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7 October 2018

According to Lascelles, Germany talked of peace terms as early as 1943.

In his diary entry for 27 december 1943, Lascelles wrote: “Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen telegraphed yesterday from Ankara that Numan (Turkish Foreign Minister) had told him … that the German Minister in Bucharest had called (in uniform) on the Romanian Foreign Minister, and told him Germany would accept peace on the following terms: they would surrender fleet, submarines, merchant fleet, air force, disarm completely, evacuate all occupied territory, undertake never to ask for colonies, and leave Europe to be organised according to the wishes of the Allies.

“The only condition they asked for is economic freedom for Germany, but this is to be arranged as found suitable by the Allies.”

  • Note how many countries became part of the Soviet Empire after 1945.
  • Roosevelt and Churchill insisted on unconditional surrender.
  • And this worked to the advantage of Jewish-controlled Russia, which ended up controlling Eastern Europe


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