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Peekay Truth – 6,000,000 LIES!!!!

“6,000,000 Jews did NOT die in the so-called holocaust.

Sit down and just do the math.

It is mathematically impossible for 6,000,000 million people to have died the way the Jews say it did.

I don’t care if it was allegedly Eskimos, Norwegians or Dwarf Hungarians.


Google how long it takes to do a cremation (about 2 to 3 hours).

Count up the ovens you see in the photos of Auschwitz.

You’ve been HAD and you’ve been led to believe a story by the greatest victims the world has ever seen.


Do not take my word for it – just do the math.

It will take you about 30 minutes.

6,000,000 people killed over 4 years?

That’s 1.5 million a year.

That’s 4109 a day.

That’s 28,767 per week.

Where did they burn all those bodies?

That’s 86,301 (bodies * 3) hours needed per week to burn bodies.

There are 168 hours in a week.

513 ovens would have had to have been running 24 / 7 to accomplish this.

Have you seen anything CLOSE to that in photos or even HEARD of that?

That’s if they 24/7 with no down town for cleaning, repair, etc.

Where did they get all the coal to burn them?

The “surviving” Jews said that the fat in bodies were used to burn bodies.

That is a physical impossibility because the human body is composed of approximately 70 percent water and will NOT support combustion without fuel.

They didn’t bury them because there are NO BONES and it would have destroyed the water tables.

How did 28,000 people get gassed a week?

That is mathematically impossible based on the evidence of supposedly using cyanide gas as the supposed “gas chambers” could NOT have been cleared gas in such a short amount of time nor held all the bodies required by the simple math.


Stop believing the bullshit you’ve been fed since birth and WAKE UP and realize you’ve been had.

When you’ve accepted this truth, start asking yourself why and how and the answers will come.”  https://thepiratebay.vg/torrent/11182630/Adolf+Hitler%3A+The+Greatest+Story+Never+Told+%5BOriginal+HD+mp4%5D

27 Feb 2013

Auschwitz Vs. Science


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