all the main players out of action, having contracted the disease, the blob have repositioned themselves for another coup. Whilst Boris was sleeping, they’ve made their initial moves.

There’s nothing like a crisis to hide malevolent intentions.

10. We’re seeing them reconfigure before our eyes. The MSM allies are a wounded but dangerous animal. They’re back to scripting identical stories, using the same trigger words to push their propaganda. ‘Forensic’ will be replaced with something else next week.

11. Campbell’s cage has been rattled & he’s dishing out the dirt just like he did in the ‘good old days’. Blair has apparently ’embedded’ his team in governments to assist with the pandemic… oh & not forgetting help with political & economic matters too.

12. So here we are with what may amount to an emerging coup on our hands. They’re currently encouraging instability by undermining everything, with little thought of the effect this has on the population who desperately need cooperation, clarity & to be safe.

13. The last thing we need is to extend the transition date at the end of next month. Germany are distancing themselves from supporting coronabonds to bail out the southern member states; we need to do likewise & distance ourselves from the accruing European debts.

14. But I have a horrid feeling that is where we are heading if we’re not careful. It happened in 2008 with the financial crisis & the subsequent ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

This time history must not repeat itself. The UK must not be used to save the ailing project.

15. Ironically Boris finds himself in the same position as Mrs May. Her WA was too soft for the Spartans & too hard for the remainers & neither side would compromise.

16. Here we have the hard lockdown politicians & the open everything up politicians, with opportunists taking advantage of the divisions & attempting to grab power.

Lives v Livelihoods has replaced Leave v Remain.


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1. Well! That was quite a year wasn’t it!
2. Out with the old & in with the new.

It seems like years ago when Mrs May did a disappearing act, holed up in the No. 10 flat for days & everyone was wondering if she would resign.
3. Humiliated by: the EU, who refused to budge one inch over the Withdrawal Agreement, by her own Party, who were as divided as the country over Brexit, & by Labour, with whom she tried to negotiate a softer exit deal, but they had only their sights on destroying the Tory Party.
4. In no particular order:

We had the ‘coup’ in the summer, with Labour demonstrating on the streets, demanding a GE, which they then refused… twice.
5. We had Ken Clarke giggling like a schoolgirl on the news as he described how it was Parliament’s intention to keep the Tories in government until this summer, whilst systematically stripping them of all power – thus destroying his own Party.

He made me feel sick.
6. We had the lunatics taking over the asylum & the Indicative Votes, which made the rebels look like a bunch of prats. They achieved nothing apart from diminishing further any remnants of faith we had in the Establishment.
7. We had the gobshite Soubry & her new Party. Smarmy Grieve & his condescending smile. Rory & his plans for a Citizens Assembly, with remain back on the table.
8. We had the Women’s Institute Party, who quite liked the idea of a jam & Jerusalem coalition with Caroline Lucas or shrieking Swinson at the helm.
9. We had bellowing Bercow, making up the rules as he went along.
10. We had David Lammy attempting to unite the country by insulting everyone, including half of his own Labour Party members.
11. We had the Cooper/Letwin Bill, followed by the Benn Act, the prorogation & the sickly Major/Miller duo taking the govt. to court.
12. We had the lefty meltdowns over ‘humbug’ when Parliament resumed.
13. We had the Conservative Party leadership contest & the media falling over themselves in support of Rory… then Jeremy Hunt, once Rory was knocked out the contest.
14. We had the alternative Parliament setting up shop briefly across the road.
15. We had remoaner marches, PeoplesVote campaign, complete with online abuse & famous people telling us we are morons, whilst they brandished their most powerful intellectual weapons: Femi & the Prat in a Hat.
16. For all this time Parliament were trying to conceal their betrayal. All that nonsense about ‘taking no deal off the table’. In 2016 we took remain off the table but they refused to do likewise.
17. And all of this achieved two startling accomplishments:

a) It showed our political classes to be a bunch of w⚓️s

b) It showed the steely grit that the British electorate possess in vast quantities. We didn’t budge an inch.
18. I’m astounded it didn’t all bubble over. It came pretty close in the summer. I could have cheerfully swung for a few myself & I’m very placid normally, but ‘normally’ seemed to have left the country.
19. So for 3.5 years the country has run itself whilst Parliament, the courts & the media decided to talk to themselves.

We did okay whilst they were busy.
20. All in all it’s been a fairly peaceful revolution don’t you think… as revolutions go? Very British.

I’m now going to put the kettle on.

Happy New Year.