‘Abel Danger’

Untaught History: Inbred Psychopath Bloodlines · David (HSBC) and Samantha Cameron

22 September 2013

Sexual Deviants, Pedophiles, Hybristophilia, Murder & Entrapment · David Hawkins

Abel Danger
Published on 30 Apr 2013

Pickton Pig Farm Clan & The Guild Socialist Ensemble Recorded Live

Abel Danger
Published on 21 Apr 2013

Abel Danger @ BitChute


Nadhmi Auchi Bankster

Nadhmi Auchi – Bankster

“Miriam Clegg “[Revised September 11, 2012. Matrix 5 principal and Femme Comp wife of the allegedly-extorted man-in-the-middle Nick Clegg, Minister for Constitutional and Political Reform in the U.K. coalition government of David Cameron; she allegedly used Alpine RapidEye surveillance and Onion Router technology to relay a license to kill Saad al-Hilli – a prospective whistleblower to the decoy-and-drone flying events of 9/11; she allegedly ordered al Hilli killed to stop him from revealing her client’s – British Bankers’ Nadhmi Auchi – escrow agreements with Julian Assange and Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates – Canada’s RapidEye contractor – to relay encrypted Onion Router license-to-kill messages for al-Qaeda hit teams on 9/11″


Robert DiDica - Child Pornographer does 11 years.

Robert DiDuca – Child Pornographer gets 11 years.


“McConnell claims that Baginski’s Serco colleagues began working with the child-porn producer Robert DiDuca in 1988 and he alleges that Serco has placed blackmailers in international hotel chains to entrap government-employee pension-fund managers and force them to invest in hotels linked to Serco’s Defense Red Switch Network and thereby take control of the host government itself.”


Since 2015 seems to be athttp://new.livestream.com/abeldanger/events/3725344

British Labour party MP Simon Parkes claims to be from an Illuminati family



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