The Wicked Nature of Greed!
cindy garay
Published on 11 Nov 2018

major ola
I am aware of this. I can’t watch this organ harvesting. I am personally aware of live organ harvesting in China..Horrible..evil..wicked..satanic. The whole citizen merit program with monitoring everything…and if you don’t tow the line they might just harvest your organs and give them to someone with a higher score. If this doesn’t horify people they must be demons. My own sister says she doesn’t believe it. They have brainwashed people to the maximum. And..there is no sedation or anything..I spent my career transplanting heart and lungs. Can you you feel the horror of having your chest cut open and heart/lungs cut out while being totally aware. I won’t speak for God…but how could a just God forgive this?

Universal Vibes TV
This is why they created the Ebola myth in Africa, so they could give patients medication which kills them. A black persons organs are the most valuable on the planet. Melanin is more valuable than gold (research it).
The elites such as the Rothchilds only use black people’s organs during heart or kidney transplants.
Also explains why so many black men are slain by cops in America for petty offences. They need to keep up with demand. Well done for raising awareness Cindy.

22 December 2019
Unravelling Obama’s Deep State Comms – #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Unravelling Obama’s Deep State Comms – #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT