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NHS in Danger from Cameron and Cronies

The Daily Mirror pointed out in its Jan 28 2011 edition that the Nasty Party were offering private companies £500 million or more than 14 percent of the NHS. This was after two Tory health ministers behind the carve-up apparently … Continue reading

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Looking at Astrology I was just considering the birth and death of Cameron’s first born – Ivan. He was born April 2002 and died Ash Wednesday 2009. Ash Wednesday is linked to Easter. The site I was looking at mentioned that ‘something … Continue reading

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Cameron favours a People’s Bank but not in favour of 1 to 1 Tuition

According to my local ‘Deep Throat’, Mr Cameron has come up with the idea of a People’s Bank. I swear that man is reading my mind. However, his idea of it and my idea of it would be enormously different. … Continue reading

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I have recently been attempting to re-acquaint myself with the gentle art of reading. I looked along the shelf – so much choice, where do I start? I remember I couldn’t complete ‘Crime and Punishment’ last attempt, so steered clear … Continue reading

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Renewing Alliances

Cartoon from Independent 3 Jan 2011 See the one called ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ Christmas was spent getting in touch with long standing friends including those in Germany, Holland and the homeland as well. This has been a joyous time and … Continue reading

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