Anti Ark

ah – Ark and Stanley Fink, loyal donor to the Vermin.

This article contains the following :

Ah politicians just love keeping members of the public in the dark. Take the Academies Bill – the fine print David Cameron won’t shout about – every time a school becomes an academy the title deeds are transferred to private hands. 1927 schools are now academies — let’s take the average value at £5million. How much are the title deeds worth? £5million x 1927 = £9.65 BILLION £9,635,000,000. Who is getting the title deeds (ownership of schools and school land) because of the Academies Bill? At least 2 members of the Tory party run private companies which now have the title deeds for your local school.

Philip Harris – his company has been given ownership of 13 schools – 13 x £5 million = title deeds worth (probably more than) £65million. So who is Philip Harris – Philip Harris made donations to David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party. He is considered to be one of his personal friends and he is the chairman of failing carpet company Carpetright.

Another Tory party member with a company now in control of title deeds to your local schools and the playing fields – Stanley Fink. Who is Stanley Fink – he is a “hedge fund god” – Stanley Fink, another friend of Cameron has donated £2.62m to the Conservative party and David Cameron made Fink a Lord as soon as he came to power, and David Cameron has since made him Tory Party Treasurer and also handed his company £millions title deeds for schools. ARK schools – Stanley Fink on the board – their asset register has gone from a value of £4million to £187,000,000 because of the Academies Bill. The ink on the transfer of the title deeds from councils to ARK schools not even dried yet … and already this Tory Party treasurer is selling your school playing fields. Elliott School becomes an ARK academy in September.

UPDATE March 2016

”NO surprise there then – already Stanley Fink – Tory Party Treasurer – selling your children’s playing fields (the same one’s you owned until Gove transferred the title deeds)

A study of ARK accounts for the 8 schools they controlled in 2010 – showed Stanley Fink and the other directors of Ark Schools – underspent the education budget for the children attending the 8 Ark Schools by 7% – and all the money that they were given to education children which Stanley Fink chose not to spend went to the Cayman Islands via his stockbrokers – to the Ark Cayman Island Fund

No surprise an ex employee of Rupert Murdoch is the managing director of Ark Schools

All in it together

This land is yours – David Cameorn did not ask English parents if Tory party members should be given the title deeds and then start selling everything the minute they got their grubby hands on them

You paid for the schools. You paid for the land

Stanley Fink did not pay 1 penny for any of the schools he holds the title deeds for

Stanley Fink did not pay 1 penny for the playing fields he is now selling

These belong to you, your village, your town –

Just because Cameron and Gove changed the law does not make it legal or right

If English Parents don’t stand up now and demand these schools are transferred back to your council, like Southern Cross, you will have no schools and no land

And who is Stanley Fink selling the land to and how much for?

Where does the money go?

If that was my school and my children’s playing fields I would be holding sit ins until the title deeds are handed over

Schools are not assets for stripping – schools are there to educate English children

But David Cameron, Philip Harris and Stanley Fink all believe it’s not education – its assets for selling

Save your schools – save your school land – demand the title deeds back into the safe hands of your councils – after all you elected councillors to run schools and they did it for years without selling the land and the title deeds were kept in trust for you

And councils have never transferred education funds to the Cayman Islands via Stockbrokers they own

Which is exactly why only democratically elected, accountable councillors can be trusted with the title deeds for your schools”–1billion-of-title-deeds-for-schools-transferred-to-private-companies

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