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QUOTE The Secret Danger of the Big Society.
The fundamental undercurrent of Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ is the continuum of society which an individual is expected to serve as a basis for contentment. This vision embraces the dichotomy that the greater good for the greater number is key to human advancement. The ‘good’ in this case translates into using fear of punishment and fear of isolation as well as the desire for reward intended to keep the British population under control. This punishment is more effectively economic such as losing ones job, being passed over for promotion or losing customers. Reward can be great wealth and exemption from ‘common man’ regulations, a ‘stick and carrot’ motivation where the taste of the carrot and the size of the stick will always be different.
I have begun to realise all political parties are ‘wolves in sheeps clothing’ having sent their agents into the power centers of society to capture control from the inside. Power centers are those organizations and institutions that represent all the politically influential segments of society. These include trade unions, political parties, church organisations, segments of the media, educational institutions, civic organizations, financial institutions, and industrial corporations, to name just a few.
Local parishes, community centres, youth organisations etc are now prey to further control as the Conservative ‘Big Society’ uses a nice big fat carrot called the ‘Big Society Bank’ to capture and subvert community leaders. In the pyramid of power it is the community that forms the foundations and prevents the highest positions from falling, those that will dominate in a final consolidation and the realisation of a new world order. It is impossible to understand what is unfolding in the world today without being aware of that reality.
The falling towers in America were the catalyst for wars on terror intended to remold society after shattering it to bits or breaking it apart. In 2006 when the criminal Blair unveiled a small stained glass window in the London School of Economics many noticed a famous line from Omar Khayyam at the top:
Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire
to grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
would we not shatter it to bits
and then remould it nearer to the hearts desire?

With this remoulding, ‘the heart’s desire,’ is really a noble conspiracy, affectionately described as the ‘New World Order’ and it’s attainment to be the highest morality possible in social affairs. To the Conservatives the virtue of this goal is so great that it justifies any act of destruction or sacrifice of individuals if it is necessary for its advance. Some of us become aware the philosophic, political, economic or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of every human in some collective group and the priority of group goals over individual goals, is the key ambition of the elite, a duty.
The legality that frames this ambition is all but complete because it is our politicians who make the laws and we, the people are forced to comply in the name of the law. To the enlightened we are being forced into a collectivist system against our will so the term ‘conspiracy’ is entirely appropriate. Britain has become an Anglo/American society, a Masonic controlled society whose aims rely on creating a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.
The Council of Foreign Relations members are the upper tiers of the pyramid. Obama and Presidents before him endorsed their policies. Obama’s shouts of ‘change’ really meant a change of existing CFR members while major policies did not change at all. During the big bailout in the Spring of 2009 when British and American taxpayers paid for the staggering losses of financial institutions, the lion’s share – trillions of dollars in the US and £200 billion in the UK within the first few months of the year, went to corporate sponsors of the CFR with concensus from the media, media personalities, universities, tax exempt foundations and think tanks.The public’s voice was muted.
Now we are left with the politics of stupidity, a three party charade that fools us into thinking we are participating in our political destiny when in fact we are being herded into high tech feudalism even without our knowledge. Voters make choices on good looks, smiles, baby carrying, televised debates, perceived sincerity and promises that will be broken such as tuition fees and NHS protection. Blowing the whistle on this legalised plunder has to be the politics of the 99%; while individually I believe we, all good informed people must rise and prevent this sleep-walking of our peers, we have a duty to future generations to break the conspiracy now in the run up to the next war. UNQUOTE

Respect Mr Golding.

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