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The Jo Cox Assassination – An Independent Investigation

Richard D Hall
Published on 20 May 2018

Jo Cox Murder and Propaganda

Windows on the World
Published on 4 Dec 2016

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FqmCnLLLtcA (Scrubbed – Wonder why?)

Zebra Coding Used in Recent False Flags

Illuminati Love Their Symbology – The Red Gloves

Comment @ AAG:  How come one does support toppling Assad while taking part in BDS? Does it seem likely to you someone rational/not controlled by zionist to stand on both sides like this? Ideologically these two sides can’t be further one from another. One needs to spread legs well wide to be able to stand on Both sides like this…

British MP Death Hoax | Jo Cox “Killed” by Bankers

Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

EU Public Meeting (Arthur Scargill) Chesterfield 2nd May 2016

A Go Fund Me Site in Cox’s memory has raised £250 000

Some of this money is going to the infamous ”White Helmets”

indy article 1

Indy Article No 1

Anti-terror experts advising police over charges against Labour MP killing suspect Thomas Mair

indy article 3

Indy article No 2

indy article 2

Indy Article No 3


Why do they use crisis actors?

Because real eye witnesses tell the truth


”Mair was arrested at his home after the attack in Birstall, West Yorks, where EU Remain campaigner Jo was an MP. He was quizzed by police after two doctors declared him medically fit.” http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/jo-coxs-distraught-aide-describes-8222080

Comment @ TAP: The likelihood is high that the scenes we witnessed in Marseille were a collective punishment beating of English fans for daring to frustrate the JWO… in response to “Desperation of Remain Campaign

Idi Amin Dada – Jews Control America & Europa & Almost Bankrupt Uganda
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Unemployed thomas Mair

Jo Cox HOAX Op Double Confirmation.

Is Ms Jo Cox just “Playing Possum” for a substantial wedge?

Comment @ AAG 22 June 2016: And take his children into Parliament and stick then on a rib in the Thames to protest the Leave flotilla before the 160616 PYSOP event – they are 3 and 5! Was Jo Cox’s Geography teacher framed up for a past event to keep quiet (Mirror contacted him but he wouldn’t talk – strange for someone who she had sent retirement wishes to – or was that threats!?) – he retired at only 56 and his hero father’s birthday is the same day as Jo’s – what a nice fairy story! Jo Cox had also visited 10 Downing Street as a Teenager – there is a sinister story in here somewhere, whether she is truly dead or part of this plot – she was close to Eurocrats like the Kinnocks and New Labour!

Forum discuss the “Hero” Pensioner who actually died in 2013


Tommy Mair is in Wandsworth Prison and his life is in danger

Tommy Mair’s life is now in extreme danger

Comment @ TAP:

Also according to Russia’s SVR, Mair was treated at a hospital for severely mentally impaired soldiers and spies as a “high security” patient.