DER Comment: Treating all European citizens free of charge is discriminating against the people who have paid National Insurance contributions all their lives, as is paying benefits to those who have contributed nothing. To be non-discriminatory, perhaps non-British should pay a sum equivalent to National Insurance payments from age 18 before receiving treatment from the NHS or any in-work benefits.

DER Comment: It took centuries for the British culture to develop into a first class nation of people who led the world in many ways. A nation of great humour, great innovators, scientists and more. Our culture is now becoming so watered down with the dross of medieval cultures it will only take decades to destroy it. Well done Blair and well done Cameron!

DER Comment: TB is back again due to uncontrolled mass immigration.
Why anybody would advocate letting hundreds of thousands of migrants enter the country without health checks, criminal record checks, employment suitability etc…. is beyond my understanding.

DER Comment: They also quickly gloss over the birth rate of these , which far out strips our own adding more pressure on ante and postnatal care
Diabetes is costing the country a fortune and constantly growing, they fail to mention its prevalence in immigrants particularly Pakistani and Bangladeshi is over three times higher and also from an earlier age.
We have Tb for the first time in decades. Aids is rife in Africa, polio on the increase in India.
I had the misfortune of visiting Warrington hospital this weekend. I have been in cleaner railway stations.

DER Comment: Professor Dalgleish is right as was Nigel Farage when he said HIV health tourists were bankrupting the NHS.

It’s not just health tourists bankrupting the NHS it’s the millions of economic migrants breeding and bankrupting the country in order to receive social housing and UK citizenship. The only way to stop this cancer is to leave the EU.

DER Comment: Go to any A&E unit and they’re full of east Europeans. My Father-who was 84 at the time- waited nearly three hours to get seen a couple of years back shivering in a hospital gown in the  Liverpool Royal hospital, while mostly east Europeans were treated ahead of him, and wasn’t given so much as a cup of tea. None of the others ahead of him were English either, or English-speaking.. Someone spends  his working life paying into the NHS  is forced to wait behind people who’ve contributed nothing or next to nothing, lapping up the benefits of OUR health service. It’s a disgrace and makes a mockery of our so-called democracy.  We need more high-profile , respectable people  like Dalgleish from within the NHS to add clout to the exit  argument. OUT, OUT, OUT!

DER Comment: If Cameron came out publicly and stated that no free NHS treatment will be given to migrants to Britain until they have paid NI for at least four years, Migrants would not get free NHS treatment.

Many Many Hospital staff do not want to give free medical treatment to benefit migrants, But do not say anything as they may get accused of racism, which could also damage their social status within their environment. That is why we need people in high positions like Professor Angus Dalgleish to state the obvious and show support for their staff. We just need the Prime minister or the Health secretary to also add their support.

Remember, the NHS is not a free service, we the working and retired public, pay for it and always have.

The Foreign aid bill £12,000000000, we give, our money again! ( not the prime ministers or the governments) I assumed was to help sick people in their own lands, Plus all the charity money given by various generous people.

Some agencies should find out where that all ends up, and if it is going to the right places it is/was intended to go to?

DER Comment: I have to say that the NHS does itself no favours. Its admin needs a thorough overhaul top to bottom but the only (business) consultants ever brought in are those already embedded in the NHS. Any other consultancies never make the short list for tendering. (Fact)

A recent medical issue in my mum’s life convinced me that a certain trust department could be scrapped completely with no functional ill-effect – probably 15-20 people on salaries averaging £60,000 pa. Up and down the country that would amass a fair bit of money. But it’ll never happen.

DER Comment:  It’s not just the Cancer wards, my sister is a secretary in one of the NHS baby units and she says they are swamped by birth tourists that come to Britain to have their baby for nothing, then go back home.  She is very angry about it, but they are all heavily censored by sweeping political correctness that forbids them to say anything.

DER Comment:  NHS will collapse for various reasons (the information comes from a senior NHS employee):

First: the increased demand on services posed by the new arrivals.

Second: Reduced efficiency as an increasing number of staff comes from abroad which creates communication problems due to different languages and cultures. Also the new staff need to be brought up to British standards. Some are quick learners others are not (but impossible to get rid off because of political correctness). Also, the new comers of nurses and technicians just do not match the old British breed. A female foreign worker is likely to need more paid sick/maternity leaves.

Third: Migrant patients cost more to treat because they often ask for interpreters and transport and develop new diseases.