“Breaking the Code”

We each have a Star & it’s a beacon

EnterTheStars RELOADED

Fruit = Children; White Glove = Clean Hands; 1 Shoe = Missing Child/Poor Lost Soul; Chicken = Young Boy; 1 Glove = gloves to take kids and not leave prints and kids shoes for missing child.

Bill B-MORE Passmore
if you think about toy story…. its about a cowboy named ‘woody’ who loves being ‘played’ with by his ‘owner’ andy. Infact he must pretend he is simply a toy so that andy can enjoy his playtime and only comes to life when andy is not around. They are essentially trapped in this situation…. but guess what…. it could be worse! Next doors toys are not treated nearly as well, infact they are tortured and chopped into bits. Their owner sid even creates chimeras out of these toys, and threatens to feed them to his dog.
Also a scene that is interesting is when sid burns woodys head, some 3rd eye symbology happening here, is woody now seeing the truth behind his captivity? dipping his head in the milk and shaking off the cheerio glasses to see the real world, or the truth of his situation? Is Sid actually andy without the love googles on?

The whole situation ends up with the toys appreciating their stockholm syndrome and knowing it could be worse, even though they are slaves until their master one day tosses them aside….

Of course there is also the buzz lightyear and space is fake stuff there too, buzz really thought he had been in space and done all these things, when they are obviously inserted memories placed in order to make him believe this, until he realises he cannot fly and simply admits to ‘falling with style’... ‘you are a toy, you cant fly, you are a childs play thing’ then of course pizza planet.

just some thoughts i had. If anyone wants to comment or add to this feel free.

Jennafir Joelli
Shoes are skin(leather) empty of contents.
Each other item in the photo,as props are location or means of end. Sickness can’t help but gloat.
Note bare hands holding directly in some pics.
In ritual,The Slayer gets both shoes bloody.
if you eat at the buffet you only get one shoe, closest to your masters table, bloody.
These imageries are ritual are code are real.

A DINGO ATE MY BABY!! Marina Abramovic vs Lindy Chamberlain (First Satanic Sacrifice?)

Bill Smith
8 August 2018

9 Aug 2018: emerald1one1 (edited)
odd picture or date age etc odd,, you go find a 2 month old that even looks like it can WALK>> wiki(pedia )? gads that can be fed anything.. note of info at base of pages… in the past newspapers were held accountable but wiki ha!  this article aside of the one with a boating harbor name ~! = two separate articles … supposition of coincidences..~! \-/ . the thing with that harbor name = SHE GOT YOU TO LOOK . spec.. go live in that era, with little income and watch little Dorothy with red shoes with the wizard of oz… oh witches & riches & tornadoes of chaos,, media has created many people, worlds & minds.. ~ and it is now education for history via digital is easy to mess with. but the harbor lady name she will find truth someday. and being with hunters about coyotes = your are right. coyotes /dingoes anywhere have their very specific natural way of gathering when they need + for their young .. which you’re right about skull etc ,, that not dingoes or coyotes.. something must of gone on and media couldn’t careless just sales is important … research marshall mcluhan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC3c8UqH-fM this guy please and could give links for many have clips , but when tv /radio got more to have a tv+radio the games seem to escalate , business wise //approx. he noted {{ [the media is IS the MESSAGE a n d the CON tent is the AUDIENCE ] history of all the place he spoke at media love him. education too … you all lucky to find a good library and educated librarian these days = hint to your future in con/tent zone. unless you have skilled knowledge .. or just use the digital stuff no need to even delete , it is all kept anyway but not by any of you... sad for businesses to none of you got secrets , even games are teaching you youth , you just found 2 articles and slam it together … because you read something ,,, and one old news article.. … go find the cops , the whole case , and of course you say just take YOUR WORD FOR IT , and YOUR NOT GOING TO both with your finds.. with the harbor named lady the boomerang on dark base with bright dots ~ / star chart & serpents – Lucifer to that you already know that too, what other interest was your video guiding people to find … do not use 2 separate issues to make your self seem knowledgeable. ps you could even change the data in wiki ,the baby could of got so strong it killed the coyotes dingoes and the child ran away .leaving a distraught mother behind. ~ if following the Q . they do not just put stuff together and want strokes.


Top 10 Famous REPTILIANS

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Except for the Son of God.  That’s just ludricrous.  TPTB wish.