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Maxwell & Spacey on Queen throne


Pedogate 2020 Part ii Tom Hanx (New Info)

Mouthy Buddha – 1 June 2020

Net Most Wanted – 5 May 2020 – You’ve Got Mail

28 April 2020: White Busses lined up at hospital ship Mercy????

10 December 2016: Dissecting the #PizzaGate Conspiracy Theories

18 April 2020: Good up to c.40 mins – Exposing The Real Epstein Cover-Up & How Deep It Goes – Les Werner, Trump, Bill Gates, Dershowitz, Ghislaine M ”Grew up with the Royals” – ”Epstein made a ton of money with Gates”  “The Rothschilds are hiding Ghislaine M in UK & have issued Marie Farmer with death threats”

The Last American Vagabond – 17 April 2020



Ricky Gervais 2020

~Pizzagate Mirror~

Chemtrails Reno

Hollywood Satanic Pedophile Cannibal Party.EXPOSED IN PHOTOS

Millicent Converse
25 Feb 2018

Andrew Breitbart: “F*ck. You. John. Podesta.”

Breitbart News
Published on 4 Nov 2016

Andrew would be so proud today knowing that Wikileaks has exposed this fraud for what he is. When Obama ordered Andrew Breitbart to be killed he didn’t know it would turn into the Hydra. We are all Andrew Breitbart now.

June 11, 2017
Al Franken on Rob Reiner and gay pedo rings in Hollywood


Published on 1 Apr 2019
Clinton is pictured in those set of photos posted by Ray Chandler re Epstein Island. At 31:47 Table 29 – Dead Mocking Bird – Room H D R C. New in the Mega Meme Folder.

NXIVM Hacked World Leaders!

Amazing Polly
Published on 1 Apr 2019
Clinton again  – this time with The Jewish Congress Edgar Bronfman at its head opening the Swiss Banks & forcing payments to Jews around the world. BUT these payments were then hived off by a bunch of crooks to elsewhere.  So Corrupt.

See Article Edgar Bronfman Sr by Walter Russell Mean in LA Times – Edgar Bronfman Sr. Tracking Nazi Plunder Into Switzerland’s Secret Vaults April 13, 1997 | Walter Russell Mead | Walter Russell Mead, a contributing editor to Opinion, is a presidential fellow at the World Policy Institute.

The Sun 25 July 2018: SEX CULT QUIZ Nigel Havers’ step-daughter Clare Bronfman arrested over links to American ‘sex cult’ Nxivm

Anon 26 March 2019
AkhaldanSolo 25 March 2019

This is rampant throughout ***modeling agencies*** all over. It’s time to #WakeUp

ID Models – Paolo Zampolli/Jeffrey Epstein


ELITE MODEL MANAGEMENT – John Casablancas/Donald Trump


MC2 Model Management | Model Agency | Miami | Tel Aviv


The Artist Agency (RHODC) Lynda Erkiletian founded 1985 “#1 model and talent agency in Washington DC.”

* Lily-Rose Depp (above) is a model
* Iris Law is a model
* Dylan Penn, the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, is a model
* Sistine Stallone, the daughter of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, is a model
* Destry Allyn Spielberg, the daughter of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, is a model
* Sofia Richie, the daughter of Lionel Richie and Diana Alexander Richie, is a model
* Amber Le Bon, the daughter of Simon Le Bon and Yasmin Le Bon, is a model
* Daisy Lowe, the daughter of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe, is a model
* Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is a model
* Ivanka Trump, daughter of POTUS, is a model



Clintons Shipwrecked on Ten Islands Part IV: EXPOSED


Beyond Magic: Unclean Spirits; David Copperfield, Mulholland, Blaine, Gellar; Mk-Ultra, Laurel Canyon, Carribean and Hellfire Club

Addendum To “Beyond Magic”: Harry Houdini, Rick Rubin, Genesis P’Orridge and the Hampstead Children

Addendum Beyond Magic Unclean Spirits II: In & Of Itself, Frank Oz, Neil Patrick Harris, Gary Goddard, Geffen Playhouse

Eyes Wide Shut Are Open; Antony and Nicole Kidman, Kravitz, Zampolli and MK-Ultra Sex Slavery; Maccoby

Clearly it is all connected.


Published on 14 Mar 2019

Dead Men and Panda Boys…

Published on 16 Nov 2016
We posted this on Gplus page (person in panda mask) then this ”pedophile RING world map” started taking shape:

Tracy Blount
Heard, killery died 911 at new york & that day was brought back to life and I do believe she has a clone and body double they need to go after all nodys (No soul) in her at all. She’s pure evil I want her shot till dead she was caught in film w Huma killing a 6 yr old girl after they abused her sexually skinned 6 yr old alive and put skin on killer’s face. Cops new York saw video and got very sick afterwards. I wonder why this is not bought out about this evil? Why is she free??????

Podesta Sues Former Clients, Loses All His Money, Forced to Sell Off ‘Art Collection’

Where Are You, Maggie Nixon?

Comet Ping Pong Post Analysis, Maggie Nixon, Barbara Bush & NXIUM, Brooklyn Pizza, & Avicci- Update: Include Richard Branson
Comet Ping Pong Post Analysis, Maggie Nixon, Barbara Bush & NXIUM, Brooklyn Pizza, & Avicci- Update: Include Richard Branson

Robert Nixon & Mission Blue

About Mission Blue

2017: Pizzagate is directly connected to the Hampstead case via the children’s father


Published on 24 Feb 2017

  • Ontario based biker says Podesta needs a ”tune up & lube” & he’ll give do it if he catches him (You on’t see me coming) but come round his house & he’ll make you a real Sicilian pizza – Italians make good Pizza man.  Now there’s a real man.

Jeff​ – Pizza. bread is the body. sauce is the blood. cheese is the male excrement. These elites and politician’s are supporting this shit.

Straight to HELLL! Pizza, Veggies, Fruit, Chicken SECRET CODE

18 December 2018

Q drops vid on Hillary’s dark web walnuts sauce pedovore’s

Zadok Pride
Published on 19 Apr 2018

NSFW May Be Disturbing to Survivors: Memorial for Murdered Child – After School Pizza Movie Exposed

The Honeybee
Published on 4 Oct 2018
To reach Mike directly you can email him at projectarchangelo@mail.com

Please join the conversation:

Lost Hillary snuff clip, Pedovore, SGT Report British Monarchy pedos

Sainted Anon
Published on 5 Aug 2018

2017-06-05 – PizzaGate Money Trail Leads To John McCain

WTOnlineBusiness Model
Published on 9 Jul 2018

From Joan of Arc/Gilles De Rais To Hollywood… ELITE BLOOD SPORT! w/Christopher Everard

The Kev Baker Show
Published on 26 Jan 2017

Gilles De Rais Part 1 – Murder With Friends

Pop Trigger
Published on 29 Nov 2017

Human (especially child) trafficking – Voodoo Doughnuts
Michael Whalen’s Disclosures of Pedophilia, Child Trafficking and Hunting Parties

Michael Whalen’s Disclosures of Pedophilia, Child Trafficking and Hunting Parties

Marina Abramovic A Vampire? Countess Bathory?

Streamed live on 23 Oct 2017

Ricky Dearman, Clinton, Pizzagate and The Cult That Links It All – Chang Hai

Supreme Master Ching Hai, a cult leader, connected to HRC, (google.com)


Truth Inferno
Published on 21 Jul 2017


Project Weeping Angel
Published on 16 Apr 2018

What is #Pizzagate And #Spirit Cooking Urdu/Hindi We Are Watchers Ep 49

Published on 2 Dec 2016

Ricky Dearman’s Haiti child trafficking voice over for Josiah Bruney, whose work was…“recognised and promoted by the White House.” https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2020087


White Rabbit News
Published on 8 Jun 2018

Kristin Morrill
Ines found her daddy’s stash of films…with names…of those murdered in the “Dirty War” in Argentina…he passed away age 89 10 months ago. She was talking and perhaps the films had people she knew in them and they think perhaps the Pope himself was implicated…thats what I read on Neonrevolt.com makes sense. Asia was ratting out Weinstein & Bourdain ratting Clintons…so a message sent out. kate found out about estranged hubby Andy’s Pizza habit and had to be silenced before she talked.

Q Anon The Island Seized, D Rooms, Backpage FBI Raid, Vatican Ex Diplomat Arrested The Connection

Total Eclipse
Published on 8 Apr 2018

2017: Richard Branson is the British Jeffery Epstein- Includes direct Hillary connection (idk if this has been posted yet, looked into it and may be something big)

Necker Island Tour 2016

Scott Picken

Listen to what he says about the other secret island Mosquito and the temple where world leaders “solve global problems”. Sound familiar?https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5bmtfb/richard_branson_is_the_british_jeffery_epstein/

8 Sept 2017:Richard Branson emerges from wine-cellar bunker after Irma ‘utterly devastated’ his private island


McAllister TV
Published on 19 Apr 2018

P J Hunter
Listen these guys still think they have a chance towards their New World Order… God only knows what will happen next. Talk about a chess game. They thought they were near a check mate. They still do not know what happened. Sounds like a few white hats had a few plans up their sleeves. Go Q. I agree on the psychopaths…. these guys are sick. They also are Pedovores. That is all about to come out. I think that is what May will be about. God help us all.

Juanita Rodgers
The Rothchilds own property on an island not far from Epstein’s Is. Their’s seems to be a similar island used 30 miles away.
Some speculate subs are being used to transport children.

Iris Octon
Curious about Saba island, roth estate on one end and rocker on the other.

The pink shoe   (edited)
There is a war going on within these governments that we the masses are not aware of..
We just hear this little things here and there and it’s up to us to put it together but I do believe there is a war going on…. And I also wonder if it has to do with spiritual forces as well….👠

Linda, are you getting my messages about Looking Glass? I’m not sure I can upload my segment on this because it was done on a major MSM network. There are several levels of rabbit holes regarding this, and if you haven’t heard of the analogies in the movie “Paycheck” yet, then you have barely scratched the surface.

Strairways to Hell. In that security video still, the woman in CH11 looks like Hillary to me.

Bruno Guldhammer
And look up Ørepine blomst- Danis name . it a plant of gerania fameli from s africa ( smeel of mint and lemon ) chek it !

Bruno Guldhammer
Ohøj from Denmark respect to you ! Want to not hear in ear high tone ( try earplugs when wifi is on sheld smart meter to ) symtoms soer trot and slim ( sticky ) NOT THE FLU ! Keep keeping the good side up !

Lorna Clews
LMBOROTF! “He’s in it up to his horns” – what is picture that is now stuck in my head! You sure have a gift for lightening up this horrific truth that must be told. Just love ya girl!♡

Karen G.
It’s not a sundial. It’s a clock face set at 2 minutes to midnight. This has some meaning to these satanic weirdos.
Evil rock band Iron Maiden have a song called 2 minutes to midnight. The lyrics have grotesque references to killing babies/children.

luts J
ray chandler’s grandfather owned LA Times. super rich, hangs out with Rothschild’s, Paris Hilton, ect.

Brian Glaze   (edited)
Chandler – ChilDhandLLerr Eminen looks like those kids

Michelle M
Wasn’t the Guinness family involved with Aleister Crowley

Lilian Kuhn
They said that’s not a temple. It’s an elevator to the tunnels. Temple is probably down there.

Doug Weese
Pic around 22 min looks like uterus big time

Joe Andreone
Ok so im no professional or an Anom, but I have been on that Redpill for some years now. Really since Barry got elected was when I wokeup. This is my 1st comment yet I have been following Q and a quite a few channels this being one. I research and question everything, funny thing is I learned that from Glenn Beck years ( how is he by the way) lol. Ok my so back to the topic at hand. St James Island: look at the pattern in the water around the island, could be sand bars could be dunes, could be? Q kept saying watch the water, if I recall an Argentinean Sub went missing, also an Anon or Q questioned how many levels were at St James Island, I cant recall who asked. Look at the patterns under the water on the google earth pics and other pics. What if submarines come under the island and dock there also transporting God knows what. Just a thought. #MAGA #thegreatawakening

Tom Tutt   (edited)
Guys the blue on the temple is not just a pretty color but im almost certain the blue is real lapice stone like the blue stones 0 king Tutts death mask. Catherine the great had a entire room of lapice walls because of its healing qualities and benefits. Here’s the kicker, the blue lapice was held in high regards when it came to the endocrine system health like the adrenal glands thyroid, and pituitary gland. Lapice was also used in alchemy remidies such as treatment for the stye in the eye. I believe there is much more to blue than we thought.

      • HRC 5:5 / Who Is PD-ANON / New Comet Ping Pong Image

        T.R.U. Reporting
        Published on 18 Apr 2018

28 February 2018
There’s a Cannibal Club in Los Angeles

Is Brian Podesta Related to John Podesta? Odd Police Badges No?

Chilling images of children from surveillance cameras on Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo island

Know Your Facts About Epstein Pedo-Scandal and the Clintons

Little St James Island

CrimeTimes Newspaper Exposing Pizzagate & Pedophilia. #PIZZAGATE

17 March 2018

11 May 2017

PI former MI5 agent Who Exposed Podesta/Pedogate Murdered and Character Assassinated/More News

urban moving
Published on 13 Jan 2018

PizzaGate Part 30: Madeleine Case Goes Right to the Top! + Podesta Efits:

New York Times Slams PizzaGate as Fake, But It’s CEO Mark Thompson Covered up Jimmy Savile Scandal

@tigerdroppings quote:
Amy JamesJULY 6, 2017 AT 6:58PM
James Alefantis, please explain why you used the hashtag #cumpanda on a magazine that contained images of children sporting black eyes with references to “pizza.” Also, please explain why you have pictures of pills and money with the hashtag named after your Goddaughter on your trip to London. Then if you could explain why your friend from Squareform, Scott Cummings, the coffin builder, is tagged as a #chickenlover while wearing chickenlover beads, mmmm, that’d be great. And why your ex-employee is tagged as a #MILF and Caris James looks exactly like you? Thanks, asking for some friends who want to know if their pizza related map hankerchief has been found.

FORUM: re: John Podesta mother adopted 25 kids after moving to DC. John Podesta was a butcher

”I certainly thought Skippy’s tweet just days ago was notable, admitting “my e-mails” stolen, not that they were manufactured or faked or whatever. Looking for the link now, but I could swear the narrative, at least at one time, was that the e-mails were fake, inaccurate, doctored, or the like.”

Pizzagate, Child Dropped Off at Adjacent House to Alefantis’s “Museum”

urban moving
Published on 4 Jan 2018

#PizzaGate Breakthrough ROTHSCHILD and CTR’s David Brock Had Social Ties w Jimmy Comet!

Anthony Orlow
Published on 25 Dec 2017

victoria jacobs
I am certain that the good people of the NSA and MI have already compiled the meta-patterns that these roaches created as they met, called, photographed, videotaped, and messaged each other, now in archived records, as well as seen their trail as children were trafficked to ELITE pedo’s at their lair of choice in the dc area, or alternately, taken to the dc airport for US/int’l locations, this last of which is possible to see how on GE. A child could be brought through the front door by a sorry excuse for an adult, straight through to the back where a trafficker/transporter could pick up the child from the alley behind cpp and transport them to say Key Bridge Boathouse, or alternately the Pentagon Marina, or even Gravelly Point, which of course would be the most probable as it is the closest by far of any launch point by boat, which is necessary to reach the boathouses (or shoreline at least), of the Ronald Reagan Airport near each of the 3 water-accessable landing strips, in order to deliver the trafficked passenger(s) nearest the plane as possible without being detected. Before anyone comes back at me with a plethora of reasons why this hypothesis doesnt work, please take the time to research what was originally found at comet ping pong before they took down their framed inappropriate “art”, painted over the murals depicting sex, pedophilia, and murder of children (several adults holding severed child heads), and graphic porn grafitti. Please consider the obvious coverup by the mainstream media, hrc, john and tony podesta, (and their wives), and if you’ve been following Q, you will realize this absolutely needed to be a high-volume, very efficient, trafficking machine. The podesta’s are known for collecting art, and supporting artists with like interests such as “spirit-cooking”, pedo s&m, etc. Please do your own due dilligence as I have been doing my own investigation, meaning i find a loose thread, or a clue, and using discernment and recorded facts or putting two and two together to get 4. Take a gander for yourself on GE. to see what i above suggested as a possibility of how a small pizza place could possibly be the hub of pedo trafficking in the dc area so out in the open without “anyone noticing anything”. If my hypothesis is true, this is how they could bypass the scrutiny of the airport, (those that arent meant to know), or the necessity of a passport. Another very important piece of evidence that cannot be explained away by reasons that make ANY sense, THE MURAL ON THE LEFT WALL (EXITING THE BACK OF THE BUILDING).. IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS AND WAS MEANT TO TRAUMATIZE A CHILD WHILE BEING LED, OR CARRIED PAST IT. IT WAS QUICKLY SAND-BLASTED OR PAINTED OVER VERY SOON AFTER IT BECAME CLEAR PIZZAGATE WAS A REALITY FOR MR. ALAFANTIS. (SAID MURAL WAS OBVIOUSLY MEANT TO TRIGGER COMPLIANCE, OR A TRANCE STATE, OR BOTH, ACCORDING TO WHAT I HAVE READ ABOUT MK ULTRA MINDCONTROL TECHNIQUES AS USED ON CHILDREN.) I apologize to readers that are sensitive to screaming typed words (caps), but I did it for a reason. Please, if anyone has saved detailed images of this 10ftx20ft mural to send it to vjac0000@Gmail or send me a link. I would be most appreciative. Ty, v
P.s. Just as I was finishing writing this post, and reviewing, I was checking GE for miles from cpp to RRAIRPORT shoreline, and I found something very interesting. There is a very peculiar anomaly on Gravelly point on GE that I cannot say for sure what it is or isnt, but here are the coordinates 38°52’10″N 77°02’21″W 161.4ft zoomed a little more, 38°52’12″N 77°02’25″W 95.2ft it is an anomaly that looks like a white (ish) rabbitt. Right? I know it’s not THE white rabbit, but it would be too funny, as I was just pinpointing Gravelly Point which is where it is at. Ty, v

Sloppy Boppey

TheyLive YouSleep
That poor, innocent child. At 8:35…”whats my name?” Boy says “John” 3 separate times. Someone did an analysis of a screen shot and got a pretty clear outline of the boy behind the shower door. There’s music and flashing lights…theory is that this occurred at comet pizza.

paula conley
Dominos down south we call them “bones”. That the game dominos

Red Rover
Brock didn’t pay the money to Alefantis, it was paid to a dude named Grey, Brock’s previous fudge buddy
. Grey was suing to get furniture back that Brock gave to Alefantis. The most interesting part is where the information Grey was alleging he had on Brock is described by the Judge as so outrageous and scandalous that she wouldn’t even say what it was. Think Pizzagate. You should cover the lawsuit on your show. It’s quite an eye-opener into the twisted world of these freaks.


Published on 17 Nov 2017

Interview with the Hacker who Broke into Comet Ping Pong and Found CP – #PizzaGate

Dean Fougere
Streamed live on 3 Nov 2017

Where My Friend’s Body Was Found – Jake Morphonios

End Times News Report
Streamed live on 28 Jun 2017

PizzaGate! Here are 800 pictures – Inc Lyn Rothschild

alan nowhere
Published on Jan 1, 2017
Eat shit YouTube. Ban me if you don’t like it.

Code word “box” linked to Nicky Hilton; “soup” to J. Podesta, “sauce” to Justin Theroux #Pizzagate

Carolyn Limaco

Fully Sourced Summary of Pizzagate Evidence

Dan Jackson
I think alefantis released that video of Skippy. To show podesta he’s not messing about. And he better get this swept under the rug soon as possible

carolineleiden (edited)
Podesta seems to be what is called ” perfectly posessed”. He has a “familiar” demon ( Skippy) that he has let in and who takes the wheel from time to time and does the evil things while John is next to him watching and enjoying. They are together. Like married. These people cannot even be exorcised in the roman catholic ritual because they gave Satan permission to come and posess them and they are lost forever. I can tell you, in high circles many perfectly posessed people are running the show.

JD jitsu
IT’s telling that his alter ego name is Skippy. That’s what people in jail call child molesters. Skippies and skinners. It’s really beyond obvious. I can’t believe people believe he’s a victim. Good on James Woods for using his celebrity to put a light on this

Hunter Thompson and Johnny Depp were very close too. Johnny Depp is the one who campaigned to get the three teens that Satanically murder 3 young boys to get them out of Prison. Ive read depp is a high up Warlock.

Mr Smith
Absolutely Google had my first site with over 15,000 subscriber’s after getting out Barney Frank and other creepy Really Rich People in Massachusetts and then the F.B.I Wiped my videos every single one with help from Comcast who’s also pushing HBO who’s involved in all this to look how many Hillary Clinton & every real News that never brought up anything about child Trafficking and i had the first Fraklin scandal & the CIA Finder’s Black ops who kidnapped children to Brownstone or Bribe Senator’s & Powerful people,so yes Bill Clinton did the Hoover thing where you get dirt on everyone so you can get people like the FBI Scumbag Comey & Brother that video of him saying no Prosecutor would take the case !!!RED FLAG He’s committed Treason & therefore should be shot by a Military firing squad,Why can’t we get any Politicians on board to even say this exists they took my King videos of that the CIA BLACK​ Ops Finders program, unbelievable HELL’S Waiting For these vile scum i promise when Skippy’s getting violated in Prison by a very large Aryan Brother Trust me he’s going to be begging for God to forgive him nope, Ashton Kutcher is a creepy fkn pedo like the Woman said lucky my Father or me never had a Problem with you because Justice would be served Up your pedo ass you gonna Scumbag you’ll get something, covering up is over BARNEY FRANK took his 16-year-old to Maine to hide, I suggest we start getting Justice done New Hampshire style Live Free or Die. Get these scum however we can the CLINTON FOUNDATION can’t Help you no more nor Obama’s Muslim Fanatics. Do Skippy Die Die & Die hopefully you get heart failure see how quickly Black Ops will turn on you and your PEDOS Before you give up the Goods on the Highest Pentagon & Military officials involved research the Lutenteant General’s Wife who spoke of Gang stalking after speaking about high-ranking Military Personnel involved in Skull & Bones being sodomized & other NASTY shit all the death’s I had recorded dates & yes the odds of the Autopsy getting released & the Guys poisoned, it’s JFK A over again the Rothschild’s went underground Because they’ll get whacked sooner or later just as these scum, I pray Someone finds Kutcher & gives him the Justice these children deserve & God’s worker’s will find & destroy this evil 1 Day Karma’s biting you filthy pedo even the new law making it a Hate Crime to hit a child Trafficking molestor how fkn bizarre is our Government Protecting these people they rushed a bill through & every filthy Democrat voted Yes. unvote them because we got LBGT IN & Running our Government it’s got to stop

Anna Mari and the Unification Project USA (edited)
These occultists and satanic psychopaths have an ideology that taking a human life gives them power from the underworld. Children born into these cults are revered and applauded by that person’s ‘strength” in being able to kill and torture. So its not just a lack of empathy – it is training and ideology – that’s why there is such a unfeeling incentive to kill and to hurt.

These sick minds then rise in power and gain recognition within the organization depending upon their mental ‘toughness’ to kill and cause unimaginable misery to the most innocent of all human beings.

Link For Vids by Maths Easy Solutions

PizzaGate! ****WARNING**** New Podesta Video? help me report this to the FBI

Streamed live on Apr 7, 2017

Christopher Stokes
Feb 22, 2017

John Podesta BUSTED! Caught Spewing Endless LIES About #Pizzagate


”Hey @johnpodesta care to explain what’s going on in this sick video you took?”

James Rankine4

The motherload of disturbing screen- caps, INCLUDING AN ADULT HAVING SEX WITH A CHILD – ( Please Download). These items disappear very quickly. http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/12/pizzagate-comet-pizza-owner-james-alefantis-posted-hundreds-of-suspicious-instagram-pictures-like-these/
red blight

Domino – historical: a loose cloak, worn with a mask for the upper part of the face at masquerades.

FBI admits to destroying their file on journalist Hunter S. Thompson https://www.rt.com/usa/fbi-file-journalist-thompson-131/

Milo MacDonald
That’s your voice torturing that child, you know it, we know it – you’re finished skippy! Rothschild called you loser and in your moneyed world that means closed doors – know that half the people know what you are and the other half are asleep .. and we are doing what we can to wake them up”

Julian Stuart
Another great video guys. Can l draw your attention to a you tube video by EXPOSED TRUTH titled (2017) PIZZAGATE EVIDENCE – BIRTHDAY PARTY AT COMET PING PONG. It’s the full video of what Angela talked about where the freak host describes giving a baby euthanasia. In the full video he said it was a baby he and the woman who’s birthday party it is created and then goes on to say “he had to put it down”. The evidence to pizzagate is overwhelming and the fact tgat it’s not being investigated prooves how corrupt the system is. Keep doing what you’re doing guys and please check out the video l mentioned above.

wendy tascione
jamie oxenreider the words ill…in hillary and bill…be “ill.”…. clinton…phonetcly…’see lie’ n ton. li lie….. podesta pedosta.……alefantes phonetically i love infants

jamie oxenreider
James Alefantis is a play on words. Satanists love to play games, its not his real name AleFantis=All Fantasy. They do it all the time John McCain= Son of Cain Hillary Clinton= Hillary is to do with hills and Clinton is a name meaning hills it comes from the bible talking about Armageddon starting on a hill, Watch the news and every really out their liberal they last name is all most always a play on words for liar: mud or lyar or wordsmith or fulofit . games


Feb 18, 2017

King of Truth Logan Llc
Feb 14, 2017
pizzagate-the benghazi connection part 1


What They Won’t Tell You
21 November 2016
PizzaGate: Clinton has Kuru, Hampstead, Global Canabalism Pedo Network exposed by Wikileaks

Nov 28, 2016
Nov 30, 2016

Jan 28, 2017

Exposed Truth
Jan 27, 2017

Exposed Truth
The Now Banned from YouTube Mini Doc Is Back!! Glory Dayz And COPYRIGHT FREE OF JOHN SIMONE’S IMAGES

PIZZAGATE! EX- COMET PING PONG Employee Claims Sexual Assault! PROOF? Here is why I think it’s LEGIT

WARNING -DISTURBING – #PizzaGate – A Look Into Little Baby’s Ice Cream & “Pizza Brain” Join Forces

Victors Libertas
Pizza Gate Breeder and child trans-humanism.



Mr Brock certainly moves in the highest of circles. Here is a picture of him at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at his home which James Alefantis posted to the Comet Ping Pong Instagram account. Behind Mr Brock is Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, owner of The Economist magazine, wife of Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild and a prominent member of the Rothschild family.http://mosesapostaticus.com/1395-2/


Someone who lived nearby recorded what he said were screams of children coming from the establishment.

Congenital Anomaly Register and Information Service (CARIS)

”I think it is Mae. Mae is featured running away in the grass. She is in the baby catapult set where her mother points to the word Butt on her father’s shirt. Mae can also be seen putting her face next to Caris when she was born. She is also in a picnic picture apparently making gestures with her hand. Those were the pictures of Mae in JA’s saved Instagram. She seems to be of no interest to James. Which lends credence to the fact that there is something “special” about Caris. Could children like Madeleine McCann and Caris be bread specifically (in vitro) to be 100% matches for Soros as a donor? I mean if you are an old fuck who requires blood and organs, you can pay people with stars in their eyes to birth and partly raise a child for you, and then, oops, it goes missing. Want to bet that when Caris mysteriously vanishes, some random pizzagator will be blamed?”

I believe you are onto something here as well. There has been some research here on this but it should be a focal point. This Registry involves people with Rh- blood types which can lead to coloboma and because of how rare it is there has to be a worldwide registry. Also that would mean the baby at birth like in McCann case would be identified and registered so she might have been tracked or as mentioned before there is dispute of biological parents.  An Activist Forum on Pizzagete

Fatsack  (edited)
Since Soros has it and is old as shit, they probably use it to find compatible organs to keep the sadistic old fuck alive. Much like Rothschild getting his 5th heart transplant. Or perhaps it is for compatible blood transfusions for him, because these satanists believe the blood of the young keeps them immortal, or at least extend their life. It’s called ‘Parabiosis’.

No, all four of these people have the coloboma:

George Soros
Maddy McCann
Caris James
the eye in the Majestic Ape music video that is flashed full screen multiple times
The odds of that happening by chance are basically 0%. It is part of their weird cult.

redditsuckz (edited )
People With Rhesus Negative Blood May Be Aliens – Your News Wire


Rh-Negative = Purest blood.

Might not be related but is interesting.

Comment: STOP OVERLOOKING THIS. Go to 1:41

Comment:  Check out Dr Pong in Berlin. https://www.theclubmap.com/bars-lounges/bars-lounges-im-prenzlauer-berg/dr-pong-berlin/

Comment:  Check out #cumpanda and look for the comic strip.  Gross.

Pizzagate Is Childhood’s End Of Humanity – Meet The Overlords

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