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THE VIDEO the VATICAN DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE! Enthronement of Satan (9/26/2015)

Dan Bolivar
I encourage everyone to look up the current pope’s life history. This is a man who while he was the ArchBishop of Buenos Aires in Argentina turned a blind eye to several murders committed by the fascist military government in power at that time, circa 1970’s. He’s a truly corrupt man with blood on his hands. He had the authority to uproot and uncover the filth and corruption in the Argentinian government. Yet decided to willfully ignore the heinous crimes perpetrated against innocent men, women, and children. He was only interested in personal wealth, money, and power. The Pope is a monster hiding in sheep’s clothing.

Sandra DiBiaso
The moment the pope said God in front of Congress he gave the 666 hand symbol. His god is Lucifer not The One True God in Heaven. People worship this evil man.



14 March 2013

‘Seriously, why is no one talking about this? Hollywood has long hated the church, and now it has FINALLY infiltrated its nemesis through the acting talent of…Jonathan Pryce! The evidence is irrefutable! Yes, the brilliant acting of Brasil star Pryce will soon undermine everything the church stands for, allowing for gay marriage, Satan worship and free condoms on every tongue during Communion! Well played, Hollywood…well played.’  Brian.


Mother Teresa’s Futile Search for God


As “Il Grande Broglio” Francis was “elected” April 2013

– ‘as a duo of False Prophets, Obama/Francis the true anti-Bible Messiah, the two Hitler’s daughters.’


MAKE NO MISTAKE: US will first default on social security payments Nov 1. (Now February 2014)
Days later it will be the turn to default on debt payments.
October shutdown theater staged to:
1. Annihilate debt held by … ILLUMINATI puppets, from China and Japan to Russia.
2. Launch Obama’s FULL detonation.
3. Enter the confiscation stage in the US: after guns now savings (deposits and pension funds) and real estate.

Supervised Race War: Link between US shutdown theater and Obama’s FULL detonation
Obama’s FULL detonation, sentenced to “death” for all sorts of crimes, is scripted to launch the FULL scale supervised race war.
Phase 1 of the race war is launched by the shutdown, by wellfare cuts caused by defaulting on social security payments, November 1.
In the script’s own words:
The initial riots begin spontaneously across affected urban areas, as SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) and other government welfare recipients learn that their EBT cards no longer function. This sudden revelation will cause widespread anger, which will quickly lead to the flash-mob looting of local supermarkets and other businesses. The media will initially portray these “food riots” as at least partly justifiable. Sadly, millions of Americans have been made largely, or even entirely, dependent on government wealth transfer payments to put food on their tables.
In order to highlight their grievances and escalate their demands for an immediate resumption of government benefits, the MUY flash mobs will next move their activities to the borders of their ethnic enclaves. They will concentrate on major intersections and highway interchanges where non-MUY suburban commuters must make daily passage to and from what forms of employment still exist. People making a living will still be using those roads to get to where they earn their daily bread.
To gear up for even a single “Florence and Normandie on steroids” flash mob street riot, city police departments will require an hour or longer to stage their SWAT teams and riot squads in position to react. Ordinary patrol cars in small numbers will not venture anywhere near such roiling masses of hysterical rioters, not even to perform rescues. Those citizens trapped in their cars cannot expect timely assistance from local or state authorities.
In the absence of an effective official police response to the exploding levels of violence, suburbanites will first hastily form self-defense forces to guard their neighborhoods—especially ones located near ethnic borders. These ubiquitous neighborhood armed defense teams will often have a deep and talented bench from which to select members, and they will not lack for volunteers.

Sovereign Debt HOAX and Deposits and Pension Funds confiscation: PUTIN replaced by imposter the KEY to WHY start 2011 in Greece 2013 in Cyprus

China Illuminati puppets masscre dozens of slaves owned by Apple / Foxconn – Differences to Bangladesh slaves owned by Walmart and US slaves before citizens disarmed


Fake identities Barack Hussein Obama II, Mario Jorge Bergoglio, Ben Shalom Bernanke ** ALL ** DETONATE NOW

October surprise and Illuminati religion:
Obama’s OCTOBER SURPRISE became the BIG BANG’s trigger because it was postponed 2008 – revealed only by LAST PROPHET:
http://www.godlikeproductions.com/fo…age2383942/pg1 – See more at: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=273361#sthash.d8zYNwuK.dpuf

Robert Ritter von Greim

Robert Ritter von Greim

The III Reich surrendered to the Red Army just days after “Harry S. Truman” became the 33th president of one of the “allies”, the US.
“Harry S. Truman” was NOT a TRUE MAN.
It was a fake identity, same as “Barry” “Hussein Obama II”.
Truman was in fact Robert Ritter von Greim.  The illuminati reacted to the imminent surrender of the III Reich to the Red Army, that would take place days later, by empowering the last commander of Hitler’s airforce as the 33th president of one of the “allies”, the US.

Of all Germans “Truman” was:
– last German officer to achieve the rank of Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshal);
– last commander of the Luftwaffe, Hitler’s airforce.
– last to the knighted (Ritter or Sir) before the scripted end of the First World War, the german surrender 11:11 of 11/11/18, with nothing but illuminati members at the at the Versailles table.
– penultimate to be awarded the German Kingdom of Prussia’s highest order
And that’s what last but not the least calls for a reminder about the role of Prussia in the REAL History of the illuminati.

Two misconceptions about the illuminati are:
– illuminati roots are in Bavaria, Germany;
– secret society was created 1776.

the illuminati were originally created under another name, masked as crusaders.
In other words: unlike the Templars, the illuminati didn’t get control of the order using their most important weapon, traitors.
The order was satanic from the beginning.
The illuminati as secret society only began denying their own existence centuries later.

PRUSSIA was the first illuminati state in History.
PRUSSIA stands also for the first illuminati attempt to conquer Russia.

Reminder of what was revealed first worldwide by Last Prophet Matt. It includes an obvious riddle:

Illuminati origins, early History exposed worldwide first – Novus ordo seclorum: real meaning

Almost *** ALL *** world “govs” are DELIBERATELY working overtime to DESTROY their own people.
Contrast the situation now, at the End of the Age, with all the failed illuminati attempts centuries earlier:

The Key to why the illuminati selected “Novus ORDO seclorum” in the XVIII century as designation for GLOBAL SLAVERY:
their religion’s commandment of REVENGE, the opposite of the christian commandment of PARDON.
In this case the revenge for defeats they suffered in the XIII and XIV centuries, long before May 1, 1776, the fake date that they market as their birth.

Novus ordo seclorum means GLOBAL SLAVERY
Although the illuminati were not the majority of the Founding Fathers they still managed to include Novus ordo seclorum in the seal of the United States, first designed in 1782.

Illuminati religion fourth commandment: openly tell the truth to the human cattle and still make sure that the cattle doesn’t get it. Ideal is to have it perceived as black is white.

Openly telling it to the cattle included:
– printing the Mark of Global Slavery on the back of the United States one-dollar bill since 1935.
– having illuminati members all around the world repeat the need for a New World Order since 1992, from Bush Sr to fake identity Bergoglio playing fake Last Pope Francis, “Peter the Roman”.

Novus ordo seclorum – how Illuminati controlled Wikipedia fulfills the fourth commandment
Wikipedia itself illustrates the fourth commandment brought to perfection: having the cattle not only NOT get it but actually repeat that black is white.
In other words: Wikipedia provides the “View History” option to let anyone check that the TRUTH is immediately censored by comparing versions. Yet the human cattle sees Wikipedia as symbol for free speech, an encyclopedia to which everyone can contribute to.
This is how Wikipedia sells the Novus ordo seclorum message:
“The phrase is also mistranslated as “New World Order” by many people who believe in a conspiracy behind the design; however, it does directly translate to “New Order of the Ages” (1).

Illuminati secret society describing itself – how Illuminati controlled Wikipedia fulfills some of Illuminati religion´s commandments
Another commandment of the Illuminati religion demands TOTAL DECEPTION. Only exceptions are:
– fulfilling the fourth commandment, openly telling it to the cattle.
– using the half-truths technique, telling some truth to have the cattle swallow the core lie.
TOTAL DECEPTION starts with the basic information supplied about themselves, as illustrated by Wikipedia:
– founded on May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt, the son of a Jewish Rabbi (2).
– and above all that the secret society NOW in control of almost all the “governments” of the world … NO LONGER exists.

TOTAL DECEPTION: Nothing is more important than traitors
Syria, the preview of the REAL world war III, illuminati bombing 99% of the population, is the ultimate example.
Illuminati puppet Assad ordered by the illuminati to bomb 99% of the population using airforce pilots, mercenaries and now chemical weapons.
Black is white is fulfilled by having the human cattle perceive it as “US Obama, UK Cameron and France’s Hollande want to bomb Assad”.

TOTAL DECEPTION and illuminati agents disguised as religious fundamentalists
Syria illustrates to what lengths this tactic goes: illuminati are now paying thousands of turkish, saudi, iraqi and iranian mercenaries disguised as jihadist rebels.
The mission of these FAKE rebels: pretend to fight Assad while their target is in fact the REAL rebels of the Free Syrian Army, who were about to defeat Assad despite having no airforce, tanks or chemical weapons.
To fulfill the fourh commandment the illuminati go as far as to show in their media footage of these fake rebels crossing the turkish-syrian border on heavily armed vehicles.

Novus ordo seclorum – WHY Illuminati used it to name GLOBAL SLAVERY
The obvious reason seems to be illuminati religion’s commandment of ORDER from Chaos (in latin ORDO ab chao).
But there’s another reason.
The illuminati started using agents disguised as religious fundamentalists as early as the XII century, more precisely 1190, as now revealed worldwide first by the Last Prophet.
At that time these agents were not playing muslims but christians.
The previously referred wikipedia page serves not only endless deception but also some fulfillment of the fourth commandment:
– the illuminati were supposedly created in Bavaria, Germany. Indeed the illuminati were created in what is now Germany and been ever since controlled by germans.
– “founder” Adam Weishaupt was supposedly Jesuit-taught.
The Jesuits were originally NOT created by the illuminati. But the illuminati DID manage to later take control of the Jesuits, using infiltrators.
That´s why Pope Clement XIV in 1773 suppressed the Order.

The REAL reasons for the name Novus ordo seclorum:
– the commandment of REVENGE for the defeats of another ORDER. Not the Templars, who like the Jesuits got under illuminati control after being infiltrated but were originally NOT created by the illuminati.

Novus ordo seclorum: The REVENGE for the defeats of the ORDER centuries earlier
The ORDER was created disguised as christian fundamentalists, BEFORE the illuminati took control of the Templars.
In fact The ORDER was the first recorded illuminati controlled organization in History (3).

As previously implied the ORDER was founded by Germans.
In fact, unlike the illuminati now, the ORDER had only GERMAN members. Not only bloodline but also nobility had to be proved up to four generations for admission.

Fulfilling “Black is White”, after History was rewritten, the ORDER supposedly:
– was created at the Holy Land.
– created the first christian fundamentalist state ever, in fact the first prototype of the nazzi state.
Illuminati rewriting History includes the joke “a state where the only registered crime was committed by cooks who tried to dig a hole to steal the Order’s safe”.

The ORDER also stands for the first illuminati attempt to militarily occupy Russia, almost six centuries before the second attempt, using illuminati agent Napoleon Bonaparte.
As implied before: both the first and the last (Adolf Hitler) military attempts were officially led by a german.
In fact there’s only one exception, 1812: french or corsican agent Bonaparte was used to cover-up the german illuminati behind the plan, the same who years earlier ran the French Revolution by the guillotine.

The ORDER survived more than two centuries after the destruction of the infiltrators at the Templars, 1307, ending with the execution of illuminati agent Jacques de Molay.
In fact it was never clearly recognized by the leaders of Christianity as a nest of infiltrators, although the ORDER’s plots at the Vatican failed several times.
“Coincidentally” one of these failures, in the early XV century, was nearly identical to the theater staged to start World War II with the aggression to Poland.
That’s why, unlike the Jesuits or the Templars, the ORDER was not terminated by the pope but by the illuminati themselves.
The termination was staged as joining another illuminati creation, Martin Luther.
As correctly stated in the wikipedia page about the last Grand Master of the ORDER: [in 1525 he] “converted to Lutheranism”.

The name of the ORDER
At this point all has been said. Adding 1+1 returns only ONE result.
To confirm it, the name of the ORDER in LATIN:

ORDO [T _ _ _ _ _ ICUS]

(1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novus_ordo_seclorum

(2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminati
To better sell the illuminati classic that “Jews are in control”, wikipedia omits the “evil Jew” part, to let the illuminati web of disinfo focus on that script’s chapter.
A list of sites of this web is retrieved by simply searching for Adam Weishaupt jew:

(3) Difference between the Illuminati and Illuminati controlled secret societies (Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, etc) for DUMMIES

The UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals illuminati TOTAL control:
But it also reveals this:

Almost ALL world “govs” are DELIBERATELY working overtime to DESTROY their own people
End Times Reductionism also from no need to explain what the piece completing this picture is, to the missing piece itself:
all these traitors rule a population that in the EU and USA was reduced to human beasts.

Global Slavery, Global Genocide
Consequences of becoming a beast includes:
1. pretending to ignore the largest genocide in the History of Manking, more than 30 million non-productive eliminated in the hospitals and homes for elderly in the US and EU in this millenium alone.
2. failing to grasp that what’s coming next to the US and the EU. More precisely what’s happening now:
– from China to Bangladesh: billions of slaves;
– in Syria: UN government recognized by the UN (Assad) officially airbombing 90% (at this point) of the population, backed by an army with 70% (at this point) of foreign mercenaries (Iran, Lebanon, Blackwater, etc).
– See more at: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=571414#sthash.4pI08Upa.dpuf

BIG BANG: what will happen from Feb 1 to May 1 2014

Yellen and Ackerloff

Janet Yellen and her husband Mr Akerlof

This woman being lined up to lead the Federal Reserve?

Her husband is said to play certain other people including the personality – one ‘Paul Krugman.’

Feb. 25, 2013

‘Paul Krugman devotes his column today to the broader significance of the election, explaining why so many people in Europe and in financial circles care about the result.

Basically, he notes, it’s the first real referendum on austerity.

Italy has played everything by the book, dutifully cutting spending, raising taxes, and so forth, just as the ECB and Germany have demanded.  http://www.businessinsider.com/krugman-outsiders-are-right-to-be-terrified-about-the-italian-election-2013-2#ixzz2qkA6C0e9′
2. Link to the BIG BANG:
Both Yellen and Bernanke are:
– each part of a team of three members;
– the two teams are the stars of the BIG BANG.

Janet Yellen vs Ben Bernanke – the ONE BASIC difference
Unlike Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke is a FULL member of his team, during the BIG BANG.
“Evil Jew” Janet Yellen’s link to her team is based solely on a script calling for a woman as chairman of the Fed.

No wonder: the other two members are both Hitler’s daughters.
On the other hand Ben Shalom Bernanke’s bondage to his team is TOTAL: all three, FULLY and PERFECTLY synchronized, detonate as fake suicide bombers.

Janet Yellen’s team
Completed by two Hitler’s daughters.
The younger, “Angela Merkel”, was the first woman in History to become German chancellor.  Both were already officially (by Forbes magazine) proclaimed the two most powerful women in the world.

One of the key acts of the BIG BANG is to have the older, “Hillary Clinton”, proclaimed 44th and LAST president of the US, the successor of fake identity “GW Bush”.
Perfect fulfillment of this parallel script requires also a woman at the third symbol for most powerful, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.
Detail: Unlike Hitler’s daughters and like any actor in the role of “evil jew”, Yellen will detonate later.

Ben Bernanke’s team
Completed by Obomber and Il Grande Broglio.
Obama is an ethnic indonesian who has neither black nor white blood.
Bergoglio “first south american Pope Francis” is played by Hollywwod actor Jonathan Pryce.
Team designed for perfect fulfillment of parallel scripts: each member of this team will be accused of the most sophisticated conspiracy in History for his domain, more precisely for Finance, Politics and Religion.
All will be stripped and “jailed” for “causing TRILLIONS of dollars to be reduced to Higgins bosons and vanish into one of Hawking’s black holes”.
But only “Hussein Obama” will be sentenced to “death” by SCOTUS.

Parallel scripts, a classic illuminati template, from jokes to celebration of KEY events.
Even as REVENGE, at the moment that their greatest military defeat was sealed, 1945.

BIG BANG for dummies – start with … the start
“Social Security defaults”, part of the “US government shutdown” theater, starts the BIG BANG.
Postponed from November 1, 2013 to February 2014.
http://www.godlikeproductions.com/fo…age2385067/pg1 – See more at: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=572239#sthash.4l5hPrvu.dpuf

The Whore of Revelation – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoJwBn4C6RI

Lylyth R posted this comment “May ever imprecatory Psalm of God’s Curse against the Evil be on the Vatican for its endless EVIL. Amen. I will be Vatican Enemy to my last Day on Earth I swear. ”  Lylyth R Quote “All cruelty springs from weakness.” (Seneca, 4BC-AD65)