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DAN M (Via Corey’s Digs)
FEBRUARY 1, 2020 AT 8:50 PM
Bono, the satanic deceiver, globalist still, tax dodging , traitor Ireland .
His satanic deception was brought to light in 89 w/ “rattle and hum” movie release featuring the track ” helter skelter” and his symbolizing of the inverted crucifix, fast toward to 92 , the zoo tv freemasonic shit show , promoting globalist Europe, interference and role play with hw.bush/Clinton 92 election farce , his incarnation of characters “the fly” ” macphisto” (his alter-ego based on demons Beezlebub, Mephistopheles) ….
“”1997 pop mart tour played to war ravaged Sarajevo, despite the city being shelled relentlessly at the time, Bono and his u-tu pals sought fit to cart a giant stage , break away mid-worls tour at the behest of the Clintons etc “”” (well worth a dig is this event) cheers from down under.

Corey , your work is much appreciated and fucking brilliant as always .