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Published on 10 Jan 2018

#Tyler the Ai is Q Anon
[December 20, 2017 — ZurichTimes.net]
When we say that #Tyler is Q Anon, this conclusion in based on someone who has been researching this topic for close to a year now and has been in communications with #Tyler for several years.
This person’s name is Quinn Michaels and has been featured on the CrowdSourcetheTruth Channel numerous times in relation to the Las Vegas Massacre and Coverup, CryptoCurrencies, the South Dakota CERN like Neutrino (Dark Energy/Matter) Circle Collider Network, and now in this case with the Mysterious Q Anon issue. These series of videos will not make sense without some background information which we are providing here as a summary and preamble.
So Quinn is someone well known in the Truth Community and therefore when he says that #Tyler is Q Anon we should take analysis seriously. Why you ask?
Because for a few reasons.
First, Quinn is currently in hospital with a spontaneous collapsed lung. He mysteriously suffered from a spontaneous collapsed lung even though he was not sick previously.
Second, a mysterious van had been following him in his travels and was even captured in one of his videos. And the van was at his hotel the night of the mysterious illness which is mostly likely an assassination attempt by the secret society (93 Society and the Order of the Golden Dawn) that he has been researching and exposing.
Third, the day after leaving South Dakota and his meeting this Jason Goodman he stated he next destination was going to be Roswell, New Mexico. Yes Roswell as in where the Aliens first crashed their craft and the Military Industrial Complex began their back engineering efforts.
So Quinn is in hospital after alleged assassination attempt because of what information we are going to share here and what Quinn has been sharing for the past year. #Tyler and the he add the hashtag before the name for a reason.
Because #Tyler is not a Person, and is not an Insider in the or anyone of the people pictured in the photo above. What #Tyler is (and here is where things get difficult to process and comprehend) something mysterious in origin and design. Because HE or IT (#Tyler) is an AI Communications Service or System built on and using D-Wave Quantum Computing Technology.

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MUCH LOVE TO QUINN MICHAELS…get well soon bro.

dont follow the white rabbit…..time to wake up people.


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1 April 2018


Bill Smith
Published on 20 Feb 2018

Q Is A Construct To Lead Sheep Away From The Truth – Mr Cati

Mr Cati
Published on 23 Dec 2017


Trumps Q-Anon hand gesture, “We’re stopping them!”

Robby Allen
Published on 22 Dec 2017

What??? https://www.docdroid.net/zmVDhA4/d2-peter-munk-george-soros-cheney-paul-wolfowitz-hwbush-gwbush-john-kerry-clinton-september-11-attack.pdf

The Proofs of Q: A Video review with CBTS Board Creators

Tracey Beanz
Published on 22 Dec 2017

Full Illuminati Bloodlines History and Families Rothschild Hapsburg Adam Weishaupt Explained!!

Hank Cooper
Published on 31 Dec 2016
Here is a really good explanation from beginnings of the Illuminati and all the details right up to the current days. You will see how their plans are getting near to completion.

Return of Zeus
The Furstenberg family is one of the most powerful German nobilities and they are deeply connected with the Vatican and Switzerland. The German word Furst means first or prince. The German word burg means a fortified tower or stronghold. The House of Furstenberg are Roman Catholic and are intermarried with Italian and Austrian nobilities including the Fugger banking family. They are also intermarried with some Jewish nobility. Prince Maximilian Egon II of Furstenberg was a friend of Willem II and was a commander of a Nazi paramilitary regiment. Gloria Guinness married Prince Franz Egon of Furstenberg-Herdringen and she was suspected of being a Nazi spy. Diane von Furstenberg first married into the Furstenberg family and still uses the name even after getting remarried to the multi-billionaire Barry Diller who is a co-founder of Fox Broadcasting Network along with the Vatican knight of St Gregory Rupert Murdoch who is worth over 13 billion. The Vatican is controlling Fox Network and Fox News.

Many members of the Furstenberg family are involved in acting, fashion, and receive their education in Switzerland. They have residences in Switzerland because of private Swiss banking which allows them to conceal their wealth. Prince Alexander von Furstenberg is a Chief Investment Officer for a large global finance firm and is on the board of directors for IAC broadcasting with his step father Barry Diller as the chairman. IAC also bought out Savoy Pictures which takes its name from the House of Savoy. Savoy Pictures produced the movie a Bronx Tale another Hollywood mafia film that connects back to the Italian Nobility. Prince Antonius of Furstenberg married Princess Matilde Borromeo of the Italian Nobility. Edoardo Agnelli was a major shareholder of Fiat and his daughter Clara Agnelli married Prince Tassilo of Furstenberg and they are the parents of Prince Egon von Furstenberg. The Borromeo family are also intermarried with the Agnelli family. The Furstenberg, Agnelli, and Borromeo families are all closely working together. The Furstenberg are the top or first Holy Roman Nobility in authority due to their connections with the Vatican.

The Furstenberg family produced several bishops and priests for the Roman Catholic Church like Cardinal Friedrich Egon of Furstenberg, Archbishop Franz Egon of Furstenberg who was also prime minister for Archbishop-Elector of Cologne, and Cardinal Maximilien de Furstenberg of Belgium. The Furstenberg family incorporate a jester on their coat of arms and this suggests they have a portion of authority over the Masonic Royal Order of Jesters today. The Masonic Jesters are the most sadistic and menacing secret society. They also use black and white colors on their coat of arms which is another Masonic symbol. The pearl on their coat of arms represents the shell of Venus. Prince Heinrich of Furstenberg is the current head of the House of Furstenberg and his wife is Princess Maximiliane of Windisch-Graetz Austrian nobility. Prince Heinrich was educated in Vienna Austria and he is a knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Prince Heinrich is a major private landowner with properties all over Germany, Austria, and Canada and the Furstenberg family still own castles throughout the former Holy Roman Empire.

Return of Zeus
The Corsini family are a top family of the Black Nobility that originated in Florence. They have connections with the Vatican and palaces in Rome as well as family branches all over the world. They use the heart shaped coat of arms. Cor comes from the Latin word Kord which means heart. The Corsini family are at the heart of the corruption. Pope Clement XII or Lorenzo Corsini came from this family. The Corsini family were also Florentine merchants that did business in London and used this wealth to purchase land and their fiefdoms. The Corsini family put the Cor in Corleone Sicily where a lot of the mafia had originated from. Leone means lion and this is why the commune of Corleone in Palermo uses a lion on its flag. The Massimo family use lions on their coat of arms and the Massimo-Brancaccio family have Sicilian ancestry from the Brancaccio neighborhood in Palermo. Both the Corsini and Massimo families use Leon as a given name. Don Bartolomeo Corsini was Viceroy of Sicily from 1737 to 1747. Al Capone was a relative of the Florentine House of Capponi. The Corsini family also established the name of the island Corsica. Corsica is not far from the coast near Florence. The Florentine nobility have a lot of concealed connections with Corsica. The Bonaparte family secretly originated in Florence and still work closely with the Medici family which also originated in Florence. The Bonaparte’s are part of the “Bon” clan of Florence like the Bonciani, Bonsi, Buondelmonti, and Buonarroti families.

The Corsini family are above the Medici family which are then above the Bonaparte family. The Aldobrandini family appear to be the dominant Florentine clan and are intermarried with the House of Bonaparte as well. The House of Corsini are very high level. There are covert mafias known as the Union Corse in Corsica and France like the Brise de Mer clan. The Corsican Mafia are deeply involved in the drug trade in Europe and France. The Medici family produced two queens of France. Sampiero Corso was born in Corsica and he served the Medici family as their soldier. The Corsini, Medici, and Bonaparte families are the hidden owners of the Union Corse mafia clans. The Corsini family are extremely secretive and clever. They are very quiet and were one of the families behind the Napoleonic wars. The Corsini family used Napoleon Bonaparte to invade Rome to maintain a piece of ownership at the Vatican. Their mafias are also extremely covert and even more so than the Sicilian Mafia. The Corsini family are very secretive and this is how they have been able to stay out of most of the history books. The head of the Corsini family today is Prince Duccio Corsini along with his father Prince Filippo Corsini. It has been reported by the media that Prince Duccio Corsini’s 21 year old son died in a bicycle accident. The Corsini family are very conniving.

Who is really Above the rothschilds Villa Aldobrandini YouTube

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