All Atoms Are Toroidal.

200,000 Year Old Levitaion Technology – Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger
22 December 2017

Why do Paedophiles do it?!

If I could ask that the AGENDA behind all of this be exposed.
That the very essence of LIFE is involved, and that the young children have a huge amount of a duality of spin substance that enables life, and enables also the ability to trip about in dimensions and TIME.

Unless a clear comprehension of how this universe operates is established within the general population, then a minority that do know can manipulate the ignorant masses , and easily control them, especially when they have above normal FIELDS of the duality of spin substance due to their vampiring of young children’s life forces.

This is a bizarre subject, but the TIME may be here to finally expose this, hopefully.

I am a dowser that can easily detect the dual flows about anyone or anything, hence I am demonized by such as the church etc.  The duality of spin life force in humans, spirals down the spine and reverses at the base of the spine, the male penis can thus contact this location.

Are there those upon here ready to probe (pun intended) such a subject to expose the reasons behind this theft of life force??
How the projection created by this life force is memory based, and thus a false projection can be achieved if the field is strong enough?

That this life force encircles all living entities , the planets and stars and galaxies included.  That this universe We perceive is all occurring in a perfectly packed substance that is of such a geometric form that enables dimensions to exist in the self-same location, just on different faces of the base substances faces.  Thus as Alice went through the looking-glass, so can We, if Your personal field is powerful enough to overcome the resident normal field ( in our case this planets).

The two whorls shown combined is what You are –  actually in 4D.
The vehicle You see in the mirror is a 3D compression of memory.

It is the extraction of ANU that is undertaken by paedophiles..…to boost their own.

The word ENERGY is flawed.
The force that enables life is what is central here, called many things throughout time, and TIME is central, as it creates what We think of as a linear time.

ANU is of universe, it is attracted down in scale right through universe, it creates light, it creates heat and cold.  It is the elixir of life, Savile was not lying when he said ” young girls keep Me Young” or similar.

I can with ease detect and measure this life force about anyone, or anything, it is measurable.  Young children have very large diameter such fields of this life force, they need it to transmute into becoming what they are programmed to become.

The power of sexuality is masked by a diet of porn to keep a veil over it.

There is more than humans involved, and what You are mistaking as the actions of humans is in fact the actions of far different beings operating via the taken over human vehicles, which leads Me to KABBALAH.
KHA =ANU life force.
BA =the eternal You.
LAR=the overall universal life force.

Ka which You perceive as anyone, is merely a vehicle.….who’s driving said vehicle is different.

Youngsters often are over fifty feet diameters, especially those over (indigo) fifty feet are the ones sought out…IMHO.

If you read the literature of the Vampires (the real ones not the blood sucking myth ones) they tell you that sex is the basest form of energy ‘feeding’ and most look down on it. They develop the ability to essentially breathe in the energy and can do so at a distance. They can walk through crowds and ‘breathe’ it in or they can connect directly with what people call negachords.

By programming, do you mean possession and preparation for possession?

The masses must consider that there are multiple dimensions (and multi-dimensionals?) in the exact self-same location as the here and now.

At almost death We are most at risk of possession imho.  DMT is released to enable the TRIP across dimensions for our eternal self to undertake, but that means a portal is open, and those who don’t trip through are then most at risk of other beings tripping into this here and now time.

The boy bands are tools to incite mass sexual grooming in young girls. Imagine being at a concert and you are the energy conduit…the energy from the young girls is directed at the person/people on stage…that energy is then harnessed… Impt for The Agenda.

One of the theories I’ve put forward is that the porn/pseudo porn (pop star) industry is a form of sigil based sex magic. Instead of having a sigil to focus the energy in to, you have a three-dimensional sigil called a ‘porn star’ or ‘celebrity’. The result is the same, it’s a focus for energy to be focussed on that can then be used/directed by whomever controls the sigil.

People like Louis Walsh (a known pederast in media circles) and Simon Cowell (actually a decent bloke according to most people) are essentially modern-day sorcerers who create and manage these walking, talking, dancing, lip synching sigils.

Lucifer (The Archangel) was charged with looking after the children, (not sure here) his opposite being, Satan, therefore takes pleasure in abusing them.

The spirals are depicting the vortex implosion over radiation points.  Basically the Earth is alive, and has millions of points where the imploding spin meets the outgoing opposite spiral radiation.  It is one force that chases itself constantly.  You have to get into 720 degree spin where the inside of a circle is spinning opposite to the exterior of the same circle.  I our case, as with all such the ANU is out of balance because of this fractional difference.  Look to the serpent biting its own tail.

Most people casually call this force ENERGY, without comprehending what is actually driving the whole of creation.  It is also shown in Eastern terms as the teams of animals churning the central pole, such as at Angkor wat.

There are 13 panels on the back of a turtles shelll…..fibonacci and the golden ratio are from Sanskrit.  The sex act is focussed upon an electrical type climax, where the male ejaculates and the female experiences orgasm, and it is a mighty driver.  The paedophiles are seeking to discharge the one been abused to charge up their ANU field.  I check thousands of people’s field contents without them having a clue what I am doing, many men in particular are hugely discharged, and thus knowingly or unknowingly are seeking to TAKE from the young who have such powerful fields.  It literally empowers them, whilst weakening the abused.

It is difficult to verbalise what is not in the common consciousness or accepted knowledge of what We are, so please bear with Me.  There is geometry and measure of that geometry involved that enables the TRIP across dimensions to be undertaken, and this has been kept secret above all secrets.  I suspect it was why LSD was created to try to mimic the natural substance of DMT.


Recharging via BLOCH Walls – it is where opposite spin magnetic domains run parallel to each other, and the resultant domain between.  Ever wondered why the pews backs are upright?  Think of high K resistors.

Churches are positioned upon former megalithic sites ( all of them)
The reason is simple …if You can detect what I can…otherwise it is none visible.
They call it the holy spirit…. We can think in terms of charged plasma, imho.

I assure You that what is detectable is a zig zag pattern between ( think of the funery urns) You are a blob of water, it is the hydrogen part that carries the charge.

Our information travels through the palms of our hands and soles of our feet.  Our dominant survival senses have dominated .  Using hand-held devices ( dowsing rods) enables the thought directions to become visual to our eyes.

WHATEVER one thinks of is targeted via the palms of the hands.

I have been doing this most of My life, but only since something occurred with Myself at a very powerful location have I progressed it fast.  I KNEW a great deal.  I therefore fully comprehend what happened to David Icke.  This is an information universe, and We are capable of accessing that information.  Perhaps only a few can withstand what follows from KNOWING, and can withstand the ridicule of the masses who don’t KNOW.?

It’s not easy being different.

I wonder if that’s where the image of Jesus being crucified through the hands and feet comes from. We know that form of crucifixion doesn’t work because the hands and feet would tear, so why portray it?

If Jesus is the personification of the realised human being as the ‘christ’, the senses are in the hands and feet and iron is a well-known method of controlling/blocking energy, then it makes perfect sense.

The romans were a force to instill fear in people who knew little of such.  Those people knew of their re-incarnation, so death was not feared.  I suspect that the romans also brought in pedophilia to help in the lowering of the population’s ability to KNOW.

Man is a most violent animal.  It’s about power and control.

I am leading up to the differences in what the quantity of life force enables in humans, and how our base state is annalistic, and can become very violent, and I do study Dementia and Alzheimer’s closely and note how this violence can manifest itself in the extreme.  But I also find that where humans are within larger diameters of the life force (as youngsters are generally) then a lowering of the violence occurs.

The destruction of the knowledge to be replaced by a fear based religion will have taken centuries, and absolute butchery, but it occurred.  Therefore only a select few in secret societies will have any idea about all of this, and will be able to constantly squash any uplift in the knowledge, but that’s now changing.  We are experiencing a PINCH point in galactic terms where the two opposite spin flows are compressing in a large-scale way, bring it on.

Those scrambling to secure their fear based control are loosing fast.  The flows contain information, and enable life, but also enable life in a multidimensional manner, to achieve the TRIP across dimensions requires a healthy amount of the duality of life force.  Hence why those who have this knowledge TAKE from the overwhelming vast majority who haven’t a clue.

So why are paedophiles allowed to operate…. because they target the ones who have healthy fields, they thus discharge them to uplift their own .  The abuser does not have to have the knowledge, but those who do can encourage this to occur over millenium to maintain the population in ignorance of what We are and are capable of, thus rings of these abusers can be operated by one or two who have a knowledge of all of this.  It is absolutely mind-blowing to be able to see this, and a lonely place, but that is rapidly changing.

Yes, I agree! The world must revolve around the paedophile or they are not happy. They seem to have zero emotional maturity and are stuck, psychologically, at a very young age which is why they have tantrums whenever anything does not go their way. If you do not hold the self-same thoughts and opinions you are thought of as the enemy. Spying on you is a ritual that the predatory types indulge in as it gives them a secret power over you that they can exert without your knowledge making them feel more superior. They create interdependent “relationships” with others which are all about enmeshment. Your personality must become an extension of their personality or they feel threatened. You’re not allowed to have any other close personal relationships in case you share information about them that they do not like. Do you see a pattern emerging yet?

I think you’ll find sex has little to do with it.  The favourite weapons are humiliation and emotional cruelty as they elicit the most suffering.

There is a duality of spin involved which the henge ditches and embankments assisted in separating.  This duality of spin is what the serpents are , and they enable life, they are the life force, and young humans have such in abundance.  Presently the term INDIGO children is used, this is to do with the field diameter causing a kind of rainbow effect where the colour changes relative to field diameter.  In 4D We are enabled by the serpent flows, as seen in the doctors staff.

Who were the Romans?  Read p62 The Hermit by Lobsang Rampa

I consider that Sa vile may well have been merely a vehicle for a very strange entity indeed, so Rampas books are very relevant imho.  You should be well interested in the one He said was written by His cat?

I’ve always been sensitive to energy and from a child I was aware that the human form is a mask and behind some people is a dark force that isn’t human. I also realised that they can tell when you can tell. It started out as just being a very good judge of character, even from looking at photographs of people but once I realised and started to learn, I found it can be developed. One thing I’ve noticed is that when they know you can see them, they fear you. It’s why you’ll see me repeatedly saying that not all humans are human.

They break you down though to make you weak so eventually you make the wrong choice. Personal problems, financial problems, drugs/drink etc, repetative stressful jobs. They grind you down until you’ll do anything to get relief and that’s when you make one small token choice down the dark path. Then another and another and another.

Imagination is our greatest weapon or our greatest weakness. If we focus on good things, we imagine (and then manifest) good things.

Psychopaths/Archons, call them what you want, have no creative ability whatsoever, so they have to influence and control true creatives to create the kind of media they want in order to control the rest of humanity. That’s why there’s so much drug/drink and child abuse in the media.

What is an Automaton?

They just feel empty energetically. You know how some people are so full of life and energy that they glow? It’s the opposite of that. Personality wise they exist on a loop of the same behaviour, are resitant to change, will absorp programming without showing any signs of critical thinking. Mainly though it’s that they feel truely empty like a doll.

My theory is that they exist as a vital part of the control mechanism as they can outnumber and therefore out vote the rest of us. They can also be used as a vehicle by non-incarnate entities. A bit like how in The Matrix, the Agents can take over and come through anyone in The Matrix.
I saw an interesting post on Twitter from the QI people the other day saying that there are more people on Facebook than were alive in the 1800’s. Where did all the spirits come from to incarnate into them? I can only see two possible explanations.

1) The source of spirit is diluted and diluted and diluted making baser people in each generation (which can be seen from our world today).

2) There are still only x spirits and y forms are empty. The lower entities can enter and use them at will.

I see spirit and soul as separate things btw. For me, Soul is the energy field of a form that comes from The Earth. That’s what is re-absorbed when we die and what is fed upon by ‘the others’. The Soul belongs to the lower chakras (up to the Solar Plexus).
Spirit is a separate divine consciousness that incarnates into form and brings the higher chakras.

Lower entities, demons, archons, psychopaths etc, don’t have the higher chakras. They draw off energy from spirited beings to create artificial higher chakras. It is this difference that makes them feel ‘different’ or somehow ‘fake’ to sensitives. Forms with no spirit in them don’t have any higher chakras at all and they feel ’empty’.
I see the ‘ego’ as an autopilot that has been created by nature to drive these empty forms around and the tptb know this, so create the control system to program and manage the egos.

I also think they use magick to put the wrong type of spirit in the wrong forms, so many humans may have animal spirits in them that aren’t meant to be human or they can put dark entites in them. I think the poisoning of food/water and the electrosmog etc is done to lower the vibration of forms to allow this to happen.

The people at the top of the pyramid use magic to control their incarnations by keeping certain bloodlines ‘pure’ and in positions of power so when their body dies and the spirit leaves, then come back into the same families and carry on where they left off. That is what I suspect Jimmy Savile was and why his persona can be trashed. It’s just a suit he wore for one lifetime and he left knowing another will be ready for him to come back.

Reality is clearly a Triune in terms of fundamental boundaries, there are positive and negative potential and a neutral ground, which I believe is the power of veto, or freewill if you like. Information can come in two wave forms, two halves of a circle, black and white with grey in the center, neither black nor white. The two wave forms represent individual spectrums so there are varying degrees of positivity and varying degree’s of negativity. Think of the DNA helix, one positive thread and one negative thread, the common link is the defining space between them, the bridge between good and bad. Each wave is the carrier of information, so what makes one focus on the negative energy wave and another focus on the positive?


It is the portal opening date and this is what sparks off the mass awakening and the ascension of an entire planet, Stonehenge in the former glory was a crown and this is the crown of Mother Earth not the parasite at Windsor castle and Vatican city.

When the portal activates the planet begins to ascend and we return to what is known as full consciousness, the pineal gland is key to this, the pine cone symbolism in religion.

The Royal Vatican city satanists deliberately ended WWI on this date because it makes this a day of mourning when it should be a day of celebrations and they vilify all kinds, 13 is vilified and 13 is the mark of a new age, 2013. Nothing scary about this it’s to be celebrated as this marks their collective end. I say lucky 13..

They know all this becuase they’ve spent aeons destroying all evidence of this to slow down our awakening but they failed, now we witness their collective undoing and it’s only just started to manifest beyond words, Sa-vile brings them all down as we rise upwards out of total mental and physical and spiritual slavery thats the true meaning of the word Emancipation and Bob Marley was just one prophet that the cabal got rid of for waking too many people up. “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” this is actually going on right now.

25th December which is actually Satan’s day.. Satan Clause is a pedophile symbol so was Jim’ll fix it.. Same shit different arsehole.  21st December is the true Christmas day. This has nothing to do with any current religion though and mainstream religion is all monarch mind programming.

We have had an age of cataclysm from an unsuccessful pole shift and this changed the topography of this planet, this is what antediluvian means before the great deluge.

And this happens in cycles, as in a cycle of ages, the Mayan knew how all this works and they were spot on about 2012 also, 2013 is the new golden age and occultism has deliberately vilified the number 13 just like they do with all sacred symbols. they are insane and they fear what comes next the most as its their Judgement day they all made a Faustian pact now the price of that is their entire undoing.

The WWIII that Rockefeller foundation had intended and the paralympics was a target for a false flag event that would have made 911 look tame. But they simply did not get away with it and there is something going on behind the scenes and I am pretty certain that announcements will be made.  (Beware stuff beamed up to the atmosphere from ground sites pretending to be celestial though.  Pics of Heaven etc)

Internet is an organism they’ve tried to control but failed, they would shut it down right now but they know the streets would fill because we’ve reached critical mass of global consciousness, they’ve lost but try telling psychopaths to pack up and fuck off, they don’t have the capacity for many things and they don’t know anything about honesty they are just switched on totally to self serve and this is why the bloodline is so closely guarded and protected by secret societies, all presidents are chosen for this, then they hold a pantomime of lies called an election..all presidents are free-masonic monsters..JFK resisted his monarch mind programming and got the Illuminati early retirement package.

Look at some of the video footage of that serial killer Bill Clinton, you can see his deep hypnosis, Obama can’t say fuck all with out his prompter etc.. they are drones.. it’s staggeringly obvious to anyone who is simply awake..

Manchurian candidates one and all. They got Blair at school and programmed him with shock trauma, he is a true angel of Death created to sell war and he did his job well and is now paid by Goldman sachs et al who created him in the first place..

Monarch mind programming is very very real we all have it in our house it’s called a TV.  Hypnosis works in very odd ways and they are very odd fucking people.  They recruit through uni and make drones, sleepers, and then they set them on people like John Lennon and George Harrison, George gave up after that insane student broke in to Friar Park he didn’t kill him but that broke George and he just invited his own cancer back, he was a doll that resisted and so was Lennon, and McCartney is a true satanist.

Death by ‘pneumonia’

Polonium-210 ingested through an aerosol method would cause an aggressive form of pneumonia leading to rapid death. I only mention as it’s obviously currently in the news due to the exhumation of the body of Yasser Arafat and it’s a favored assassination method of shadow government spooks. Btw the term ‘pneumonia’ is a catch all and rather unspecific term covering everything from bacterial and viral lung infection to chemical or traumatic lung injury. I had been aware that Savile was being treated for a bacterial lung infection prior to his death, given his otherwise excellent health and that he had been discharged from hospital it’s surprising he declined so rapidly. It’s quite unusual for patients to die of treated chest infections absent co-morbidities such as cardiac or renal failure, and for such a wealthy individual to die at home is almost unheard off, but we’ll never know absent his body being exhumed and his tissue tested for toxins (assuming he was embalmed prior to burial).

Suspicious Deaths

look out for home accidents, deaths, natural causes, car crashes.
heart attacks, auto erotic wank deaths on porn strewn floor.
freak accidents.
prisoners, the abused, police officers of rank, ex army, spooks, computer boffins, doctors and humble porters
just normal weekly deaths.
if i was jims little hospital help i would do a youtube video quick before you are found as just another trip death stairs victim.
Chief Constable Michael Todd a real copper probably an honest one.
see todd was investigating cia renditions and active uk involvement.
we should be screaming about private jets and child renditions for sex kill parties

also you will find news stories of men in vans running people over, kidnapping kids etc.
high profile check the arrested if they have had military or police histories or connections that is a virtual given.

muscle for a common purpose.
muscle for heavy child lifting
muscle for sheeple distraction

>Energy finds a match, it’s what is drawing us together despite the fear aimed at us.. Stay in fear and you’ll attract a similar match, look at how abusive relationships go on for years due to them both being negative, abuser and controlled victim. Let go of the negative and you let go of so much that was previously weighing you down.

Abuser victim is the far end of this, not every one has experienced this but lots have experienced the manifestation of this energy in many different ways, they create false flag events to lower the vibrations and to encapsulate us in fear..

We resonate in energy, we are perfectly capable of interpreting this too, this is simple awareness of your higher aspects, and we’ve all been separated from this in lower vibration consciousness..

But I am simply repeating what others have been saying for decades and even longer, No leaders and no followers, just heart centered. Imagine if every one just switched frequency to give and not just take, our entire system would then begin to thrive.. It’s perfectly possible and no way beyond our capacity as heart centered, not egocentric beings. That’s the difference in a nutshell. We have given our power away to self serving sociopaths.. But not all of them are.. Bullies and villains in global governance have infected us.. I think it’s quite clear despite totally controlled msm that other countries have been fighting this for quite some time now but we get the msm spin version..

If we want to send energy elsewhere then it should be with the one’s in countries fighting this global terrorist faction that is clearly speeding up it’s agenda of totalitarianism..

But again, I am just repeating what the likes of Icke has been saying for years.. No leaders no followers, just positive intentions and focus, give it a try.. I puts me in a better vibration by imagining the positive outcome instead of indulging in daily fear porn, which is going to fucking drain you regardless..

Looking at the daily fail comments shows me that people are waking up to this mind fucking though.. People on benefits are the problem eh? Tax avoidance not in government are the big criminals eh? Gun owners when their governments are killing people with guns on a daily basis are the problem eh?

We are being fucked with by psyops for our attention on an increasing scale now so I switched it all off. The war for the mind is truly on, but again, I am just playing catch up to many truth seekers..

Link not working?  Chris Roubis quoted at –


Olympic Symbol and Sodomy

Symbol means Sodomy.

Secrets of Occult Symbolism – Rothschild Sodomy

‘There is a great book by Glenda Green called “Love Without End”. This book, as well as what I have gathered from the work of Nassim Haramein, when you are in your heart or center, by the laws of physics miracles are possible.’

Glenda Green Send Great Love from your Heart –

‘I noticed the word beacon being used several times and thought I’d let give us a definition.

beacon (n.)
O.E. beacen “sign, portent, lighthouse,” from W.Gmc. *baukna “beacon, signal” (cf. O.Fris. baken, O.S. bokan, O.H.G. bouhhan); not found outside Germanic. Perhaps borrowed from L. bucina “a crooked horn or trumpet, signal horn.” But more likely from PIE *bhew-, a variant of the base *bha- “to gleam, shine” (see phantasm). Figurative use from c.1600

Beacon means shofar, a crooked horn.

Revelation 9:1 And the fifth angel sounded (crooked horn/shofar), and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

Zephaniah 2:9 Therefore as I live, saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, Surely Moab shall be as Sodom, and the children of Ammon as Gomorrah, even the breeding of nettles, and SALTPITS, and a perpetual desolation: the residue of my people shall spoil them, and the remnant of my people shall possess them.

The words ‘your beacon’ is an anagram for Bayou Corne, which of course, is where the LA salt dome is about ready to blow. If she blows, it’s going to indeed leave a mighty pit.

Death and hell are riding and it’s gonna get super ugly in about 5 minutes’

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