‘Master Innholders’

Part of the Intelligence Network


Mentioned in the following Video –


False Flag Set Ups –

The Joint automated Booking System co-ordinates the Triage Team and The Hit Team.

Abel Danger 4-21-2014 Malaysia 370 Exposes 9/11 Snatch Pt. 2


Society of “The Crossed Keys”the fictional secret society of master concierges in Wes Anderson’s latest film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

SERCO has control of the “Red Switch Network.”

Mi5 – Interesting ” Before, it was a hotel ” … Inns of Court, Society of Crossed Keys (symbol so like the Vatican Keys) … the film Grand Budapest Hotel alludes to this. Makes sense that hotel networks be used for intel work.

ura soul3 years ago
11:20 – having been up in the top floors of the royal exchange – where very few have been – i can tell you that right behind your head at the top of the building that is opposite the royal exchange building – there is a large OWL made out of coloured bricks which can’t be seen from the street because it is blocked by a lintel.. essentially only those who make it into the financial areas of the upstairs part of the royal exchange will know of its existence.
moloch anyone? ;(

Boris Johnson & Trafalgar Arch

Albert Metcalf
Johnson is no mope haired fool , he is a dangerous cunt

Paul Price

Assassin dressed up as a clown. Cunt for short.

+Albert Metcalf … hi, can i ask a question. Just would like to understand why hes a dangerous cunt … what danger can he be please?

Albert Metcalf
this man is“new world order“ , they want all of us dead

Paul Price
+DiyEcoProjects the media and how he acts suggests he’s a harmless loveable fool. When caught off guard he’s anything but.

Albert Metcalf
+DiyEcoProjects the “new world order “ is a Communist dictatorship

Albert Metcalf
+DiyEcoProjects read this http://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/

DiyEcoProjects (edited)
thank you … um so … genocide according to this article is because “contribution of foreign genes do not protect our genetic heritage, but that it enables their disappearance. The sole purpose of these measures is to turn them into a group of people without national, historical and cultural cohesion”

Is boris helping this to come about then? is that what you mean.
Read more

georgia milestone ect?

Albert Metcalf
Georgia Guidestones

Albert Metcalf
+DiyEcoProjects every MP in the world is in on it , in the UK we think we have 3 party`s to pick from , we dont they are all the same but called different names , its all a Zionist plot to take over the world and we are not wanted

DiyEcoProjects (edited)
hmm yeah heard it wasnt what we think it is, as in they are all connected.

So your boris comment, was pointing at him being part of the club… i was just wondered if it was something more, like he was intending to do something


DiyEcoProjects (edited)
Who do you think the party whips employed by? …

Albert Metcalf
i think all of them working in Government work for us , well thats how it should be

DiyEcoProjects (edited)
“should be” … i think they have elivated this status from public servant into something else

DiyEcoProjects (edited)
Im not sure i agree with all the things described in the website you sent me, sorry. But it was an interesting read so thanks for that. different opinions

DiyEcoProjects (edited)
friends say that the whips are backmail merchants, its how they get leverage… favours… and are employed by the corps… so they are the corps representation in the “act” drama

Albert Metcalf
+DiyEcoProjects yes ,all the little pussy boys want to be a dictator now , if you blow on them morons they would fall over

+Paul Price I can imagine he’s a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character. I haven’t met anyone yet, even a Tory, who trusts him. How does he keeps up the act? Learned his lesson well at Eton, I suspect.

… handshakes

Fionne J Ford
DiyEcoProjects everyone in the world knows what the new world order is! If not they’d better hurry up and learn! Genoside!

Schizophrenic Psycho
There gonna use cern and the arches to open gateway portal stargates to other dimensions or to bring back fallen angels or demons. These people are fucking nuts.

Untainted Heart
Originally Real i believe they plan on building over 1000 of these across the world

Fionne J Ford
passion777 yep YASHUAH is the cornerstone and Lucifer is the Capstone.

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