Myron C. Fagan’s History of the Illuminati Remastered


30 Nov 2012

Comment: No, I do not know the subject matter of Russian Vid’s videos, etc. IMO (only of course), I believe that with the Masons, Illuminati = Enlightened Ones, I just use try to keep it simpe.

You need to step into B’naii Brith (sp?) which is one of the most strange and secret “clubs”. You must be a Jewish man, follow ancient extreme Talmudic Zionism and it is also strictly Masonic. Good luck infiltrating this club. Enlightened Ones = God’s CHOSEN Ones. Who owns all of media, all the “arts” industries, and yes sports teams now, the Federal Reserve, ever damn bank in the world? Who is still a major player for blood diamonds from South Africa? How many jewelers (loose stones, etc.) in large cities are Jewish?

If you want a source, try Michael Hoffman and he’s not Jewish but he even owns one of the rarest Talmudic books there is. I saw his presentation on the Real Deal with Jim Fetzer. It’s pretty esoteric, so I re-watched it. It’s difficult to grasp, but rather gave me the creeps as he breaks the myth down that most Jews are “Torah” Jews as the Torah is actually two books, both the oral history (written) and the written book. That’s about all I remember.

I believe in a lot of the numerology and dates, but to me they are all just these creep’s mind fucks. I am probably one of the most disorganized people, but had written down was it call the Twelve Most Evil Men in the World. And of course a huge coffee spill destroyed half a note pad.

Anyway, many of them are obvious: All four Rothschilds, Heinz “Henry” Kissinger, Rockefeller(s), George Soros, and I believe Sheldon Adelson. If Binyahim Makalasky (sp?) aka Benjamin Netanyahu were on it I’m sure I’d remember. Regardless, pretty evil men. When did Poppy Bush first give his NEW WORLD ORDER speech to Congress? September 11th, 1991. I remember when that Poppy Bush sub-human creepoid was yakking about “a thousand points of light” and staring up into space in a speech and remember thinking this old freak is a crackpot, and who the hell in 1991 even contemplated what “New World Order” even meant?

They’re all into child sex (all three branches of US, Parliament, Royal Family which inbred with the Rothschild’s for centuries, all these secret societies are sick fucks and they all have blackmail on each other, you see? Why has no MSM ever bothered to explain WHERE that sick Supreme Court judge was found? I don’t know if he was murdered or just dropped dead of a heart attack because it doesn’t matter.

The big cover-up was WHERE he was. Where he was was the big secret! That “Presidio Ranch* is a Satanic club and he wasn’t the only male only guess that weekend! My mind is failing me here, but it is owned by one of Rapist Billy’s “executive pardon” cronies. The U.S. government, you can be sure, has extensive photos of that place. That’s as far as the creepy as I want to get down that rabbit hole because to me it is just the New Jew Order; whether that sound “religionist” not racist as Jews are not a race.

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