“Russell-Jay Gould – UPU”


“The UPU and the United Nations are one and the same. the H/Q is Berne Switzerland.”

“Universal Postal Union: Tie that with the CIA in Switzerland and Serco.”

7 Nov 2014

What is the U.P.U?


Dinar Chronicles

Can you explain to me why Mr. Gould isn’t being considered for the 1st Commander in Chief of the US Republic after heroically saving our country from being enslaved by the King of Great Britain indefinitely, once Mr. Gould was able to beat him to the punch on November 2, 1999?

“Due to Int’l Banking Law, the king closed down his post office in the District of Columbia, and VACATED and SURRENDERED the TRUST, he was back-doored by a REAL AMERICAN named Russell-Jay: Gould. He had foreseen the close of the king’s Post Office coming, and secretly legged himself and the entire global government construct into that now newly VACANT and ABANDONED location as the NEW POSTMASTER-GENERAL for the United States of America.”
Read more on this heroic patriot:



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