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Ancient Bloodlines/Contemporary Power

Published on Jun 15, 2016
Professor Hamamoto Interviews Leuren Moret for a wide-ranging conversation that inspires a radically new understanding of world civilization and its current manifestations.

Egyptian & Hebrew Hyksos Bloodlines Origins Of Blue Blood Britain Queen’s Throne & Jacob’s

Gob Esi
Published on Jan 20, 2016
Used under Fair Use*** Biblical patriarchs were ruling class royalty in Egypt, not poor slaves as their propaganda story goes. Just read Exodus chapter 12 .

We will NEVER be told the full truth about this archaeological site due to the fact that it ties heavily into who the true Hebrews / Israelites really were. NO fairy.

Ellis West (edited)
Brit-ish and Jew-ish meaning they wish they were who they claim and do lie. Revelation 2:9

Screams heard As Queen Visits Grenfell Tower

Truther thinks he saw a quick smile on Queen’s face.