MARCH 17, 2015
The whole world is disgusting! My God! The same psychopathic behavior has been happening in America also!
George H W Scherf ( Bush=adopted infiltration last name to attempt to hide German citizen status) has been identified by a long & thorough investigation by the FBI when Ted Gunderson was the head of the FBI that GHWB had positively been identified as a bisexual pedophile. There is no telling what happened to him as a young boy in Germany while his father & grandfather worked for Hitler. He grew up with The Angel of Death & Hitler’s main bodyguard & also assimilated them into American Society after the war. Also intothe CIA & Eugenics pprograms & tortur & mind control experiments that go on to this very day to bring free Christian countries into moral deca & bankruptcy, including every type of sick slavery. He even started or was involved in a program called The Finders that kidnapped children to be abused as sex slaves. This was & is disgusting and International. Their goal is to destroy by any means decency & morality & too turn the world into Godless Scum.

13 Jan 2015

The Bushes Attended My Father’s Satanic Sacrifices! Anthony Lavey

Truth Warriors


Testimony from Anthony Lavey, the son of Anton Lavey who founded the church of Satan. Anthony was beaten up badly after giving Stew Webb of VeteransToday.com this amazing interview that must be shared with anybody that still thinks the Bushes are Christians. You cannot be a Christian and be in Skull and Bones! Both HW Bush and GW Bush are members of the satanic Skull and Bones secret society to this day!”

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