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Anonymous 27 August 2018
The 2018 “Scorched Earth” game-plan for British Politics!

We have witnessed a spate of Zionist Establishment “take-downs” of British politicians, as part of the Zionist Establishment’s ongoing project to reverse Brexit and silence opposition to Israeli expansion.

TAKE-DOWN #1: Alex Salmond of the SNP (see Aangifan’s recent speculations and reporting of the sex scandal now engulfing this political big beast);

TAKE-DOWN #2: Vince Cable MP. Mr Cable has reportedly been put on notice to quit as Leader of the Liberal Democrats within weeks or months, so that he may be replaced by a shiny, photogenic, young Blairite to lead the intended anti-Brexit coalition of Liberal Democrats and pro-EU, pro-Zionist Labour and Conservative MPs;

TAKE-DOWN #3: Layla Moran MP, the British Palestinian, anti-Zionist MP. Ms Moran has reportedly been passed over in favour of EU fanatic Gina Miller as the intended next Liberal Democrat Leader. Gina Miller will presumably defend Israel every bit as much as she champions the EU;

TAKE-DOWN #4 (pending): Jeremy Corbyn MP. The neo-liberal, pro-EU, Zionist Establishment are determined to unseat the Labour Leader within months, to be released either by a pro-EU, Zionist-Blairite, and/or by a useful idiot of some sort.

TAKE-DOWN #5. Ken Livingstone has been booted out of the Labour Party. The take-down of Corbyn’s closest political ally was a necessary precursor to taking down Corbyn himself, since the two are pro-Palestinian ideological bedfellows and allies.

TAKE-DOWN #6 (pending): Theresa May MP. The neo-liberal, pro-EU, Zionist Establishment plan to take down Ms May this autumn unless she proves herself capable of implementing their bidding. To keep her job for a few months Theresa May must, somehow, successfully steer through Parliament a Brexit that keeps the United Kingdom within the EU in all but name. Theresa May is pro-EU and pro-Israel, however the Zionist Establishment doubts her ability to pull off a “Brexit reversal” in time.


So, the plan is to “take-down” the 3 Leaders of Britain’s largest political parties as soon as possible.

This is a plan borne of the pro-European Zionist Establishment’s abject desperation.

It’s a “Scorched Earth” plan for British politics. The fires are being lit, and the current Westminster party system is about to metaphorically explode.