[Dennis Wise


“Agenda 21

Breakaway Civilization


Cultural Marxism

Depopulation Agenda

Esoteric Symbolism

False Flags

Flat Earth

Harvesting Organs

Health Freedom

Jade Helm


Medical Tyranny

New Age Deception

New World Order



Predictive Programming


Here is a 27 part documentary on what some feel is the TRUE story of Adolf Hitler and the holocaust by Dennis Wise. We highly recommend this documentary…but be warned, it could change your worldview.

The Greatest Story NEVER Told


…and that´s just for starters…check back as I will add more as they come to mind. Enjoy the process of unlearning all the lies you´ve been taught since birth and discovering the truth. We will do our best not to mislead and misinform, but remember this is a journey of discovery that is on-going and one on which we are embarking together. Please add your comments to any post or to the contact us page. Together we will navigate our way towards the truth. Much love to each of you for joining us on this path.”

Source: https://pineconeutopia.wordpress.com/2015/04/10/un-university/

The Greatest Story Never Told (Documentary) by Dennis Wise