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Lifting the Lid – 11 April 2020

The time is fast approaching when Bill Gates will be coming after you and your children with a hypodermic needle. There are thousands of children in Africa and India who didn’t have a good time when the Bill and Melinda Gates of Hell Foundation came knocking at their door. Thousands died, thousands more were maimed or permanently damaged and hundreds of thousands more will never be able to warn their children because the sterilisation agents hidden in his vaccines ensured that they will never have any.

Never forget that the ultimate aim of this agenda is depopulation, the 5G, the control grid, the microchipping, the cashless society are just the means to facilitate this goal, if the vaccines don’t kill you, they will maim you, and if you manage to avoid Guillain-Barré syndrome then you’ll be sterile, the net result is no more children and those who survive will be herded together in smart cities, isolated and even though their lives will be short and brutal, they will simply be picked off one by one such that the last human to go will never even know it… As incredible as this all might sound, the “people” enacting this plan are psychopaths who think that if they are successful in exterminating most of the human race, they will gain an everlasting life of complete luxury, waited upon by an entire slave class that cannot even imagine rebellion.

The truth is that the entity that they serve, the being that has been feeding them this vile technology and directing them against us, hates all human life and will casually dispose of its loyal servants once they have served their purpose. This all starts with the vaccine, DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!!!

But whatever you do, do not refuse or even politely decline because a refusal makes you combative and you can be deemed to acting against the public health, instead accept the vaccine on the condition that the doctor or official can provide proofs of claim that the vaccine has been adequately tested, is safe and effective, something they SHOULD be able to do. (SPOILER ALERT:

They cannot because such proofs do not exist) Also, issue them with a liability statement that they must sign as an additional condition stating that they personally accept full commercial liability for any damage resulting from the vaccine. This leaves you in a stalemate position as the doctor is liable if he forces the vaccine against your will even if he refuses to act upon the notice. This video is an excerpt from my book covering the subject of Vaccines and includes the

conditional acceptance method. The PDF version is available here: https://www.allegedlydave.com/downloads/trustme.pdf

And an example of an Estoppel Notice is here: https://www.allegedlydave.com/assets/nodae.pdf

Kevin Smith recorded this as an audio book but it seems I am no longer connected to him so cannot ask him for permission, however, given to gravity of the situation I hope he won’t mind me giving this away for free, but if you know Kevin, please ask him to get in touch with me.

The Human Body Owner’s Workshop Manual is available from: http://tinyurl.com/humanbodybook