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George Galloway Fires A Verbal Missile Across The Bow Of BBC’s Jo Coburn On Daily Politics Show

12 September 2013 Last updated at 13:31 BST George Galloway criticised the BBC for being a “war-time propaganda mouthpiece” and predicted: “You are going to lose your licence fee over this.” Gov ‘Intelligence’ Officer Pauline Neville-Jones was outclassed by … Continue reading

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MF Global and The CFTC – Investors Getting Some Justice At Least

June 27, 2013 ‘Perhaps the most wondrous thing about the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) enforcement action against Jon Corzine, Edith O’Brien and MF Global are the internal phone calls and e-mails between staff when the firm was going down. … Continue reading

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HSBC ‘Lost’ £960,000 Trust Fund In Lehman Bros Collapse

8 December 2010 ‘David Cameron’s stepfather-in-law, Viscount Astor – he married Samantha Cameron’s mother, Annabel – is in dispute with the HSBC’s private bank over his son Jake’s trust fund, said to be worth £960,000. Lord Astor asked HSBC to … Continue reading

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Dorothy Thornhill’s Bilderberg Bluster

Richard was looking distractedly at two ducks swimming on the canal.  The sunlight danced on Dorothy’s blond ringlets. ‘Bilderberg?’  Dorothy’s eyes formed into two unblinking blue orbs.  ‘This is bigger than both of us’ she whispered breathlessly in Richard Harrington’s … Continue reading

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Jewish Blogger Shmarya Rosenberg Explains the Term ‘Shabbos Goy’

It appears this blogger was a bit over zealous with his expectations of his fellow Jews and Rabbis.  Far from being embraced for his zeal for the true Jewish faith, he has in fact been ‘Run Outta Town’ by his … Continue reading

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