‘NWO Org Chart’

Wed 9:28 am +00:00, 15 Apr 2020
posted by ian

I’ve been saying since the very early 70s (along with some others) that a very tiny cabal controls the earth. Their power transcends nations, races, religions, and ethnicities. The events of March 2020 have demonstrated this to be true beyond any doubt. Within mere days, over 3 billion people, that is over half the planet, were placed on police state lockdown over an obvious, scripted narrative, premeditated hoax. Bill Gates, for all of his billions, along with Fauci, Trump, Cuomo, Diblasio, Kissinger, and all of the rest of the slimebag sock puppets both here in the Jewnited States of Scumerica and the other participatory countries, are just errand boys for this unspeakably evil cabal. These are the monsters that foment endless wars killing and maiming millions of innocents to make trillions in blood money profits and consolidate their power. Does any sane person with two brain cells to rub together actually believe these demons give a flying fuck about the health and well being of the masses?

TAP 15 April 2020: Has Trump sold the USA out? Martial Law:



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