“Dr Schumaker Death”

Dr. Schumaker was ready to publish his report on why Saturn and Uranus orbits were further south of the ecliptic. He knew where to look and took pictures of Planet X…then he was killed in freak accident…the next day his laboratory burned to the ground…working with Schumaker was Dr. Harrington….only person I know to be diagnosed with cancer and dead within two months. A group of astronomers with ties to the Vatican were going to spend a week doing deep field searches with Microwave dishes and Infra Red telescopes…cable broke on their gondola…all dead! Compare transits through same telescope….here are those links.  http://www.disclose.tv/forum/nibiru-and-the-dead-scientist-t76873.html#ixzz3eR6t5juM

Murdered for Exposing Nibiru?


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