[[[Breaking the 8]]]

Anonymous ID:GrxUu4Rn Sat 30 Nov 2019 05:38:24 No.234741057 Report
The people that did not come back, chose to stay there. The real question is this, what was the fog? The Light that consumes all, the ever present, all consuming light. The Eternal Light, the Omnipresent Omnicolor light. If you know about that and cannot see it here, than where do you think you are right now?

Going there is like being born a new. You squeeze through the veil into the other side as if you were being birthed with full consciousness of every life you ever lived. There is a hive mind and it is controlled by a tyrant that wants nothing more than to rule over the hive with an iron fist. It is his way or the highway. The byway is the lower 4th dimension. The exit is the furnace of the recycler. I have been through it all, every situation beyond the portal in the sun. I came back here in hopes that I could help stop the looping world ending. There is more after the world learns how to make peace instead of war but humanity has not yet been beyond the 3 days of ww3. Dying is so important to all of them, even if we have to do this another 77 times before we are screwed for good and for a final time.


30 November 2019