Politics in Audio and Video


Alternative View on London Riots

15 Year Old Student Showing that Tavistock Institute Doesn’t Have All the Answers

GP Outlines Meaning of Proposed NHS Changes

David Cameron Mixes up his Lines

Time to Uravel Cameron and the Tories

Dispatches Programme by Peter Osborne

The Channel 4 Dispatches program which is blocked on YouTube UK is here-
Channel 4 Dispatches Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby (blocked on YouTube UK)-
Features Mr Harrington as you have not seen him before. Watford not his main interest?

Nigel Farage Dec 2010

UK Uncut Doing a Great Job


Charlie Chaplin piece found on uTube

Erica Goldson’s Graduation Speech – Wow!

Video from Channel 4 Website with a QC talking about Blair’s Position after his second Grilling at the Iraq Inquiry.


Money as Debt

Very Interesting Documentary – Lots of similar have been removed from UTube

Advice from Australian Band Yothu Yindi about what we should do. ‘Tribal Voice’

“I am Mandawuy Yunupingu. I am a crocodile man. I am also the song writer and lead singer with the band Yothu Yindi. My name Yunupingu means a rock, a rock that stands against time. Fire is my clan symbol. Fire is my life force.”

Lead singer, Mandawuy Yunupingu, gives a quick introduction to this song. Words of wisdom!

Another for your enjoyment:


Perhaps our uptight Tories should loosen up with some earthy folk music… Especially ‘Whisky in the Jar’
Courtesy of Wraggle Taggle
Irish Band Wraggle Taggle

A Chairman who knows where he’s going …

Chairman of BHP Billiton, Jacques Nasser

Young Man From Dagenham
(Courtesy Evening Standard 19 Nov 2010 and uTube)

Devlin \”I represent for the jobless … that have been made redundant …that have four kids and don\’t know how to fund them ..\'(Evening Standard 19 Nov 2010)

I found this some time ago:

It Wasn\’t Muslims

Michael Jackson said

Prophetic Words

Paul O’grady also …


Credit to East Dumbartonshire Scottish Socialist Party website where I found it. 10/24/2010

Go Nigel

Credit to uTube where this was found. October 2010.

Amnesty International on Audioboo

Amnesty responds to Bush\’s defence of waterboarding </a

Jim Corr and Lord Monckton


BBC Clip Suggests Osama bin Laden Death Fake


Connecting the Dots


Ziocracy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_uQkx-7g10

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