[What is Democracy?

It is apparent you believe suffrage, that being allowed to vote is democracy, it ain’t.

“Democracy is the right to go about our lawful business freely, and without interference from government, or anyone else, or the need to beg, or buy permission to do so.
Those freedoms and liberties are protected by British Constitutional Law, , comprising of several charters, the prime ones being, Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, The Great Charter and our Common Laws, Customs and Traditions.

These precede Parliament and are untouchable, they cannot be annulled, repealed, nor abrogated.

All politicians and our Monarchy swear to uphold the Law of the Land, in the Coronation Oath. 

Unless we create a victim of one, or more of our fellows through our actions, or failing to act (it is a crime in common law not to aid someone in danger) no crime has been committed. No human plaintiff no crime.

If accused of wronging by someone, we can demand as a right that our accuser states their accusation before a panel of our peers, to decide if our actions were wrong, or unreasonable in the situation, and time the alleged offence took place.

The jury, possesses the power of nullification, (to refuse to convict even if the law has been broken if they consider that our actions were justified in the situation we found ourselves in, or the law was being used maliciously.)

This is the law:
Fines and the threats of fines before conviction in a court of law are illegal and banned.
Fines must not be excessive.
No one can be deprive anyone of the tools of their trade, or the means of earning a living.
Plaintiffs must state their grievances against the accused man, or woman in a court of law, and under a sworn oath with penalties for untruthfulness.

Recently, the Queen’s Bench Division, during the appeal of the Metric Martyrs said this:
“It should be recognised that there are two types of Constitutional Law, 1) that created by Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights etcetera, and 2) Parliamentary Constitutional Law. The latter may be put aside, or repealed, the former may not.”

For a politician, or judge to claim the power to negate Common Law, they commit the crimes of pejuring their oaths of office, and negate their claim of sovereignty over us and the laws that protect us from them.
Instant fines? They are unlawful and banned.”