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There’s a wealth of evidence on this produced by several Melbourne based activists including PeakayTruth; Smoken Mirrors; Anaconda MaltLiquor & others in US but you will have to go to 153 News Network & look for them there as JubeTube has censored a lot of their work.  Make no mistake Melbourne Doughnut Driver Jimmy Garga-Soul-Less was working’ ”for the man.”

No TowBar???

No Tow Bar????

2 different red cars were used during this ”event.” 1 to provide the live footage & a wreck from a car yard to provide the final crash photo.  One had a tow-bar on & one did not.  The crashed one was a slightly different red & there was a baby carriage miraculously adhered to it as well. Look it up.  It was a total ”script” from start to finish.

Melbourne Car Rampage – Alternate view 5
Dean Deanie
Published on 18 Feb 2017

Bourke street – The day her baby son was allegedly buried

Smoke’n Mirrors

smoke’n mirrors

belilu belilu (edited)
OMG 15:24 mins. about the Mind Games CCTV camera being there only for 2-3 months, I called it weeks ago & left several msgs on Peekay & Anaconda’s videos – both of which were ignored for days (except for one guy getting sarcastic about it) until the videos themselves were removed – explaining how & what I found out about the 2-3 months* history of that store & its camera & why it was important they look further into it.

And, now the shop personnel are admitting to the same thing.

Good thing I’d also left the same msg for LiftTheVeil (with only the 1st paragraph changed to fit his situation) to explain why he was unable to find the Mind Games store by taking the bird’s eye view approach search steps on Google maps.

His Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fKnrDqNDvE

My comment:

“Actually there is a reason why ( in one of your other videos called ‘Alternative Facts & Melbourne Car Attack | 1.23.2017’ ) where at 25:20 mins, you couldn’t find the Mind Games store from the street level on google maps, during which you also made mention of there being two Mind Games stores on Swanston Street. Well, you’re right about there being two, but I’ve found out that the one you were looking for (the CCTV footage one) may be as recent as 2-3 months old.

The comment I’ve just left on Peekay’s Channel will explain what I mean.

“So I went looking for more evidence/sources to see about the two ladies being together (or not). Instead what I found was a mixed bag of OTHER goodies, which actually turned into a headache for me, cuz I really didn’t wanna get into this Melbourne event as I’ve been busy working on the Jerusalem one. Got stuck on this one all day, as each new source led to greater ones…..

Anyway…I’m jus gonna mention one of them for now. I’ve decided to leave the info. here first, cuz I know you get a lot of traffic from other Truthers (Like Anoaconda, Lift The Veil, etc..) & perhaps they can use them, in case you’re too busy….

You might want to pay a personal visit to the supposed ‘Mind Games’ store on Collins, because there really is a MIND GAME being played on us, as far as that one goes. According to google map & the media & some other truthers, there are TWO ‘Mind Games’ stores on Swanston Street. Well what I found out was the following; As of October 2016 (2-3 months ago) there was NO ‘MIND GAMES’ on that exact spot where the media keeps showing a CCTV footage of. If you try looking for that spot on google maps, by entering the name; Mind Games, it’ll show you the store as it is now AND you can see the CCTV camera. BUT, if you try looking for it specifically (through the streets) on google maps, you’ll find that it’s a closed up & empty, old restaurant, with no CCTV camera over it.

After doing some research, (which took me a while since google maps is very tricky & it seems they intentionally make it hard to find the building # for that area) I finally found out its address is 145 Swanson Street. The name of the Restaurant was Golden Tower Restaurant. The spot was taken over just a few months ago. I found proof that it was leased or rented in September 2016. Which explains the empty shop image back in Oct. 2016.

You’ll see one of those proofs here, where you can also look at different pictures (from back when it was a restaurant) which will put to rest any doubt that it’s the same exact spot. http://www.realcommercial.com.au/property-retail-vic-melbourne-501946650#

Take note of the absence of security camera over the restaurant images, as well. It seems CCTV cameras suddenly became important for ‘Mind Games’ 😉 “

Peekay TRUTH UPDATE 2/7/17 -ANTI-TROLL [steps up] 2Talk about Nazi-Tactics in Australia & USA

Chinada3 ToasterOven


Chinada3 ToasterOven

Car ATTACK FAKE – Melbourne Hoax Star Actor, and PeeKay Truth’s VINDICATION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpKsSwdMOPg

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Chinada3 ToasterOven

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