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Tory Smith

30 December 2015
2301 Children Murdered Today They were from China

Tory Smith
Published on Dec 30, 2015
Xi Jinping had his troops abduct 2656 children from an outer Shanghai neighborhood of mostly very poor people. These children were aged 0-9 years old. All the babies [355] were kept for himself and the blood was delivered to the Rothschild family. The 2301 children that were delivered to American child traffickers were aged from 1yr 8 mo. to 9yr 9 mo. When I saw the face of the youngest child, a small girl, I had a breakdown. She was one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. 12 Mothers of these children were murdered in this act. These children were collected on Christmas day, and then later flown by the Air Force to Nellis AFB and delivered to the Las Vegas MILAB, and then distributed by underground high speed rail to a total of 17 MILABS. These MILABS were Las Vegas, Albuqurque NM, Los Angeles #1, San Jose CA, San Bernardino CA, Carson City NV, Lincoln Neb, Chicago #2, Indianapolis, Crawfordsville TX [320 children], Houston, Dallas, Langley and Arlington VA, Washington DC #2 [412 children], Pentagon, & NYC Financial Dist.

Jan 15, 2016
Pentagon Pedophiles Using Crystal City Tunnels to Abduct Children

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