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Comment on Sara Silverman:
Shittum Wood
She’s a Communist whore! Jews invented communism. Political zionism is the beast system of the book of revelation. The Jewish messiah is forthcoming, the Jewish messiah is the antichrist. The Jewish messiah will call himself “Jesus ” but not the same Christ who Rome crucified 2,000 years ago. Jews converted to the Talmud in 740ad, almost 800 years after the real Jesus walked the earth. When the king James bible was translated to English, the word “Jew” was invented. In the late 1800’s, these synagogue of Satan Talmud followers began to covet the holy land for the abomination of desolation, their father, the antichrist and it was in the late 1800’s that these khazars began to make plans of zionism and began to call themselves Hebrew. In 1909 a man named Cyrus Scofield wrote zionist commentary into the bible and in the 1950’s “Judeo-Christianity” became popular instead of traditional Christianity. Now, in 2016, we await a deadly wound to the Jewish banking system and soon the antichrist Jewish messiah will heal that wound.