James Franco Covered in Gold (ICONOCLASTS – Episode 1, Season 6) (Clip 1)

John Doe
Interesting that Q keeps referring to gold and people covered in gold. In Satan worship (Baphomet, Moloch,… whatever you want to call it) gold is generally not used in the sacrificial rituals. Gold is considered to be the purest of the fine metals and is usually associated with holiness, cleanliness, and things of a heavenly nature. This is so for a reason. Gold lasts for ever. It never wears, tarnishes, or rusts. In ancient times, gold was often used as the ‘skin’ in the crafting of pretty much all of these iterations of Satan the Devil. The resplendence of a huge golden figure shimmering on a torch-lit platform (back in the days when Moloch first appeared in the historical record) was so mesmerizing that most of the Israelites whom Yahweh (Jehovah) had brought out of Egypt fell under its spell and began to worship it. This fits the biblical exposure of Satan as an evil spirit entity who keeps fooling people by pretending to be an angel of light. So the use of gold to skin these public monuments is evidently a way of mocking Yahweh while thoroughly deceiving the masses.

This brings me back to Q’s posts about celebrities who supported Hillary, and performed for her, and who was at some point covered in gold. This screams Beyonce. She was long ago exposed as Illuminati. Do a Google search of her performance at the 2017 Grammy Award Show. There she is…covered from head to toe in gold. And what is that on her head? The halo, the roses, the crown of wheat, the maidens bowing down to her… That whole performance was a cleverly concealed pagan ritual—applauded and glorified by viewers who have no clue what’s really going on. To her, it is a ritual to her god that she performs while laughing at the stupidity of the people who are applauding her. To them, its just a musical performance.

Q also keeps referring to the heads covered in gold. This again comes back to the goat-headed demon god named Baphomet who is often depicted with a golden head. Baphomet is also known as the demon of the triangle, and he is sometimes depicted as a creature with three faces. Where did we see another picture like this before? I believe that Q is referring to the photos of Marie-Hélène de Rothschild that were taken at that very famous party in 1972. He posted one of the photos on 4Chan himself. These photos are all over the internet. It appears that they were accidentally published in a book about the most noteworthy high society parties of the 20th century by Prince Jean-Louis De Faucigny-Lucinge. The imagery in those photos is the same as the Beyonce thing….gold, roses, ornate head ornaments…. Beyonce was pregnant at the time of her performance, could there be a connection to the decapitated infant mannequin on the table at the de Rothchild party? I get the feeling that all of this is somehow connected to child sacrifice—which has long been Moloch’s/Baphomet’s preferred method of appeasement. These people are hiding in plain sight with this stuff.


16 October 2016