Utopia – Residential Cruise Ship No 2

Virginia Foxx talks with singer Pat Boone

Virginia Foxx talks with singer Pat Boone (Photo credit: Rep. Virginia Foxx)

Continuing the nautical theme, the super rich are getting a second boat.

See the Picture.

Man, boat, water. There you have it. Best way to get away from your worries and OIKS. Of course, you still have to have OIKS to sail it and do all the ‘intelligent’ stuff like navigation etc.

Meet those running the show.


Read What’s on Offer.


Pat Boone is coming on board.  Is he still alive?


Get the Hobby.


Trouble Ahead.



‘While Thiel and Friedman are busy cooking up their libertarian dystopia, the Frontier Group investment firm — an offshoot of the Carlyle Group — has already entered the realization phase with the Utopia floating castle. Frontier Group, was founded by some of the same big names from the notorious Carlyle Group–the private equity firm that brought together right-wing oligarchs like George H. W. Bush and other top American officials with their billionaire pals in Saudi Arabia like the Bin Laden family, who together raked in enormous profits thanks to the War on Terror that their kids Dubya and Osama launched.’

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