‘Sheikh Man Haron Monis FF’

Comment: The “mad sheiks” name translates to

  • “So then we are having a “muslim fake” sheikh (who had been revealed as a FAKE and as a non muslim already back in 2013 by several imams and by australian muslim organisations) today taking 15 crisis actors as hostages (on dec 15th) while 5 were able to flee (5-15-15) on Martin (war) place while Tony Abbot tested police.And topping that, the crisis actor “terrorist” is an “iranian shia” due to his wikipedia page who wants a sunni ISIS flag?????? Did he want to burn that flag??? He’s neither shia nor sunni, australian muslim organisations had revealed in 2013. he’s a fake, obviously working for a certain secret service.  You simply cannot make this up. This is ridiculous”
  • “MH17 was full of Auzies….”
  • http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/cleric-man-haron-monis-punished-for-offensive-letters-written-to-families-of-dead-diggers/story-e6frg6nf-1226713441205?nk=8889f876de9e9f8d6fd7b66e8e88fc72
  • this is my favorite from the wikipedia page,”a young woman who went to his consultancy….. for “spiritual healing”, after seeing an advertisement in a local newspaper. Haron claimed he was an expert in “astrology, numerology, meditation and black magic” services”……….Who goes for spiritual healing with someone into black magic? Oh, my chakra is out of balance, ill just phone up the local black magic guru in the yellow pages…..RAAAAAAahahahahaha.
  • “well. the idiot will die. no doubts about that. he could reveal too much about his fake identity and about his possible links with the secret service at court. He has to be quiet. maybe suicided if not shot dead. the crisis actors need to be used for future film productions. they need them alive. they can already read text very well from a blackboard, do they? They just lack a little bit of emotions. they did it like schoolgirls reading during a school lesson. They need to train a little bit on emotions until next time.”
  • https://twitter.com/chrisreason7
  • How easy is it for one idiot to shut down an entire city business district and create global headlines? Pretty fucking easy as it turns out.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Rh7u9IZOdAAustralian Troops Practiced Exact Cafe Scenario Less Than 6 Weeks Ago!   Struth.probably already posted .The joke is getting very very old now .
  • It’s getting even more ridiculous with their lies. Now that his letter from october 2014 became publicly known, they changed their story and said that he converted only 1 week ago! BS! Sorry guys! BS! you simply had an error in your script with the sunni version!   http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2014/dec/15/sydney-siege-ends-police-storm-lindt-cafe-hostages-run-out
  • What a BS story in MSM!
    In october 2014 – in his letter to Tony Abbott – he declared that there is only Islam but no sects. No sunni and no shia. he explicitely wrote that several times. Why would he convert then? BS!
  • Terrorism, staged or real, is the equivalent of a pin prick on an elephant. There is more street crime than terrorism, but the media doesn’t work people up over it. If the “west” is really against Islamic fundamentalism, why is it allied with Saudi Arabia, and why is it working with the Saudis and other gulf dictatorships to gut the price of oil to destroy Russia, and the BRICS countries?
  • MAN HARON MONIS” in English Gematria = 924924 is divisible by 33924 = 33 x 28 (7+7+7+7)924 = 7 x 132 (33+33+33+33)MONIS = 420 Divisible by 7MAN = 168 Divisible by 7HARON = 336 Divisible by 7This is now a CONFIRMED HOAX.Lindt Cafe = 44416 Hour Siege 1+6 = 7More to come..
  • Man Haron MonisWe have our MM yet again
    Speed of Saturn =9.69 km/s….Methuselah, oldest in Bible at 969 years…435 members in US HOR 435+534=969…Bin Laden Killed on 831st Day Obama was in office 831+138=969….Cost of Obama’s stimulus 831 billion 831+138=969…12 signs of Zodiac total 912, 912=912+9x1x2=930+039=969….Bin laden born 3/10/1957 1608 days before obama 1608+8061=9669..Israel founded 5/14/1948, 1948=19×48=912+9x1x2=930+039=969…14/5, 231 days left of year 231+2x3x+1=237+732=969…On & On it goes always to Saturns 969
  • That name doesn’t sound Iranian at all or Muslim for that matter. The Haron sounds either Hebrew or the Hindu/Indian name Haroon.
  • The whole thing was so over hyped with the siege that it is a cert that this was a psyops.  Planes were diverted from flight path on 15th.
  • PM Abbott did say some months ago (Sept) when the terror alert was upped that something….perhaps a beheading….would happen in Martin Place. Hmmm
  • Haron must either be spelled Harun or Haroon but never ever Haron. Haroon is an Arab version of the jewish name Aaron. The muslim community suggested already back in 2007 that this guy is no muslim but a crypto jew. He did not think like a muslim, he did not write like a muslim (no respect for Allah and for the dead islamic scholars in his letters) and he didnt think like a muslim. They even filed complaints about this guy to police since 2007 for using false titles and false names.
  • Drill in Martin Place one year ago – http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=83235#83235


GovWatch:  Monis is Simon?  Another made-up Middle Eastern name.  So sick of this stuff.


Sydney Siege Hoax – Man Haron Monis REVEALED – Your Phoney Terrorist


Comment: “Rearrange the letters of “Man Haron Monis” = “A Mannish Moron” and “Iran Man Mosh On” ….. lol….. or how about ” IRANN Mason HOMO ”

Comment:  “Rearrange the letters of batman shooter James Eagan Holmes, and it spells “Asshole Name Game J” 

If you play the famous shooter “asshole name game” … you’ll find SEVERAL of the past shooters are J names ..

James Holmes (batman shooter)
Jared Miller (walmart shooter)
Jared Padgett (oregon shooter)
Jared Loughner (shot gabrielle giffords)
John Hinkley Jr. (shot ronald reagan)
James Earl Ray (shot MLK)
Jack Ruby (shot lee harvey who shot John Kennedy, John Connelly, and nearly missed Jackie Kennedy)
John Schrank (shot Teddy Roosevelt)
J. Charles Gutierre (shot James Garfield)
John Wilkes Booth (shot abraham lincoln)

The “Asshole name game J” … real question is, who came up with James Holmes name in the false flag world?  Rearranging the letters of names takes a real wizard..

Go rearrange SEASONS and then rearrange GREETINGS and you’ll find out why “seasons greetings” was hung over the Ferguson protesters for Michael Brown.

Whoever is planning these events MUST be involved with some serious dark forces play… their fingerprints are all over these events

Comment:Man Haron Monis is just another Musilin version Lee Harvey Oswald if you know what I’m talking about.”



15 December 2014

5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the ‘Sydney Siege’


16 December 2014



Martin Place siege: #illridewithyou hashtag goes viral


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