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The New Normal – If This doesn’t Wake You Up Then Nothing Will

Peaky Censored 2 – 30 April 2020

FromDeath2Life 6

Lynda’s Hemp oil
right ASSHOLES LIARS they don’t know shit

Patrick Van Wormer
@Lynda’s Hemp oil They know that they don’t want most of us on this Earth anymore . And you know I’m feeling more and more that way about them also .

Lynn Cognito

Michele NoDespair_Bear
@Lynn Cognito, Dr Buttar has been doing many interviews, some taken down by J-Tube. Do you or anyone have the video showing all TV stations reading the exact same script? Thanks in advance 🍃

Tara Dee

daylight 56 koblensky

Lynn Cognito
daylight 56 koblensky T time has literally come for us as a population to come together and fight.

Snordster –  7 February 2015

Claire Hanson
When people I know start using these phrases to describe whats going on,I just want to punch them in their mouth

Sans Papiers
We were on a chair lift, on our last day of skiing before they closed everything down. This super “know it all” gentleman was sharing the chair with us and was talking about the snow conditions. I mentioned that they were quite good this year, even though the winter had been mild. He then said that we had to get used to the “new normal” of “global warming”. I reminded him that the four previous winters had been extremely cold and snowy and he was quite peeved. When we got off the lift, my teenage daughter told me that she wanted to punch him in his smug face!! 😂 🤣

Mike Honcho
That’s probably what it’ll take to wake them up. Swing away! Time to act is NOW

Lynn Cognito
@Mike Honcho yes it is…

mary jane
@Mike Honcho although I am a nonviolent person ‘swing away’ sounds just right! Smarmy, smug and entitled probably. Your daughter is cool!!

Tara Dee

Bold Counsel
“Normalization” is the phase a society goes through after a dictator or oppressive government takes over.

Watch Yuri Bezmenov!

Anti – Ethnic Cleansing
@elbuggo Yep, everything Yuri said is true. Only thing he missed was telling us who was actually behind it all (bageIs, not “Russians”).

F*CK THEIR NEW NORMAL! Let’s make it the new normal ALL OF US dragging these traitors onto the streets & stringing them up!

blaise rascoe
@Anti – Ethnic Cleansing Bagels. Lol

@Anti – Ethnic Cleansing – Bagels are the real virus.

Nym Net
anyone who dines at a restaurant after this is worse than the creeps rolling this out.

LaLa Smith
This world was never normal and I’m not getting the vaccine.

Lynn Cognito
LaLa Smith The time has literally come for us as a population to come together and fight.

And the sheeple will be cheering it when it arrives & attack us for not accepting it.

The New Normal World Order

The Earth History’s Confusing.
tdan0317 nah nwo been around since late 1800’s early 1909’s. They’re now going to enforce their rules now that the older generations are gorne. Baby boomers, generation x,y & z. What’s after Z? Reset.

Lynda’s Hemp oil
such BULLShit.. let GATES give it to the FAUCI family screw your VACCINES we are healthy LEAVE US ALONE

Lynn Cognito
The time has literally come for us as a population to come together and fight.

karen donaldson
Looks like Bill Gates is really enjoying this “new normal”

mary jane
With that creepy little voice of his. Not only is he a college dropout with no credentials he is also a horrible orator. GTFOH Gates!!

Peace Love
I can’t stand mainstream news. They are constantly trying to push their new normal on us aka Communisim and totalitarianism. Peekay when I started hearing this “new normal” crap I knew all this is programming. Trying to get the sheeple programmed. Bill Gates and that maniacal look on his face makes me sick.

Tracy Herrity
Peace Love give you 3 guesses who made huge donations to The Guardian, The BBC , Al-jazeera, NBC and more besides, WHO, CDC etc,

Dick Flinghammer
I think I’m gonna hurl Wayne. I share your incredible outrage and disgust. Fucking clown ass joke I cant. Let the fucktards line up for vax. Problem is at that point they are nothing more than walking bio-snitch-bots with the millimeter wave AI grid being installed right now. They we’ll be blamed for the carnage for covid 20 in the fall when they turn on the 60 GHz millimeter wave systems. Right when the kids hit the classrooms. BODYCOUNT

Watson Clerk
They exist to push Agendas not to report the News

It’s truly infuriating. Keep that fury, people. You will need it to fight.

The Earth History’s Confusing.
Peace Love I stopped watching the North,East,West & South/news for years , it breaks the programming. I actually gave away 5 flat screen lcd and plasma tv’s . Much happier. Only issue is now the platforms are given away to the news channels in sub feed /home first. I’ll keep looking for better platforms.

mud larking
WOLF CREEK 2 comes to mind for HIM IT HER whatever the thing is.

Motersickle Bum
yeah, and Trump The Betrayer is on-board with the hoax.

Patrick Van Wormer
@Watson Clerk They are the programmers . Turn your tv off and go outside !

Patrick Van Wormer
@Motersickle Bum I don’t know, do you know about the under and above ground rescue of the women and children from sex trafficking, torture, sacrifice, etc .