Deaths connected to the Obama White House


Yolanda Jackson
On the girls Im sure they have undergone M K Ultra so they wont break down under pressure.

Yolanda Jackson 
absolutely not look up mk ultra mind control these ppl are ruthless if kanye west makes it out alive that’s what they are gonna do to him. what has been done to all of them that break down because they kbow and have seen to much and if that dosent work your clone or killed no im dead serious…

Nancy Kilgore 

Be careful. Obama is a Manchurian candidate set up by George Soros. Obama is not what he seems to be. He has been set up to destroy what we know of life. Check into George Soros. Try 10 videos on Utube.

My experience with African Americans at school a few decades ago was wonderful. So many off them were Jesus loving, family loving joyful hard working people. The democrat party, the party of slavery had to destroy that. Gansta Rap was invented by a Jewish record producer named Gerry Heller. Obama is a self loathing black man with a black sperm donor for a father. He is totally messed up in the head and he screwed black America royally.

Cha’da’ge 7 seven
Michelle looks strange, period. She refused a two piece swim suit photo shoot offered by a noted magazine. She’s been on stage several times with men dressed like women-no coincidence. People, it is no mistake Barry said “Michael” Bi- Barry is very, very intelligent-He does not like her, nor are they married. You can search the video- “odd moment for Obamas” she was not living in the white house. In that clip she looks like a ga-damn drag queen, just like Serena W. Barry’s side chick murdered at white house gates-Images of Homo’s and transgenders must be promoted to the subconscious of society to get them to except the future self destruction, control, reduce birth rate, emasculate males=which are the protection and enforcers of any strong society. None of our last four presidents we married and if you knew the details on the previous, this would not be hard to except. 7 million spent on promoting homosexuality by Obama administration-not a damn coincidence people. They had a rainbow image on the white house, a rainbow image over BET logo—SMH In the meantime, no major loans offered to small black business via Chase (given 10 million to do so)–but Gays are so happy…come on guys were all equal right…lol Oh wait Black lives matter run by gays and lesbians–SMH.