Peaches Geldof Staged Illuminati Sacrifice – Watchers (Part 63)


  • Peaches was born 13/3/89.
  • Peaches was found dead with her 11 month old son near her on 7/4/14 – a Monday.  ‘I don’t Like Mondays’ ‘That chip inside your head switched to overload.’  Same as Paula Yates her mother.
  • Police say death ‘not suspicious’ when there were no drugs in the house; she was only 25; she had 2 young children she adored; etc  Plod looking the other way again!
  • Her death is causing emotional sadness amongst her followers – something the ptb thrive on.

Peaches Geldof funeral to take place Easter Monday 21/4/14


Mystery Hand

She found a ‘mystery hand’ in one of her selfies.  She then researched the history of the house to try to find an answer.  She was asking too many questions for the ptb’s liking.

Peaches was troubled by her predicament and searched for a way out through various ‘religions’ which ptb are now using to ‘blacken’ her name.  Ptb were worried she would find Christ eventually and ruin their party as Peaches was probably MKed and MKs sometimes break their programming later in life and try to escape.  Her children were the reason she was trying to escape the cult.  Another Amy Winehouse.  Amy said they tried to put her in a ‘pyramid’ but she refused to co-operate.

However, her biggest crime was that she exposed paedophiles and THAT really got up the nose of tptb.  They KILL THEIR OWN people if they rebel.  Bob is a Knight of Malta.

Creepy MM says Hello

Creepy MM in purple – programming colour – says hello.  Peaches has a Micky Mouse like bow in her hair.  Disneyland is used for programming MKs.

Peaches and Amy were from a Jewish background.  The Jewish fraternity are very big on ‘sacrifice’.  Sacrifice in itself is not wrong.  One can sacrifice one’s life to the promotion of good causes or serving the poor.  However the sacrifice of a lovely young life on the altar of Baal is another matter entirely.  The ptb are a bunch of Satanic sh**** really.

At 17 on Richard and Judy  Articulate and outspoken.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Hutchence Family’s Struggle With Geldof.

Comment:  “Peaches Geldof was the 1st born child?
long (long) list of 1st born children “dying”
Cameron, Brown to name but two recent ones”

Comment:  “thankyou for posting this,I have been wondering about her death. PESACHE is very similar to PEACHES, and I found it on the Rothschild Magen David Adom UK website. It is the Jewish word for the Passover, which starts on Monday 14/4/14. Tell me why I Dont Like Mondays comes to mind.
The same website asks for Donations and says it has stocks of O – blood. They collect blood. There is a trip to visit Waddesden Manor advertised, that is Rothschild’s British mansion.
The reference to “bonkers” makes me think of bonking. All the statements made were so clearly scripted. I suspect that Peaches was a victim of child sex abuse herself, and the statements are in code telling us the truth. This is probably what drove her to attempt to expose child sexual abuse, despite the risks. ”

Peaches Death Murder / Hoax – but why? – Tom Cahill

‘JungleSurfer’ Notes Sarah Ferguson Was at the ‘Funeral’

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