“The James Bond Author Ian Fleming knew a lot about what went on and When Dahl spoke of the Childcatchers in Chitty Chitty bang bang he knew what he wrote about because he had experience here, he was heavily into black magic and supplied mainly boys for publisher Robert maxwell’s yacht parties, his daughter would help organise kids for sex with high flyers, and is rumoured to have supplied teenage girls to prince Andrew.

Esther Rantzen who runs Childline was a regular guest of Maxwell, and Rantzen was very close to Peter Mandelson who is director of the RSPCC (Royal Society for Protection of Cruelty to Children ) and it was Mandelson who brought the Miliband brothers to Britain for Rothschild to position out of no where at the head of the Labour party.

After the death of Jimmy Saville police discovered at his Scottish home several letters from several of these people including Sir Anthony blunt who died in 1983.
Henry Kissinger was seen on Maxwells’ yacht and is reputed to be a total brute who also likes to torture boys.

A high court judge named Lord Fulford was also a homosexual and gave free advice to those who were caught and also donated to the P.I.E. (Pedophile Information Exchange )
in 1973 another top judge was reported found dead at home by his housekeeper, what was not said was that he was at the top of the stairs with a broom handle up his bottom, slipped and the broom went right in as he tumbled down the stairs, now these two judges were guests at Elm house and other venues too.”

The Dickens Dossier: Secret file on establishment paedophiles may be opened

it’s interesting that Mossad has been unmasked as being behind the paedophile scandals in the UK.

In the USA information gathering for them is handled primarily by, the Franklin scandal was the huge scale abuse of boys and some big names were caught up in it.

My cousin was an investigator and said Arthur C Clarke was one along with his close friend the children’s conjuror James Randi (not his real name ), James Randi exposed the British spiritualist’s newspaper the psychic news as only employing homosexuals, and only promoting homosexual mediums, the fact that the staff attended pink ballets, the drug parties where boys were bussed in from orphanages for the pleasure of the homosexuals was made public by him and the newspaper had to close down over it.

“It was not much later when James Randi was himself exposed as an abuser of young lads.

I tuned in to the Moshe Solomons hour one evening last year as I work in alternative health and the guest speaker was Dr patel who used to send medical volunteers with food and medicine to world trouble spots.

The guest was changed at the last minute to cover the pedophile crisis, Moshe Solomons claimed that the Israeli prime Minister Menachen Began himself a boy rapist and killer, ran pedo rings in many countries, some in the BBC and Jimmy saville was just one of a dozen allowed to bugger kids as long as they worked for Israel.  Apparently this ran for years, and this is what the government is frantic to hide up”

“The one common denominator with all these whistleblowers is that they all say all roads lead to Israel, the release of information on Operation Shalom, where the plan was for all English anglo saxon youth to be dumbed down not given employment and for drugs to flood their communities, has made many people very angry with Israel, and the miliband brothers who were dropped in from no where to lead the labour party has meant not even hardened new labour supporters would vote for them, and new labour supporters want them sent back to where they came from”

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