WorldBeyondBelief133 Satanism and Child Sex and Murder among the Elite


Published on 26 Feb 2015

“The Elites that control the matrix use Satanism for their primary power supply. Throughout the world (even in your neighborhood) these cults of the darkest sort, kill babies and have sex with children as part of their ritualistic interaction with the Demiurge (read; Archons, Reptilians, Devil or simply the dark force). Members of these cults in many areas control the social services, education institutions, police, judiciary (as in the example given) so that when caught they are not prosecuted or stopped. These rituals take place sometimes on regular weekly basis and major international rituals take place 8 times a year when massive numbers of children are sacrificed and raped. This episode of WBB overviews this epidemic plague that is infecting the planet and gives live testimony of this ritual abuse of children. Only international exposure can help return the Hampstead children from a truly unbelievable evil system of corruption and cover-up! Hence we urge you to sign this petition so that the decision makers can hear your opinion. Please get the children out of ‘care’ and back to their mother! Thank you to Alex Cannon for his Murder Mystery Music background http://www.alexjamescannon.co.uk and Luke Rudkowski at wearechange.org For more information on the Hampstead children’s case and more please visit our blog: http://pineconeutopia.wordpress.comTo stay up to date subscribe to our channel below.Thank you for watching and for your part in helping humanity re-gain our freedom.”

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