The Royal Red Dragon Bloodlines Part 1 to 11

Published on 7 May 2009

Lineage and Geneology of the Royal House of Wales; Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and the Red Dragon Blood that flows through their veins. Just how much power does the Queen of England have? How far does it go? To understand the present you must go back through the past.

This video series will show you what you may or may not know. One thing is for sure. This is fascinating.

What do bloodlines have to do with anything?

What does it matter that inner family bloodline marriages happen? It is a common thing in European countries to do so.. so what is the big deal?

Lucis Trust One World Religion 2009 Part 1/2

Published on 4 May 2009

The Lucis Trust is the corner stone for the One World Religion. It is buried in satanism that is associated with Freemasons. Please watch the following videos I have made or am making to see the WHOLE picture of what is going on in this world. If you open your eyes and open your mind — you will see what has been hidden for centuries.

Elaine.Benis.II2 days ago
Bourdains mother was an editor for The New York Times. Hes in one of the bloodlines.


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