‘Cameron’s Links To Carroll Trust Embezzlement’

Published on 3 Jan 2013

The sensational Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Carroll Maryland Trust billion dollars offshore tax evasion fraud scandal which is now encircling 10 Downing Street and soon to threaten the very political existence of senior members of the Conservative Party has revealed that the new explosive FBI Scotland Yard prosecution files have also named Smith Williamson Holdings Ltd. the accountancy and investment management company in this case of international importance.

Sources have confirmed that the dossiers contain compelling criminal evidential material surrounding Smith Williamson’s shocking fraudulent accounting operation which was targeted at the Carroll Global Corporation industrial empire. Further sources have said that Smith Williamson were appointed by the Carroll Foundation Trust immediately prior to the commencement of the systematic embezzlement and criminal liquidation of the trust’s billion dollar world wide investment holdings spanning a staggering sixteen years.

It is understood that the files also contain a forensic paper trail surrounding the very close links that Prime Minister David Cameron’s family estate interests continue to retain with Smith Williamson the Cameron family offshore tax haven based investment vehicles Blairmore Holdings Blairmore Asset Management and the Cameron links to a clutch of Church of England charities and family trusts whose funds are also managed by Smith Williamson.

In a stunning twist it has emerged that the newly knighted Sir Tony Baldry MP a highly respected criminal barrister and a senior figure in the Church of England who is retained by the Carroll Trust has also close links with Smith Williamson which is fueling speculation in Westminster that this massive billion dollar tax fraud case could soon seriously threaten David Cameron’s position as Prime Minister in what well seasoned political observers now regard as the largest ever society scandal that is now embroiling senior members of the British Royal family.

The Blairmore legacy that David Cameron’s father Ian Cameron left is unlike that of his forebears – it’s not in the rolling hills of Scotland but in glass and steal office blocks in Panama City Geneva the Cayman Islands Gibraltar and Nassau Bahamas – all tax havens which are central actors in the Carroll Foundation Maryland Trust case.


Massive Financial Crimes at the Head of British/American Government for over 40 years


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