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Politicians and Rent Boys – Demmink, Heroin, Pedophile Rings

Top Trumps British Nonces

Pedophilia is a severe mental disorder that is next to impossible to effectively treat as the recidivism rate remains off the charts. Once a pedophile, nearly always a serial pedophile until one gets caught and apprehended. There is no cure. A Massachusetts study confirmed that 56% of those who underwent comprehensive treatment were rearrested for the same crime. Considering that most sex offenders’ crimes don’t even get reported much less the guilty get arrested, pedophiles repeat their crime on average of 13 times before they’re caught. Since their position grants them immunity, those pedophiles in power who avoid arrest and incarceration will only continue committing their serial crimes indefinitely.”

Experiments in Alchemy – The Mega Graph –


‘Uncle’ Ted Beston X BBC.

Ted Beston faces no further police action. Savile victims to sue Duncroft School Charity Tia Sharp murderer gets 38 years!-

Pans_People_Trago Mills Cornwall

Pans People Trago Mills Cornwall.

Lawkes!  Those Beastly beasts are ‘atit’ in full daylight. ‘The Duke of York stayed at the townhouse, just off Central Park, for four days one Christmas. Epstein lent his former wife Sarah Ferguson £15,000 when she got into financial difficulties. Both the Prince and Mandelson know Kazakh socialite and businesswoman


Goga Ashkenazi Jewish Oil and Gas Expert – Oh My!

Goga Ashkenazi: she is alleged to have introduced Andrew to Timur Kulibayev, the man who bought Prince Andrew’s former marital home, Sunninghill, at £3million above the asking price. That’s fifteen million Pounds. Ashkenazi too has multiple entries in the contact file of paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein.’

The Monarch Golden Child: Charlotte Lewis –

John Parratt and Friends - Spinks linked to Dimmink and Dutroux - Guardian article in 2000 describing Spinks’ activity in Holland Chris Denning and Spinks Lambeth Police in ‘the frame’ Mr Bubbles Sydney Irish Examiner examines the Paedo Fallout – 18 May 2013 - Warwick Spink linked to Elm Guest House -03 March 2013 - Ben, a father of two girls in care at OCK Spalier, an institution in Zandvoort Holland, finds out they are being abused Little girl in 2008 asks Dutch shopkeeper in English ‘Do you know where my Mummy is?’ Paedos fighting back with Disinformation Dance School Director in Sydney nabbed Paedo story breaking in Holland - Another victim with revelations  Child in background is being offered to seal the agreement.  They are disgusting. Sri Lanka Hotspot Among those who attended this conference were Mike Griffiths, a member of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party, Lord Falconer, former Lord Chancellor, Siobhan McDonaugh, MP, Simon Hughes, MP, Keith Vaz, MP, and Sir Jimmy Savile. ************ I know its in Sydney, but the meeting to do with something in Sri lLnka, where Matthew Kelly wanders around naked in front of kids, and where the late Arthur C Clarke had a home, a hot bed for child sex. ************* Back from Bilderberg Festival and see Simon Hughes MP being mentioned here. Synchronicity. I met someone there who had close connections to the police and Parliament. He told me that Simon Hughes is well known for bringing young boys into Parliament and that the police have been told not to do anything about it and not to approach him concerning it. Apparently the police are not at all happy about it. So we have Simon Hughes linked to Savile via TOTP and also this Tamil Group and now it appears that Simon also has paedophile tendencies. The tentacles of this are just ever expanding.  Interesting to also see Lord Falconer at the same Tamil meeting, he was trying to push internet censorship. ************** In February 2008, Lord Falconer told a BBC radio program that the government should require certain news articles to be removed from online archives during sensitive trials.[10] This move was questioned as the articles were readily available in printed newspapers and other physical media, presenting a possible misunderstanding of the internet as a medium. William Goad Plymouth businessman and Paedophile is dead but his trail of destruction remains.

Roger Took

Roger Took – Pic DM.

Roger Took probably now dead Douglas Rankin 62 resides in Goa but travels on false passport name David Perez.  Smuggles children to London. – Brother of Peter who took his life in 1994 over the Elm Guest House/Grafton Road Chn Home/Richmond Council/ abuse speaks out Site just called BOO Answer to a Yahoo Q about Savile ‘fixing it’- Brian McGinnis MENCAP adviser and OBE is suspect and still free – 13 Jan 2013 ‘The Mary Moss/ NAYPIC files relating to 27 Rocks Lane, Elm Guest House reveal names of living politicians alleged to have been involved in a padeophile/child abuse pornography ring, people who are still wielding power, along with a High Court Judge and 25 police officers. David Cameron still refuses to meet with her, instead telling her to tell the police perhaps because the notes reveal MI5 were using the guest house to video and blackmail powerful people. I hope the press don’t forget about Savile – if only the press had used their phone hacking and dark arts to catch Savile as opposed to celebrity gossip. If there was ever a time for the press to reveal what they had on Savile (they will have plenty they couldn’t report at the time despite his aggressive litigiousness) it is now – use of the dark arts is not wrong when used to reveal something properly in the public interest. Savile infiltrated every possible network: freemasons, radio, TV, navy/marines (his brothers’ connections too), childrens’ charities, hospitals, parliament. It is entirely within his M.O. that he would have used Satanism/Hell Fire Club rituals to increase his own image of absolute power to his associates. He procured young children from care homes (as reported by his nephew Guy Marsden in October 2012) often accompaniesd by a priest. The more vulnerable and terrified a child is, the more malleable and obedient they will be. Savile’s every waking minute was dedicated to securing access and opportunity to abuse. Keep up the good work The Express and please keep focused on Savile – there is so much more to reveal about who he was affiliated with and who he worked for. “This country will never know what you have done for it Jimmy.” Let’s make sure it does, and under whose orders.’ Prince Charles.


Colin Tucker

Birmingham City Council, Can you please conform whether you were aware of the concerns relating to Sandwell MBC Children’s Services at the time you appointed Mr Colin Tucker – paid off 2011 – In 2001 associated with paedo David Christie of Terre des Hommes in Ethiopia



Chris Denning arrest 6 June 2013 in raid on East London Hostel -

Howard Kruger – Elm Street Group Founder / CEO – Indecent assault on 6 year old.

Howard Kruger has more than 34 years experience in the international entertainment business spanning all aspects of music, sport and production. He is acknowledged as a successful, independent entrepreneur within the independent music and entertainment business as well as the wider business community. Howard’s music experience encompasses establishing record labels, record sales, publishing, licensing, production, promotion, management, and contracting and concert promotion. In sports his experience includes sponsorship, TV, event and personality management.


Demmink.  “A man named Frank Leenders came forward as a witness and victim. “He said Demmink had been present during the filming of a porn movie in the Czech Republic where a child  died as a result of penetration with a dildo.”

An Amsterdam university professor was a pimp with a prolific elite pedo ring to which Joris Demmink also belonged – Demmink was the justice minister in Holland, roughly the equivalent to Eric Holder in the US. Demmink is linked to the sadistic rape and snuff murder of 2 boys – one in Prague and one on a yacht. Video footage allegedly exists.

There are also numerous victims in Turkey, a country which Demmink, while on the job, visited frequently for decades for the purpose of raping easily available street boys. For many years, attempts were made in several countries to bring him to justice but the problem was – he was the highest man of justice in the Netherlands. Demmink finally fell from grace and resigned in October of 2012 and his boss, the pedo-ring-protecting Queen Beatrix fell shortly thereafter. Pedophilia is not unique to any one country but instead is endemic to all institutions of power in the western world. Currently, there are several large pedo rings in the UK under investigation, all of which connect to top UK politicians and the royals themselves – more info can be found by googling them individually under the names of North Wales foster homes pedo ring, the child rape and killing fields of Guernsey and Jersey islands, the Elm House pedo ring in London are examples of pedo rings serving politicians, the ruling elite and celebs in the UK.” 16 Feb 2013 ‘About Warwick Spinks (1). According to our sources, this international welingevoerde kindervriend have worked for MI5. Eastern European as agent in rope in the days of the Iron Lady That cloak and dagger career would have ended when he Joris D. and his dear friend Harry invited for a trip to London to welcome them there including a tuft of fresh meat. Just when the supreme moment came in sight knocked a mustache hum of the Metropolitan on the door. Harry could just save through the ensuitedeur but George would prick been and gone. On the receipt Well MI5 would have still ensured that this coupon to Interpol under the pile disappeared, but Spinks was passe. He moved to the Netherlands and lived for a while with a journalist. Who unfortunately could not keep his waffle about Warwick’s children and the British piece of shit was forced to depart even further. Bucharest and Prague. Since then he accompanies it diligently foreign investors without forgetting himself and he receives from time to time acquaintances from the good old days. Also Dutch. What will change anyway? No Balli. Stay tuned. 1. See ” Estoril to Zandvoort “(55) dd.22 last June”‘. In August 1964, Maurits (“Maup”) Caransa opened his illegal casino in the Badhotel in Zandvoort, Amsterdam’s seaside resort. In September 1964 he was investigated by the prosecutor’s office, for exploitation of the hazard game in his hotel. In first instance he was acquitted by the court, but after the prosecution appealed, the manager, not Caransa, was fined 25 guilders (two pounds sixpence in those days). Maup Caransa was of Sephardic Jewish descent, and he made his first fortune right after WWII, selling parts of American and British military cars that were left behind after the war. He invested his money in real estate, and owned Amsterdam’s most famous hotels: Amstel Hotel, Doelen Hotel, Schiller Hotel, Hotel American, etc. He also owned most of the restaurants and bars in the Rembrandt Square. Not all of them, because he didn’t want to be an “absolute ruler”, as he once said. Maup Caransa was also the main financier of Zwarte Jopie. “Hey, I’m not Caransa!” is still an Amsterdam saying, meaning “I’m not made of money”. Maup Caransa died on August 6, 2009. Since 1990 his real estate empire is managed by his grandsons Maurits and Salomon.

Leo Abse

Leo Abse – The Tap.

Leo Abse – Comment:  The MP Gerald Nabarro, was a flamboyant Jew, who got his secretary to take the blame for his driving offence, a sunday newspaper for which I worked at the time did some undercover reporting and discovered Nabarro, Grevile Janner and their freind Leo Abse were abusing young boys in Barnados homes. Leo Abse was a solicitor with big Rothschilds backing. The article never ran and all received a grovelling apology with an out of court settlement. There was no doubt in the editor’s mind all were guilty. Anna Tapsell and DCI Driscoll were trying to open up the issue of paedos in Parliament and abuse in Lambeth.  Both have been prevented from going further

Fox Island

Fox Island Lighthouse.

US Bloggers investigate ‘Fox Island’ and ‘hunting’ - Francis D. Shelden (Frank Torey) was a member of the Algar Sheldon family in Bloomfield Hills.  He owned North Fox Island where boys were abused via a ‘youth camp’ he set up there.  “He attended Cranbrook Institute in Bloomfield Hills and graduated from Yale“.  He fled to the Netherlands from the US after being accused of sex with 10 year old on Fox Island.  Died July 1 1996 age 68???  Never extradited for crimes??? Chris Busch (died at 27) was part of the ring – ‘Busch was sent away to a boarding school in Switzerland.  As a high-ranking GM executive, Busch’s father, accompanied by his wife, traveled extensively throughout Europe for long periods. Former neighbors confirm the parents were rarely at the home on Morningview.’ Where is the killer?  ‘Why hasn’t the killer struck again?  Authorities admit that of the dozens of theories, one is as good as another.  But Koenig has a new theory–a long shot, he admits, to what happened to the killer.  ’What if the killer is from a very wealthy family,’ he said.  ’Suppose the parents discover their son is the killer and send him off to Europe for psychiatric treatment.  The family name is spared, their son is receiving treatment, and they are sure no one else will be killed.  They can live with that.’’ beyz[1]Peter Lamborn Wilson – ‘The name Lamborn is rare in New York, and it is where the Sugar industry magnate Ody Lamborn died in 1971. It’s been my impression that Hakim Bey’s trust fund was originally earned by tormented labourers on sugar plantations.’  He wrote paedo poetry and dedicated a piece to Francis Sheldon.

Paul Henry Dean

Paul Henry Dean Australian from Bunbury now based in India as ‘Dr Pervi Raj’

Paul Henry Dean still at large - (linked to Fox Island as ‘Brother Paul’s Mission’) Australia seeks extradition 2010 - p pervi raj, known as “tatagaru” in 2001  How many times have authorities had the chance and failed to bring this animal to justice? 1977, 2001, 2008 – at least three chances and at least three times he’s done a runner.

Yondotega Club

Yondotega Club.

Detroit Clubhouses - They LOVE their clubs. /id6.html%2Byondotega+club+russell+alger&hl=en-GB&gbv=2&ct=clnk


Graham Day ExBBC

ExBBC Editor Graham Day - The cult behind the paedophile sex ring is called Scorpio.  Savile was a Scorpio.  October 31, 1926.  Kids are given unique numerical IDs by the cult.  Scorpio Lnd based in South Norwood and Crystal Palace area but also East London.  ‘The London Fund’ handles the money?  Ref Chasing Satan by Dianne Core. ‘Norwood has links not only to Scorpio, but to Savile, The Rothschilds, Stella Rimington, police corruption, Care Home Abuse and a famous charity who’s patron is the Queen.’ In 1860 Barnett and Isabella Meyers presented the Jews’ Hospital with eight acres of land in West Norwood, and a building to accommodate 220 children was erected. Sir Anthony Rothschild laid the foundation stone in 1861.” This became Norwood Charity which merged with Berkshire-based Ravenswood. Norwood’s Patron is HM The Queen and its Patron of Children’s Services is Cherie Blair. The charity’s celebrity supporters include Simon Cowell, Elton John, David Furnish, Sir Philip Green, Bernie Ecclestone, Roger Daltrey, Theo Paphitis, Tom Conti and Piers Morgan.  More oddballs than you can poke a stick at. ‘Ted Heath was not only feasting on little boys brought to his yacht by Savile, but murdering them. Slitting their throat was his preferred method. And he kept a ledger. Just like some people keep a note of every book they’ve ever read, he kept detailed records of the children he murdered. HE QUESTIONED THEM FIRST, so he could make notes. What do you do with that knowledge??????’ ‘The Judge at the Kasir trial was Tudor – Price. He was also the Judge at the Brinks Mat Bullion case – the establishment’s go to guy? He’s dead now.’ Advice from a Survivor for all of us fighting this unjust system – ‘And as for compensation.  Its not their money its just ‘the’ money. These institutions are capitalist the only way they can be hurt is financially   In the unlikely event, whenever it is possible take them and everyone they know for as much as you can get.  Give it to charities  research, refuges, whatever if you dont want it or cant keep it.  Money is power, the rich can only treat the vulnerable like that because they rich and well connected and the vulnerable are not.  Our bodies, our skills, our intellects were used against us for the pleasure and profits of others, recognise your value and take the money back. ‘

The Needle Blogsite -  More Elm stuff and a Blogsite called Daffodil Rites by a Savile Survivor. Sarah’s Painting Forum - Aust Paedo Is Unrepentent


Venebales drew this called ‘My Father’s House‘ shortly before the James Bulger murder.

So he got the idea all by himself did he says AanGirfan  – A former Jersey Centenier has been found guilty of child sex abuse.

Mauger Jersey

RC Mauger Jersey.

The jury found 77-year-old Ralph Cyril Mauger guilty of five of the eight charges – guilty of the indecent assault of three girls.  He had been chosen as an Olympic ‘Torch Bearer’. Peter Hetherington at Great North Radio used a position of trust to gain access to young boys for the purpose of abusing them.

Peter Hetherington Great North Radio

Peter Hetherington of Great North Radio.

Twitter Message Hetherington Savile

Twitter Message about Hetherington.

And another one from Oldbury.


Nicholas Beaumont-Dark

Son of former Birmingham Conservative MP Sir Anthony Beaumont-Dark sentenced for downloading child porn ‘Eric Marques based in Dublin, is alleged to be behind Freedom Hosting, a major hidden services hosting provider, Arstechnica reported.  Freedom Hosting was one of a number of hosting providers specializing in hidden services. The business — which is in no way connected to the Tor Project — allegedly hosts child pornography sites, as well as sites that allowed pornography traffickers to post their links for distribution, Arstechnica reported.


Stuart Hall X BBC.

Smith 66

David Smith Driver for Celebs

Tom Pendry

Tom Pendry – probably Hall’s associate.

‘PERVERT telly star Stuart Hall was a member of a paedophile group including a member of the House of Lords, one of his victims has claimed.’  ‘The peer who was Hall’s friend, the spies who abused Kincora boys, and the MPs who tried to normalise paedophilia academically.’  I expect Mr Smith knows a thing or two about what went on.

Eoin Margues Dublin

Eric Eoin Marques Dublin.

‘Freedom Hosting was brought to the public’s attention in October 2011 after the hacking collective Anonymous shut down the largest host of such illegal material on the Web.’ ‘There is a link between Tom Pendry and Elm House.  Pendry’s friend and “pair” in Westminster was the deceased M.P. Michael Shersby :- Comment:  The close friend of them all was the Tameside Council leader R.Oldham a mastermind of deception and avoidance. Dead for 2 years his tentacles were everywhere and still active within the corrupt sleazy Labour Council for 26 years.  They have been are immune regardless of the known trtuth in Tameside and the blame rests firmly on Blair who knew exactly what was going on.  Yet the filth and shite get rewards courtesy of their large despot cartel.  In 1995 the Labour controlled Tameside metropolitan borough council, the Local Authority which had administered the area covered by the Stalybridge and Hyde constituency since 1974, made Pendry an honorary Freeman of the borough. At the same time, the council granted him the Lordship of the Manor of Mottram in Longdendale. Tameside Council have named part of Trinity Street in front of the old Stalybridge market hall, Lord Pendry Square.[3] Stalybridge Celtic have named one of their stands The Lord Tom Pendry Stand.[4]  The Council leader lived in Mottram and gave Council funds to Stalybridge Celtic,its awash with incidents yet Governments  have ignored the supplied facts.  Time to destroy the vermin in our midst Zandvoort fichier – Jonathan King & the Walton Hop paedophile ring  Hmmm interesting psychological aspects to the way these people operated.  Use of survey forms to understand their targets’ interests etc.  Jon Ronson did a good job. 

Paul Cullen

Paul Cullen Cardinal Keith O'Brien (A)-1740508.png Leon Brittan

Martin Rothschild

Martin Rothschild

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – Prominent attorney Martin Rothschild has pleaded guilty to promoting a sexual performance by a child. He could face up to seven years in prison; and will be sentenced to at least three years in prison.  He will also need to register as a sex offender.  Law enforcement agents were tipped off in August 2012 by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. In February, State Police and other law enforcement agents searched Rothschild’s office and home.  Police were seen carrying computers and computer equipment out of the town of DeWitt attorney’s office on Bridge Street. “The images that were downloaded – obviously I won’t go into the nature of them other than to say that they were prepubescent children performing sexual acts on adults – these are images of real children and some of them even can be identified,” District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick said. According to the District Attorney’s office, Rothschild had a program on his computer that made it difficult for them to access the files containing child pornography.  “Mr. Rothschild employed a sophisticated erasure program that made it difficult, but not impossible, to bring him to justice,” Fitzpatrick said.


Larry Parnes

‘Thank Your Lucky Stars links Savile to Larry Parnes and also early Alan Fluff Freeman as one of the producers of that show – I know Larry Parnes has come up before but I think his association with Savile during the 1950s is still very hidden from view.’ Jon Ronson 2001 – “One day during the trial, I hear a story about Larry Parnes, Britain’s first pop mogul. He discovered Tommy Steele and Marty Wilde. Like many of the great British impresarios back then, he based his business judgements on his sexual tastes. “If I am attracted to Tommy Steele,” he would tell his associates, “teenage girls will be, too.” Parnes’s West End flat was often full of teenage boys hoping to be chosen as his next stars. If he liked the look of them, he’d give them a clean white T-shirt. Once he’d had sex with them, he’d make them take off the white T-shirt and put on a black one.”

Peter Dolphin

Peter Dolphin

Died 2009 – ‘His jovial face was well known in Boulogne – remembered especially behind his booth at the Auchan gallery. Peter Dolphin took advantage of his reputation with the British to guide their purchases in Boulogne.  A native of Birmingham, Peter Dolphin was a familiar face to the English. He had indeed played roles in TV series such as Crossroads, Coronation Street or Eastenders.’  He settled in France in 1992.  Mary MossPeter Dolphin – p/t actor “Nasty piece of work this. Reputation as child molester….”

Australian artist Rolf Harris shows off

Australian artist Rolf Harris.

Rolf Harris is to be charged with nine counts of indecent assault and four counts of making indecent images of a child. The 83-year-old is accused of the offences between 1980 and 1986 relating to two alleged victims, who were aged 14 and 15 at the time, the Crown Prosecution Service said.  The charges that he faces are:: Six counts of indecent assault relating to a girl aged between 15 and 16, from 1980 to 1981; :: Three offences of indecent assault relating to a girl aged 14, in 1986; :: Four offences of making indecent images of a child between March and July 2012. Known about for 30 years.  Crimestoppers is a FRONT probally run by MI5.  Childline and NSPCC (with the Royal Charter) are both FRONTS also.

Tory Paedos

Spivey asks well? Name names Val.

30 August 2013 – ‘Val McDermaid became party to reports of the abuse that had carried out while she was working as a reporter for The People newspaper, along with similar claims being made against Sir Cyril Smith and a leading Conservative politician who is still alive.’  VAL McDERMID believes the political establishment are hiding paedophiles and sex offenders within their ranks as the police target historical sex crimes allegedly committed by celebrities. Spivey says – ‘Indeed, it is because of the likes of Val McVermin, Eggwina Currie and Esther ‘boo fucking hoo’ Rantzen that these vile nonce cunt MP’s & Lords have not only got away with it for the past 80 years or so; they are still allowing them to get away with it today.’


Woody Allen.

‘On another occasion, Ms. Farrow said, Dylan locked herself in the bathroom for four hours after Mr. Allen showed up, refusing to come out until Mr. Allen instructed her baby sitter to pick the lock with a wire coat hanger. Ms. Farrow described what she considered “this very needy quality he had of beseeching her attention, praising her to the point that she was immobilized.”’ Comment on Spivey’s Article:  ‘Great article Chris. Yes, Woody Allen is a disgusting piece of crap alright. Of course there is a reason that our ‘newspapers’ are sympathetic to paedophilia; it is because thay are ALL owned by the Rothschild family. They might put some-one at the helm (such as Murdoch) but they are the ones who give the orders. There has been an elitist plot for many years now to promote paedophilia as simply another form of sexual expression. However, even these monsters who rule us know that this is not going to be easy because they know that most of the ‘sheeple (as they refer to us) are horrified by paedophilia. However they will not let a little thing like that stop them. If they can not get us to willingly accept this horror, they will simply do what they always do; force it upon us. I can see that in the -not-too-distant future the age of consent in this country will be abolished, as it will in America, Canada, and the rest of Europe. They want the minds and bodies of our kids, that is why Western culture has become bombarded with sexual imagery. Not only in a subliminal way (as in Walt Disney) but in a blatant way. It is everywhere. In the music our kids listen to, on television, in films, newspapers, magazines. Even the clothes our kids wear have not escaped the poison of these satanic rulers. I have seen little girls dressed like mini prostitutes. They want our kids to engage in sex at a younger and younger age. They want to totally corrupt our kids minds. Paedophilia is the glue that holds the satanic establishment together. They engage in this behaviour because of who they worship: Lucifer. Satanists believe that the sex act creates a very powerful energy, which greatly strengthens both Lucifer and those who worship him. These sickos believe that the most potent ‘sex magick’ of all (this is what they call it) is sex with kids. Now you can see why they are intent in turning the world in to a paedo paradise. Of course this isn’t the only reason that they indulge in this evil; our satanic establishment ENJOY raping children. It is the same with blood. They believe that blood-letting in the name of Lucifer gives him (and themselves) great power. That is why many rape-murders are the work of satanists. Very often an innocent ‘patsy’ will be arrested and framed by corrupt police and sentenced by a corrupt judge. They have it all sewn up. There are Police chiefs, Judges, and Lawyers who are part and parcel of our evil establishment. In fact, it is IMPOSSIBLE to rise to the top of the political, Judicial or police hierarchy unless you are ‘one of the team’. Satanic murders are ALWAYS horrific in nature; of course there is NEVER a GOOD murder, but in satanic killings, the unfortunate victim suffers unbelievably. Very often decapitation figures strongly in satanic crime. It has something to do with empowering Lucifer. I believe in the phrase ‘know thine enemy’ and that is why I have done some research in to the satanic beliefs and rituals that those sick bastards who rule us get up to. There are times when what I have discovered has made me feel ill. But I would rather know what we are up against than to be a brain-dead zombie who refuses to see the truth.’  Amen to that sister. 28 June 2013 reports on ritual abuse Scotland. SRA Scotland Part 1 - Satanic Ritual Abuse Scotland Part 2 SRA Scotland Part 3 - Book Behind Enemy Lines. Rob Newman’s ‘Jarvis’

Picture by Mark Richards-BA pilot, Simon Wood kills himself after being accused of molesting girls in Kenya

Simon Wood now dead.

Simon Wood British Airways Simon Wood Worked For Jeremy Hunt’s Hotcourses Foundation Savile Royals Vatican


Marcel Gazelle – Pianist who died in 1969, helped to found Yehudi Menuhin School of Music where Nigel Kennedy studied.

‘Star violinist Nigel Kennedy has claimed children were subjected to sexual abuse at the elite music school he attended in Surrey. Mr Kennedy has said he knew Marcel Gazelle – the founding music director of the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin School – was a ‘repeat offender’, amid accusations the deceased pianist abused pupils as young as 10 during the 1960s.’

  • The Paedo Modus Operandi of throwing out a ‘lure‘ – ‘Derek Sear, 50 – a friend of the Del Boy star for 25 years – and Albert Tarnow, 56, lured the two victims to the actor’s former home in Aylesbury, Bucks, by boasting of their connection with David Jason.’
  • High Level Protection of Brothels – ‘Anonymous said… a pal of mine was studying at cheltenham college a few doors along from Fred West, he said everyone knew about the sex parties, and when the music was going he could not sleep and would watch out the window, he saw social workers police allsorts going in, homosexual thursdays was packed out, taxis would bring young boys, from whre he could never find out.’
  • ‘Years back there was a british left wing newspaper called the Daily Herald, my grandfather was asistant editor and he told us that they went to do a story on an old lady’s dog that was a claimed 26 years old, while there, they herad muffled screams next door.  On investigating this house which was supposed to be a delinquent boys home for orphans, they found it was a boys brothel where important people went for some “recreational buggery” As the police said, they could do nothing as it was protected by the Queen’s art historian Anthony Blunt.’
Daniel Delaney

Daniel Delaney ‘He was described as a ‘ringleader’ of the paedo gang by Judge Henry Pownall QC.’ Police called him ‘the lieutenant’??? BBC ‘Drama’ named  ‘Care’ was based on Real People – ‘It went on to win a series of international awards including the Cologne International film festival gold for the best single drama, a BAFTA award and the Prix Italia in Bologna in 2001. The film was the product of strong cooperation between the news and drama departments of BBC Wales. What the BBC did not reveal, however, was that the the characters in the drama were based on real people.’ Nofthe WThat 700 Page Surrey Police Dossier which reads like a Perverts Who’s Who?  Sure would like to take a butcher’s at that.  Can’t find it – twitter link deleted.  See Elm Guest House List for a bit more info from defunct News of the World. The Tap wades in -

Paedo Diagram

Paedo Diagram Knox Cunningham and Kincora and ‘Miranda’ of Fettes Good Info here - Oyston’s Magazine – Bourhill, Roache and Hall - The Slog – ‘The previous police operations of: Algebra, Alpine, Appal, Arundel, Artemis, Bullfinch, Camel, Captura, Care, Cathedral, Cleopatra, Crossbow, Doorknock, Douglas, Fairbank, Fernbridge, Glenlivet, Globe, Goldfish, Grand Canal, Granite, Hedgerow, Kern, Landmark, Magenta, Mansfield, Montreal, Ore, Ornament, Overview, Pallial, Phoenix, Planet, Racecourse, Rescue, Rectangle, Retriever, Ribbon, Rose, Span, Starlight, Tempsford, Tharsley, Triumph and Yewtree all failed to expose organised paedophilia’

Tom Pendry

Tom Pendry -Labour House of Lords. Chatterbox says‘Tom Pendry was not only a friend of Stuart Hall but also the convicted rapist Owen Oysten. Pendry is or was a major shareholder in ‘Oysten Steel Estates’ a property development company owned by Owen Oysten, which had an office in Marbella, Spain. Another friend of these two, was Roy Oldham, the freemason and former Labour leader of TMBC.’ Harrowing Account – Naypic + Greenwich Secret Doc. 3 different time/date stamped member lists for 1001 club in Filing Cabinet under “1001 Club” Churchill and Chaplin have both been to Bohemian Grove. There’s also this :- “While undergoing a cataract operation, [Anthony] Blunt “blurted out to the surgeon accusations about the comedy actor Charlie Chaplin being blackmailed into being a top A.I.P (agent in place) for the Jewish underground, under threat of exposure about his tastes in underage girls”

Since we like to know ‘WHOSE WHO’ (and it might come in useful at some point) Lord Falconer, as Lord Chancellor, made ANTHONY RUSSELL A CIRCUIT JUDGE IN 2004, being fully aware of Russell’s past history and the gay sauna episode.…=feeds-newsxml Lord Falconer became a flatmate of Tony Blair when they were both young barristers in London in the late 1970′s in Wandsworth. Tony Blair (Miranda) is the Prime Minister that invented adoption targets and stated the adoption of children needed to be increased by 50 %. Lord Falconer also made the headlines by defending a judge who had given a non custodial sentence to a paedophile. Lord Falconer seems to be very leniant in his views regarding peadophiles and endorses the work of ’pro paedophile’ psychologist Richard Gardner in the family courts.…ption-targets/

‘Labour25 paedophile Councillor John Friary had been on many campaigns with Harriet Harman who was a member of the organisation ‘PIE’ (paedophile information exchange) an organisation for the welfare of paedophiles which tries to abolish the age of consent, and ‘water-down’ child pornography laws ”as long as the child isn’t hurt it’s ok” she once quoted.’ Because the police are not DOING their job a vigilante group called LetsGoHunting, a UK group in Leicester, based on the US model has been trapping people who are trying to lure children by pretending to be children in chatrooms and then filming the confrontation. One of their Vids - imagine Ken Clarke he wouldn’t be able to ‘leg it’ like this chap.

Peter Morrison aide to Thatcher

Peter Morrison aide to Thatcher.

The Tories have known about him for ages.–Hague-known.html Interesting ‘Comments’ section.

Michael Shrimpton talks about Ted Heath. Geoffrey Leonard – proud of his actions and takes pleasure in taking ‘A Current Affair’ to his victims’ house – ‘I’m not sorry for what I did’ he said.  Victims have had to move away to get away from him.  He’s written books on the subject and they are in the National Library Of Australia!

David Fletcher

David Fletcher – Thailand.

‘Fletcher, once jailed in Britain for 18 months for having sex with a 15-year-old girl and filming the crime, ran a “charity” in Cambodia called the Rubbish Dump Project.’

Michael Souter

Michael Souter X BBC

‘Souter, 60, of Low Bungay Road, Loddon, is on trial after denying 19 counts of historic child sex abuse. The charges relate to seven different boys aged between 11 and 16 and are said to have happened between 1979 and 1999. He also denies nine counts of making and possessing indecent images of children.’ /former_bbc_presenter_michael_souter

Derek Osborne LibDem Councillor

Derek Osborne LibDem

Souter Update Oct 2013 - ‘Derek Osbourne faces prison after pleading guilty to possessing and distributing more than 5,000 indecent images of children, including 50 in the most extreme category possible. Another LibDem guilty of sex crimes, who’d have thought it. Guido hears there is more to come out with this one. Any statement from party HQ will have to be worded very carefully…’

Sonia Poulton’s List of 132 shameless establishment sex offenders – ‘Tory MP Rob Wilson was on Sky News appearing to laugh off Watson’s claims.  Laughed did he?  Bit of a nervous laugh I expect. This cannot go on. It was these sorts of hasty dismissals that helped Savile get away with it. People laughed it off and claimed “nutters” were saying it. Well I can tell Mr Cameron that this claim is not sensational, anything but. In fact Tom Watson has barely scratched the surface. I have compiled a list of 132 ­utterly shameless establishment child abusers. These include MPs, lords and local councillors. A ­similar list for members of Her Majesty’s Constabulary exists. More at AanGirfan

DandoJill Dando murdered by the State to keep lid on elite paedophile Ring-

‘The brutal murder of Jill Dando was ordered by the highest echelons of British society once it became clear that she had evidence of a paedophile ring at the heart of the BBC and was about to expose it. Jill Dando was shot at point-blank range in the head to silence her and also to serve as a warning to other journalists to keep their mouths shut. We now know that child-rapist DJ Jimmy Savile had been abusing and procuring children at the BBC for decades.’

Ovenden Hands in air

Ovenden – Hands in the air,

Ovenden given two years Eric Pickles told an abuse victim to adjust her medication.  She said she was not on medication but he should be.


Colin Batley

11 March 2011

Bishop Peter Ball C of E

Bishop Peter Ball C of E–80-arrested-child-sex-abuse-allegations-Diocese.html Further Info at - Children Under Attack -

Simeon Osen

Simeon Osen

Simeon Osen, 52, of Forest Lane in Chigwell, pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a girl aged between 13 and 17, three counts of making indecent images of a child and two counts of possessing extreme pornography.’ a_monster_dressed_as_an honourable_man_/

16 Nov 2012

Waterhouse Inquiry blocked HTV showing new abuse claims – evidence for 30 years authorities didn’t want to hear. Google ‘The Murder of Daniel Handley’ and get –

D Hamilton Grant The Needle

David Hamilton Grant

Last known whereabouts Turkey/Cyprus.  Child Porn Cinematographer and Snuff movie maker. ‘The Sun newspaper alleged that Grant had been a drug dealer, and had also “corrupted thousands of children”, during his time in Cyprus.’ He would now be 77 if the rumours are true that he didn’t die in a ‘contract killing’ in 1991.

Rupert massey Showbiz Lawyer

Rupert Massey Showbiz Lawyer


dhg later in life.

‘Mark Eadie spoke out when  jailed Rupert Massey planned an appeal against his conviction  for 16 indecent assaults. The ex-actor, who has fought depression and a breakdown, was too ill to testify against Massey at the trial in Wolverhampton.’ ‘Massy is  part of an Elite Paedophile Ring  connected to the BBC, the Police and Jimmy  Savile  which is  currently under investigation,  Will he be interviewed about his buddies?’

Peter Mandelson had ten entires in convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s phone/address book

Threats to the Global Trading System had_ten_entires_in_convicted_paedophile Jeffrey_Epstein%27s_phoneaddress book/22906/0/38/38/Y/M.html derek slade

GovWatch noticed mention of Alinsky as well.  Inserted for those not aware of Alinsky.

‘Inspiration ————–!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saul Alinsky: seeing injustice and striking at it with a hot passion.. Having an unreserved confidence in one’s ability to do what he believes must be done and accept, without fear or worry, that the odds are always against him.. He is a doer and does. The thought of copping out never stays with him for more than a fleeting moment; life is action; More Alinsky…. Change coming from power and power coming from organisation. In order to act people must get together ….much of the organisers work is in painting a tiny leaf but what keeps him going is vision of a great mural where other artists organisers- are painting their bits and each piece is essential to the total Alinsky S (1971) Rules for Radicals Child protection warriors (Frampton)

Saul Alinsky – Marxist – Common Purpose mantra Aleister Crowley followers have a high regard for Saul Alinsky “Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.” ― Saul D. Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals

  • Waterhouse Whitewash

Des Frost, the Deputy Manager at Bryn Alyn Care Home, spoke to a journalist at HTV News (which is now ITV Wales News) about the allegations. But the Waterhouse Inquiry which was investigating child abuse claims in North Wales at the time threatened the broadcaster with an injunction if the interview was used, saying it would be in contempt. It never called Des Frost as a witness.’

Simon Warr Holbrook Suffolk

Simon Warr Holbrook School Suffolk.

September 10, 2013 Holbrook teacher and media personality Simon Warr charged with a total of seven sex offences against three schoolboys. Suffolk Links St George’s, Oakwood, Stowmarket and Kesgrave Hall. It is believed the pedophile rings of all 3 boarding schools are connected and linked to Islington and Elm Guest House. ______________ There are 2 references to Kesgrave School in the Elm documents, and Suffolk is mentioned specifically.


Eileen Fairweather – Journalist.

- ‘I have known about Jersey paedophile network for 15 years’.

Ex-teacher Gilbart Smith showered in petrol

Denham Gilbert Smith – a Lloyds ‘Name’

Green Field House Maidenhead Berkshire – Notorious abuse by City Bankers.

Tony_Knott Paedophile Photographer

Tony Knott – Paedophile Photographer.

Mr Gilbert Smith sold two properties from the family portfolio and settled with an Insurance Company which had paid out the compensation for the abuse at Greenfield House and which was seeking to recover their costs from Gilbert Smith. It appears that Mr Gilbert Smith had an interesting ‘friend’.  The children were ‘loaned out’ for abuse from Greenfields as far afield as Leicester, London, Cambridge and Reading.  And it looks like they were filmed etc as well.


John Stingemore – X Richmond Council. ‘John Stingemore was the Deputy officer in charge at Grafton Close from 1979 to 1981. Charged 22 July 2013 – The Southwark Crown Court 18 September 2013.  Flippin what next? Terry Earland Head of Richmond Social Services did nothing for 30 years.  Berko Blogger takes up the story. 27 April 2013 The Mirror – ‘Exaro showed the record to Terry Earland, Richmond’s then director of children’s services. He said it was ­“pretty unusual” for the head of social services to pull a file on a boy after he had left the council’s care. Louis Minster declined to comment.’


Baroness Tonge

March 2013 Loads of amnesia – Jenny Tonge was briefed by Earland apparently. However, ‘In October, 2000, we started a series of correspondence with Mr Terry Earland (Social Services Director for the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames) advising him that we had evidence suggesting that his local authority had provided wrong evidence to a court and, that as a result, a young child had been wrongly taken into care. We said, if we were right, it would be Mr Earland’s responsibility to put matters right as quickly as possible and to return the child to its parents without delay. We asked Mr Earland to conduct an internal enquiry straight away. Mr Earland refused, saying the family would have to pursue the matter through the courts (which will take several months). We replied, telling Mr Earland that it would not be in the child’s interests to remain in care when, with Mr Earland’s cooperation, he could probably be returned to his parents within just a few days. We also reminded Mr Earland that by forcing our client to go through the courts he was, in fact, forcing the taxpayer to pay the huge costs involved – costs that could probably be avoided if only he would cooperate. Mr Earland has again refused to conduct an internal enquiry and the child will now remain in the care of the local authority until the court hears the case in several months time. Mr Earland has also said he can see no point in maintaining contact with us. So now you know. Mr Terry Earland – director of social services for the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames has not the slightest intention of doing anything that might re-unite a loving family quickly, or that might save the taxpayer several thousands of pounds. Could it just be that Mr Earland is afraid of exposing skulduggery within his own social services department which, in turn, could lead to allegations of his own incompetence?

Neil Kier now at Truro Cornwall

Neil Kier X Grafton Close now in Truro Cornwall working with Autistic children. Watch Out!  He’s not dead.

My feelings are, if Mr Earland wants to avoid exposure, he has a much better chance of doing this by insisting that the courts be involved, for I have yet to know of a Family Court judge who is capable of recognising skulduggery when he sees it. Never mind. The National Child Rescue Organisation is investigating this case and, if there is skulduggery to expose, we will do our best to expose it – and, of course, the names of the people who are involved. Gerry Howard – 22/12/2000′ Earland working in Lincolnshire as a Consultant now GovWatch believes. Also on Twitter - Bob Chewter ‏@bobchewie 18 Oct @davidhencke david i have brixton story stuff happening also think maybe snuff vids to do with EGH.. Clegg in Sex Scandal - Comment:  ‘I knew social workers who were shouting about boys being forced into sex acts with old homosexuals years back, they went to police rang the NSPCC told lots of people nothing was done.  Elm Guest House was connected with West Lynn children’s home and a gay men’s club in South London, Savile went there.’ Comment:  ‘Police and Justice again being exposed as the ruling Mafia’s executive arm.’ The Needle features more of the Central Players at EGH. Where are they now?  Hmmm Les Français sont choqués par l’histoire d’ Elm maison d’hôtes - A translation is at GoogleLaw Comment:  ‘For me, I thought that child abuse was confined to a few dirty raincoat individuals who perhaps had some of their own bad experiences. I now understand that this trade in children is an international and lucrative business for facilitators/distributors and purveyors – and a possible death sentence for many children, both physically, mentally and spiritually. The numbers of abusers staggers me – from the dark occult practioners, via the networks, organisations, clubs and cults thro to the individual lone perp.’  GovWatch in much the same position.  Staggered by the scale of it. Oh My – ‘The Holloway family who were in business with Reuben Sturman who in turn had business links with the Gambinos were led by Ben Holloway. His sons are still heavily involved specialising in gay and S/M. Mention of a boat.…20porn&f=false’ Comment:  ‘The Holterman Yachting connection - Lordy The important thing is that the Elm Guest House in Barnes paedophile ring spread it’s tentacles (I preferred the original testicles!!!) out to W Germany, Turkey and Amsterdam.’ GovWatch believes that there is a lot of ‘action’ in East European countries like Montenegro, Moldova etc to soften up the populations towards deviant lifestyles. Rochdale

peter righton

Peter Righton – Camber Sands Outings from Redhill.

Peter Righton Peter Righton had links to Thatcher’s administration. After Dark Discussion  Courtesy TheNeedle Blogspot

Pedo Links – Cameron, Clarke, Webber, Esther Rantzen, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, Blair, Queen  Oh Dear another link not working.  My we ARE sensitive aren’t we Dave. Look Dave and Ken the whole b***** InternetWork knows by now.  Why don’t you just admit it.  Where’s that chutzpah?  After all you ARE the chosen ones aren’t you?  Well act like it then ffs. Try this one. Harriet Harmen Jack Dromey and PIE/NCCL [Samantha and her Bullingdon husband David Cameron allegedly used the then Chairman of the Board of Governors of the BBC, Sir (Francis) Christopher Buchan Bland, and a matrix of pedophile handlers to extort access to camera azimuths needed by the Naudet Brothers to capture money shots for ‘the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history’ on 9/11 and a BBC Wag the Dog story of the 5:20pm demolition of WTC#7] UKC reports Press TV saying UK Police Chiefs are ignorning child abuse by those well connected in UK. UK Column 2011 -

David Icke ☼ Satanism, Paedophilia: Hybrid Royalty Put In Control Of Earth May 2010

none;”> The Tap Reports Child Fights this vid shows what was spoken of in the book “Bumbandits at 9 0lock ” where gays would flock into the orphanage and set up fights between the boys and then rape them

Names for Consideration

Names for Consideration

Tracking ‘John Doe’ US Child Porn maker Cameron the Paedo Protector -

Johnny Gosch abduction Disturbing interview from 2005 – Elite’s pedophile playground Savile given keys to nurses’ quarters in middle of night says retired Leeds hospital porter –


Dr Salmon  retired to the New Forest. Alarm Bells ringing loudly.

Some YewTree success then. ‘Retired consultant paediatrician Michael Salmon worked at hospitals including Stoke Mandeville where Savile is known to have targeted patients in sexual assaults while he was based there as a fundraiser. Thames Valley Police has confirmed that 78-year-old Salmon from Wood Green in Hampshire has been charged with one count of rape and four counts of indecent assault following advice from Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service.’ Further Info:

Benjamin Levin

‘Professor’ Benjamin Levin hired by Queensland Education Dept in 2010 is charged with pornography.

http://nametheproblem.comThis blog has a fairly extensive collection of ‘perps’ listed. November 17 2013 ‘A WORLD-renowned education expert hired by the Queensland Government to review school reforms has been charged overseas with child pornography offences.’ GovWatch:  Like bloody cockroaches they get everywhere!  Wtf was Qld Ed Dept thinking??? Someone at GodlikeProductions mentioned this guy Australian tries to say it’s just a ‘British thing’ – ‘I think they were stuck on those ‘Brittania rules the waves’ ships too long!  And developed a taste for semen, I mean, seamen!’ Brit lobs brittle retort – ‘Hey Australian, before taking the high horse.. who’s that dideridoo playing motherf***er ? Oh yes, the famous Australian we busted for being a pedo. F**k off skippy’.  If you haven’t paid GodlikeProd Forum a visit you really should. List of perps in ConLab - Lord Robertson (Dunblane) Alan Milburn (Resigned in 2004 for “family reasons” LOL) Gordon Brown (Operation Ore) Phillip Lyon (Blaire´s top aid, arrested in 2003) Lord Goldsmith (Freemason and member of the paedophile Blackfriar´s Club) Peter Mandelson (Europaedophile, chum of homo Ted Heath)


BoGro Participants.

Jack Dromey favourited Gay Porn Tweets - Chris Ling - Chris and Clare Godson –

chris smith

Chris Smith

T Stokes writes – ‘Blair’s crony Chris Smith was investigated by scotland yard over an interest in young lads. ‘Sir Peter Morrison was the Conservative in Number 10 paedophile ring Tom Watson was on about in his Commons PMQs question.’

Royalty, paedophiles, power. Bill Maloney and Lou Collins  Jan 2014 Shocking Update –


Gordon Anglesea

‘A retired police chief has been arrested on suspicion of the sexual and physical abuse of care-home boys aged as young as eight.  Former North Wales superintendent Gordon Anglesea, 76, was questioned over allegations that seven children were assaulted between 1975 and 1983.  He is the 18th person to be arrested by police from Operation Pallial, investigating claims of historic sex abuse at 18 care homes in the region between 1963 and 1992.’ Savile, Duncroft and Princess Alexandra Savile was Mi5 says The Tap

Queen Pope Argentin Junta Child Trafficking

Queen Pope Francis Argentine Junta Child Trafficking.

Pope Francis is said to have been heavily involved with child trafficking from Argentina before becoming pope.  Kevin Annett. Argentina’s Missing Children (Now Pope Francis) was also called to testify as a witness in a second case concerning the military government’s theft of the children of murdered political opponents. Some 500 missing children were delivered to military families during Argentina’s “Dirty War,” after the dictatorship killed their parents.’ Abuse Victims Want Files Opened - ‘The pop star is accused of abuse dating back several decades. Police are examining a number of witness statements alleging historical sex assaults by him, it was claimed yesterday. The musician, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is said to be petrified of being arrested by detectives and has recently held a number of frantic meetings with his lawyers.’  Kitty? Oh my. The Tap January 25, 2014  “We now know that Ghislaine, the daughter of media-mogul Robert Maxwell, has been procuring children for decades, to be abused by VIP filth.  Some voices allege that both she and her father were employed by sly Israeli spy agency, Mossad.”  “Jeffrey Epstein was once presented with three 12-year-olds from France as a birthday gift”  ” Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell, is a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein who was jailed for involvement with ‘child prostitutes’” Comment:  ‘The thing is the BBC was rife with this not just Jimmy Savile, you could hear kids calling out from stars dressing rooms and people just ignored it. There was a catchphrase “they don’t like it up em they don’t” which became so well known they actually put it into a comedy show called Dads army.  The whole BBC is sick’ Comment:  ‘They are saying now that Jimmy Savile was a more prolific abuser than bee-gee Robin Gibb and comedian Frankie Howard, who bragged that every day another boy was sexually penetrated.  How can we trust the BBC ?’

CHILD ABUSERS – BILL MALONEY NAMES THAT FEMALE MP,ROBERT MAXWELL AND OTHERS Corey Feldman speaks up Programmed To Kill Part 76 Dunblane Part 56

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 32 (JonBenét Ramsay)

Anne Hamilton-Byrne Blonds

Anne H-B Cult – Children turned into blonds and given LSD –

Ann Hamilton-Byrne Cult Melbourne - Book – My Life Inside ‘The Family’ - Austria – Natascha-Kampusch and Wolfgang Priklopil

Patrick Rock

Patrick Rock Senion Aide To David Cameron.

Patrick Rock, who was involved in drawing up the government’s policy for the large internet firms on online pornography filters, resigned after No 10 was alerted to the allegations.’

General Index to Paidika Cyril Smith Coverup By Mi5

Stuart Bell

Stuart Bell

‘Stuart Bell, supplying boys knew Dwyer. Former MP, who died in October 2012. He began his political career in the early 80s. He was also spokesman for Northern Ireland from 1984 to 1987. In 2006, Bell became a knight of the Legion d’Honneur in France, Chirac [12]. In 2011, Bell took a stolen egg in the figure. The father of a boy who had been violated, unsuccessfully sought to have Bell investigated. The father found his son unconscious, but an innocent man was tried and convicted , but the boy’s father believed the criminal was Stuart Bell.’ Stuart Hall linked to Savile and Cyril Smith  Hall is high up in the echelons it seems. Aussie Father Who Suffered Terribly -  They snatched his son and placed the child with a foster carer and the child died from injuries suffered while in ‘care’.  Harrowing truely harrowing.  He then formed Luke’s Army to fight for justice for other children in ‘care’. The Chamber Whitby – ‘This reference to ‘The Club’ is of special interest, because it ties in with stories amounting to common knowledge amongst the older generation in Whitby, that a local resident (who also owned a club in Scarborough) regularly entertained members of ‘The Club’, including Savile and the aforementioned Jaconelli, in a purpose-built room (fitted out by a local craftsman known to Real Whitby) in his Whitby home. This room (or ‘chamber’, as it reportedly was known) was equipped with a whipping-post, replete with restraining-shackles and other S&M paraphernalia. Two independent witnesses have come forward who claim to have visited this ‘chamber’ in its heyday, when sex and drugs sessions are alleged to have taken place with some regularity – apparently without being inconvenienced by the attentions of the local Police.’


Gordon Rideout – got away with it for years.

Rideout is the latest figure from the scandal-hit diocese of Chichester to be convicted of sex crimes against children. Several clergymen from the diocese have been arrested, charged and convicted of child sexual abuse.’ ‘One girl told the police: ‘I was too scared, too scared. I didn’t want to be beaten again, too scared. The beatings were so much worse than what that man was doing. The beatings were terrible, absolutely terrible.’  Monster!

Witherwack House Sunderland

Witherwack House Sunderland.

Witherwack Children’s Home Sunderland

‘Indeed I witnessed a rape of a girl who was eight or nine at the time – I tried to intervene but I was beaten senseless for my trouble – it was the best kicking of my life. I was assaulted at least five or six times a day. On one occasion I was raped. Children were encouraged to have sex with each other and if we didn’t we would be kicked and beaten all over again.’

Nobody Knew

Nobody Knew – 11 March 2014 UK Column News Pindown Report

What Shmarya Rosenberg Showed Me

Brett Peter Cowan

Brett Peter Cowan

‘Repeat child sex offender Brett Peter Cowan has been found guilty of murdering Queensland schoolboy Daniel Morcombe in 2003. Jurors in the supreme court trial took seven-and-a-half hours to find the 44-year-old paedophile and father-of-three guilty of murder. He was also found guilty of indecently dealing with Daniel and interfering with his corpse. The jury in Brisbane announced its verdict shortly after 1pm on Thursday, 10 years and three months since Daniel, then 13, was abducted from a bus stop on the Sunshine Coast shortly before Christmas.’ Further Religious Leaders Protecting Child Abusers -  Alarmingly the Rabbi tells a member of his flock not to go to the police because they are “non-jewish”. 30Jan 2013 Ch4 Dispatches Britain’s Hidden Child Abuse AanGirfan Naming Names  Links now missing – someone was leaned on recently?  UK paedos getting nervous?  Morrissey gets ill?  Bill Maloney lost two family members. David Tweed -


Apollo Netherlands

12-year-old Manuel Schadwald disappeared on the way to a Berlin leisure centre.  The boy was a victim of extreme sex on the yacht Apollo.  Censored31 and others threaten to release the picture all over the Internet of the naked SG with the naked Manual Schadwald. Dutch ask their politicos about Joris Demink The town of Cheb Max Clifford Attended Diana Dors’ Sex Parties and Helped Cover Up Orgies -  Then he calmly put his hand on the Holy Bible – Wow was it scorched afterwards?  Clifford the man who hangs out to dry so the elite paedos don’t have to.

Hogan Howe UKC 27 Mar 14

Hogan Howe UKC 27 Mar 2014 – refuses to investigate the Cyril Smith allegations.

Hogan Howe 2 UKC 27 Mar 14

Hogan Howe 2 – UKC 27 March 2014.

Hogan Howe refuses to investigate the high level paedo allegations and evidence provided by witnesses seems to be ‘missing’ again.  Police seem to be ultra careless over how they log and file evidence.  Common fellas there MUST be some of you that want to clear this stuff up. Hold on a newDocument/Witness hunter is appointed ‘Scotland Yard is appointing a senior officer on an annual salary of £180,000 to hunt for documents and witnesses able to shed light on scandals of shredded documents, undercover officers and corrupt detectives.’   Derek Slade St George’s School Part 1 Derek Slade St George’s School Part 2


Max Clifford and Piers Morgan Know Who They Are and Have Tapes –     ” Members of SO19 know about the kids home behind Waterloo Station where they used to drop of and collect a senior royal. Good few years ago though!” In February 2013, an elite police officer, Colin Smelt, was found with dead with gunshot wounds at his home in Camden. He was a Royal Protection Officer with the Met.” Lord Robertson and Dunblane and Para Medic Sandra Uttley’s Interviews  Lord Cullen oversaw Lockerbie, Piper Alpha and Dunblane.  Hmmm Comment:  “My friends husband was and still is the police seargent in Dunblane and he knows about the paedophile ring , he went to the scene of the crime on that dreadful day. Tony Blair needs putting on trial for this crime along with Gordon Brown and George Robertson.” Comment: jockframe100 “Fucking nonsense how dare you u fucking idiot who are you” Comment:  “That seems like a pretty watertight rebuttal of all the evidence put forward by Sandra Uttley. What were we thinking? jockframe100 has shown us the light though. We can now get on with believing the government’s lies, respecting the cover up and not questioning why things are deliberately buried for several decades. Thanks jockframe100. You really are the man.”

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 56 (The Dunblane School Massacre – Thomas Hamilton) Grant McCutchen’s statement was hidden from the enquiry because it contradicts the ‘official version’.  He was x RAF and there was NO revolver at the scene. Cremation of Care: The New World Order and the Dunblane Shootings UK Deputy PM ignores paedo victims Here’s the Forum Comment:  “That’s the Duchess of Kent admiring Britain’s most notorious celebrity paedophile, she’s married to the Grandmaster of UGLE – the head of Freemasonry in England” “Like most powerful people in Royalty and politics, she has a dead child, a stillborn in 1977, it’s a recurring tragedy they all suffer from at some point before rising to the top. It’s an uncanny coincidence that they are all closely connected to child-raping, satan worshipping blood drinkers. Gordon Brown and David Cameron also “lost” their children at very young ages.”

Witnesses testify to Ratzinger child rape and murder

Attempted Disruption

André Dupuy allegedly paid bribes to the Vatican saboteurs to disrupt ITCCS proceedings

“I saw Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl (3) at a French chateau in the fall of 1987″ stated the second witness. “It was ugly and horrible, and it didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger often took part. He and (Dutch Catholic Cardinal) Alfrink and (Bilderberger founder) Prince Bernhard were some of the more prominent men who took part.”

R H Richards IV

R H Richards IV

Raped his 3 year old daughter. Bill Maloney and Lou Collins 29 April 2014 “The Paedophile John Wills that has been mentioned in your blogs comments has been found, he is helping to run the 1st Chopwell scout group in north Durham”

derek sawyer

Derek Sawyer

Derek Sawyer Labour Politician Osborne’s old school St Paul’s –

Pedophile Hollywood’s Beginning Of The End

Le résument français où nous en sommes avec les pédocriminels en Avril 2014 May 6, 2014

Suffolk: ‘I was abused by paedophiles around the country while I was a child in care’, man alleges care_man_alleges_1_3586716


Adrian Fulford Judge

Adrian Fulford Judge connected to PIE

9 March 2014

Revue de presse du mois d’avril 2014 November 15 2013

Australians in global child sex sting

Vice speaker of the Ukrainian Vekhovnaya Rada Martynyuk scuffles with deputy Lyashko during a session in the chamber of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev

Oleg Lyashko Vice Speaker Ukraine And implicated in paedo activities – Vice – well named.

“Among the candidates for the Ukrainian presidency this year, there is a certain Oleg Lyashko , who was accused in 2012 of trying to pass two children 12 and 14 years in Turkey for “vacation” . two children came from an orphanage in the Crimea , and fortunately Customs have not missed the trio. Lyashko said , which is also close to Yulia Tymoshenko , was also interest in orphanages and boarding schools. Populist and pro European [4] Lyashko has teeth that would the floor, and he escaped prosecution thanks to his immunity.” “Azov Films to be linked to the Israeli Russian mafia.” “Torotno is one of the world’s major places of child trafficking, including on snuff movies and is known as a ” Disneyland for pédophilese” Savile wrote: “Princess Alex is a patron of a hostel for girls in care.”

Connections from the Rocks Lane of yesteryear to the Coalition Cabinet today January 31, 2014

Victim Describes Pervasive Pedophile Network in UK -

From public schoolboy to begging on the streets 4 February 2014

Boy who fled Salvation Army home fell into pedophile ring

18 Apr 2014

I Grew Up In A ‘Pedophile Ring’

11 November 2012

Sex, Savile & Crisis at the BBC July 14th 2014

Award-winning author claims MP in Tony Blair’s government was part of paedophile ring which infiltrated council-run children’s home

Mr Gilberthorpe says he will give the inquiry the names of former Tory ministers, some of whom are still alive, who he claims he saw with young men at party conferences.

He claims he sent a 40-page dossier to Mrs Thatcher in 1989 detailing Cabinet ministers who took part in the sex parties, but says he was warned off by a senior civil servant.

He told the Sunday Mirror how boys as young as 15 were plied with alcohol and cocaine at Conservative gatherings in Blackpool and Brighton in the 1980s.

He named former former-Education Secretary Keith Joseph, ex-local government minister Rhodes Boyson, and Michael Havers, the former attorney general who is the brother of Baroness Butler-Sloss.  So Butler-Sloss was completely impartial eh?  Oh come off it.  Covering up is not going to work this time Theresa Dis-May. Quickest resignation in history?

Sunday 13 July 2014


Wednesday May 21, 2014

Free Speech Coalition is a Mafia Front Group: Part One

Operation Fernbridge, VIP child abuse and the filthy Warwick Spinks connection


Warwick Spinks – PicColeman Exp

I am good at picking up stray chickens… I have been all over the world, I’m an international slut.” He described how he picked up boys in Dresden, in Bratislava in the Czech Republic, and in Poland where, he claimed, they cost only ten pence. “All those chickens with no money, ” he chuckled. In London, he said he was particularly keen on the hamburger bars around Picadilly Circus. And he was full of excitement about Hastings. “The chickens down the coast are very bored, they have got no money, they are not streetwise like Londoners and they spend all of their time in arcades… ”.  One wonders why a Children’s Theatre in North London is called Chicken Shed? April 26 2014

Tony Blair and the paedophile connection 8 July 2013

The Power of Paedophile connections in Europe and the United Kingdom

Lambeth and The Boatengs


Peter Hullah

“At Chetham’s, as at Sevenoaks, the Rev. Hullah turned a blind eye.” At Mike Brewer’s trial, Hullah admitted being party to ‘a cover-up’ to arrange Brewer’s removal from the school. Except for his evidence at the trial, Hullah has maintained total media silence and refused requests for interview. – See more at:

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Jul 18, 2014

Police investigating child rape allegation against ex-Labour peer and Commons speaker Viscount Tonypandy


Tony Pandy – Andy Pandy? July 17 2014

Underage girls traded for food on remote British islands, according to leaked report 29 March 2014 “It’s highly likely that the death of Mark Speight was linked to the assassination of Jill Dando, due to their knowledge of the BBC paedophile ring linked to Royalty and Government. The coroner who held the inquiry into the deaths of Mark Speight and Natahsa Collins was the spooky Paul Knapman.”

5th Mar 2013

The pedophile elite London had branches in the Netherlands – English version by Donde Vamos  Ron Wells musician gladys

“Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath”

The Mary Moss Elm Guest House VIP Paedophile Party List July 13 2014

Tory child abuse whistleblower: ‘I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet ministers’

Dr Alistair Smith – the Tory Party Chairman in Scotland – asked Gilberthorpe to arrange for young rent boys to have sex with two high-profile cabinet ministers “Mr Gilberthorpe also claims that two years earlier in 1981 he saw Sir Michael Havers – then Attorney General – at a swimming pool party at the Tory conference in Blackpool, where underage boys were encouraged to perform sex acts on several politicians,” 8 July 2014

Malcolm Rifkind, Leon Brittan, Theresa May, Tony Blair, Chilcot, Fake Inquiries, Airport Checks, 7/7, Mossad Dirty Tricks and the VIP paedophile connection 8 July 2014

Children’s homes were ‘supply line’ for paedophiles, says ex-minister July 9 2014

Why Elizabeth Butler-Sloss must not head the National Inquiry into Organised Child Abuse

DannyFinklestein “is the real power behind the Tories and writes all the scripts for script kiddies Cameron, Osbourne and Gove.  All three of his puppets have recently proclaimed they will support Israel until their dying breath and Cameron is himself secretly Jewish. He was also a protégé of Maggie and they went on a jaunt together to South Africa to buy illegal nuclear arms.  The sordid mission was arranged by Tory pimp and child-rapist Derek Laud who is close chums with the Camerons  Laud ran the boy-brothels at Dolphin Square with Ian Greer and Julian Lewis. Danny Finkelstein works in cahoots with Rupert Murdoch and didn’t take too kindly to us pointing out that he is sympathetic to paedophiles.” GovWatch:  Wow Coleman really turning the screws on ‘em Who knows the truth about the disappearance of Andrew Gosden? Truth Seeker

 I believe the links between Noel Edmonds, Geoffrey Boot, Edmonds’ Airborne Trust charity, Crinkley Bottom/Cricket St Thomas (Warner Leisure Hotel) and paedo rings/networks will be of great interest. From Coleman Comments Section – Hmmm 27 July 2014

Thatcher’s bodyguard says he warned her about underage sex rumours about close aide amid claims senior ministers were named in dossier Geoffrey Dickens ‘said paedophile dossier was explosive – Forum 15 Julu 2014

Mystery over why gifted teenage musician who moved from United States to top UK boarding school jumped to his death from cliff after prom Anon at AAnGirfan – “I believe the links between Noel Edmonds, Geoffrey Boot, Edmonds’ Airborne Trust charity, Crinkley Bottom/Cricket St. Thomas and paedo rings/networks will be of great interest.” Mr Boot lives on the Isle of Man; runs Manx Investments; and is “a UK commercial pilot and instructor and is chairman of AOPA”.  Wiki Boot -

Cuthulan’s Blog 2005 “Jake Chapman Said The Death Of Jamie Bulger Was “A Good Social Service”

The ‘artist’ (whose sculptures include those of naked mutilated children) who Heat claims will be doing the show said about the disgusting death of Jamie Bulger that it was ‘a good public service’. I for one think that this arse of a man and his brother should not be allowed to do the show.” Comment:  “But ditching the Enlightenment quickly leads to even darker places than this. The Chapmans’ intellectual hero is Georges Bataille, the French writer and (anti-)philosopher who was obsessed with moments of “transgression”, when the “prison” of the Enlightenment could be left behind. And these glorious moments? They mostly consist of torture. He lauded the Marquis de Sade... Jake Chapman echoes his hero. He talks about the “libidinal pleasure” that comes from seeing a real picture of a real person being tortured, because of the “transgression of the ethics that that image is supposed to trigger or incite”. A few years ago he was asked in the Papers of Surrealism: “Does Battaille’s formulation of the conception of transgression relate to the way that work like your own is sometimes suggested as being part of a necessary force?” He replied: “Yes – a good social service like the children who killed Jamie Bulger.”   Comment:  “unreal how many went on to become curators at the Guggenheim . 20 flunkies a year from each of eton/harrow/st pauls/marlborough/westminster all somehow ending up as Guggenheim curators. lmao” 25 February 2014

The LABoraTORY strikes again: Westminster adopts Jeremy Hunt approach on paedophile connections  Hmmm so one of the tapes had the initials ‘LB’ on it did it?

Project Spade

Project Spade

15 May 2014 SottNet Points to Ukraine as ‘hotspot’ and to ‘Azov Films’ Janner “The hotel, the Gazelle D’or, at around £600 a night, is rather special. Visitors have allegedly included Michael Portillo, Jacques Chirac, Fergie, Rory Bremner, Mick Jagger, hosts of pop stars, statesmen, politicians, personalities, and ‘the world’s wealthiest closet Queens.’ According to Scallywag magazine, “As far as Westminster is concerned, the Gazelle D’or was first “discovered” by the notorious gay MP Sir Charles “Charley” Irving who died from aids in 1993. Irving, who chaired the Commons catering Committee, was famous for his private parties in the Pugin room in Westminster where he outrageously flirted with the male members of staff. Many of the 100-plus gay Tory MP’s who inhabit “The Palace”, often furtively, were fellow guests…….. The REAL attraction of the Gazelle D’or is not just the exclusivity, or the fabulous luxury. It is, quite simply, that they boast one of the most superlative men-only Turkish baths, Sauna and Massage Parlour in the world, manned by hand-picked and specially trained swarthy Berbers who are most willing to accommodate every whim of their customers. The whole concept of the place is designed to be a veritable paradise for gays.”” “On the trail of Groucho members, Newscorpers, and Shadow Ministers “The story so far: we know that the Groucho Club run by JHJ Lewis indulged in unregulated surveillance. We know that a website using the same domain and name as The Groucho was an active paedophile linking forum for at least a year. We know that Mr Lewis has donated a probable six-figure sum over time to the new Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. We know that Lewis gave Hunt £4000 to visit New York, where he hob-knobbed with the Murdoch media elite. We know that ten days later, James Murdoch met David Cameron and confirmed that the Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper would support the Conservative Party in the forthcoming election. And we know that Lewis was in charge of a major Tory paper on UK Tourism, one in which the Prime Minister took a keen personal interest. Today, in Episode Three of the Hunt-Groucho Saga, The Slog discusses what the chances are of these being significant, or simply coincidental, connections.” D ICKE SITE

john_lewis UKC

John Lewis – UK Column Pic

UK COLUMN – “John Lewis started his 1,000-pupil school from scratch 15 years ago” John Lewis, OBE, principal of Dixons City Technology College, Bradford, is another head knighted for services to education UKC Comment:  *A Slogger wag suggested yesterday that the NHS should be renamed the National Hotcourses Service. Amusing, I thought.”  Hmmm interesting that the word ‘HOT’ was used.

 Simon Wood kills himself after being accused of molesting girls in Kenya

Simon Wood Photo By Marc Richards

UKC Comment:THE PAEDOFILE: Serial abuser Simon Wood worked for Jeremy Hunt’s Hotcourses Foundation

By John Ward Groucho Club Hotcourses Foundation Jeremy Hunt. JHJ Lewis Mysterious train suicide Nyumbani Orphanage Paedophile Simon Wood Virginia Bottomley

Wood died after being hit by a train near Potters Bar station on August 18 2013. He had been due to appear at Southwark Crown Court in London on August 30 charged with one count of indecent assault of a girl under 16, two counts of making indecent photographs of a child and one count of possessing indecent images of a child, Scotland Yard said at the time. – See more at:  Very convenient for Mr Hunt.
Comment at TheSlog Recently
“Funny isn’t it, they have all the evidence they need to arrest charge and lock up without bail on Kenneth Clarke, Michael Forsyth, Robert Bell, Gordon Brown, Lord Robertson, Alan Milburn, and one of the most evil pieces of filth you could ever come across Peter Mandelson, John Birt, Michael Maclay, David Aaronovitch, Richard Desmond and of course the king of little boy sex Leo Brittain, several lords, judges, met police assorted perverts still in govt, and Geoffrey Dickens files, which contrary to the lies about being lost are alive and well and several copies were made and still existence and they also know who has those.” Simon Gipps-Kent’s Resting Place

2 May 2014

Stanbridge Earls School sex abuse allegations: No charges to be brought BUT  “1 July 2013 Pupils at a school which is the focus of ‘Lord of the Flies’ abuse claims abseiled naked while teachers watched, it has been reported. Stanbridge Earls School, which is currently embroiled in a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse of pupils, announced yesterday it will close in December and another school has been lined up to take over the site. But today it was revealed that Ofsted inspectors carrying out emergency visits to the school were told three male pupils had been naked during a school trip to the Rua Fiola Island Exploration Centre in Oban.” UK Column Comment: (strider Joined: May 29 2014) “Something is twiching my grey cells – these connections and timelines.

Wasn’t there an msm report somewhere – Diana had ‘saved’ someone – she wld sneak out and visiit those sleeping rough – she found one such – he had been abused – she kept in touch – and he claimed she had saved his life. Was he from Grafton- or Islington – or Elm? Righton dies 2007 – files destroyed- someone was getting close to sniffing out the network connections between Righton/suffolk/islington/Barnes – Home office and parliament – and royalty – and we know a royal equerry paid the bill at Elm Guest house – but was it for him – or someone else? Got it – it was a lad from Elm Guest house

‘Diana saved my life': Elm guest house victim met princess when he was sleeping rough He claims he was subjected to horrific abuse at the Elm from the age of 10 while he was in care at Grafton Close children’s home. Diana gave him food and helped him find a temporary home as he battled to rebuild his life in his twenties after escaping care. She died 1997  – Dando 1999……… Soz – thinking out loud. Feels like something is staring us in the face – in plain sight – just right now it’s still hazy. ‘Grooming a Nation – and Hoodwinks- those endless reports excusing individuals from culpability and complicity with Savile………makes methinkof Dirty Politics – and there was a Labour election in May 2007……….when Blair resigned – as did Prescott (deputy leader) It now makes me wonder if there was more to this timing – in relation to the above timeline – poison chalice to Brown?”

X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer

22 May 2014

X-Men director Bryan Singer files motion to dismiss sex-abuse lawsuit

“Last month, Michael Egan claimed that Singer and three other Hollywood executives abused him in 1999 at the age of 17 when he was trying to make a career as an actor and model in Los Angeles.” August 2 2014

Elton John’s mysterious meltdown I liked this article and hope everyone reads it. British Home Secretary Child Abuse – Tony Gosling

March 2013


Maori Blog - ‘it’s common knowledge pakeha like to tamper with with their kids’

The ‘Lost Boy’ Network – now dismantled?

Last updated 20:15 15/12/2010

NZ Link In Child Porn Bust

It’s In The Public Domain
August 17 2014

I saw boys of 8 abused by music mogul Tam Paton

Tam Paton Daily Record

Tam Paton (deceased) Daily Record.

“Little Kellerstein” Tam Paton Bedroom Bulldozed After Seedy History

“Nelson said the allegations included the existence of a network of flats in Edinburgh where vulnerable male teenagers and young men were placed – men who were beholden to Paton – and which were scenes of criminal activities.”

July 15, 2014

UK Column – “The Scottish Savile”

“THE Scottish Government ignored calls from one of its own advisers to launch an investigation into a high-profile paedophile ring operating in Edinburgh.”

“In 2004, Dr Nelson carried out a study into adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse on behalf of NHS Lothian – and was stunned to hear so many allegations against Paton.”

20 September 2014

Former rent boy quizzed by police over claim he was abused by top Tory politicians

23 September 2014

Only Fools and Horses legend Paul Barber on childhood abuse he suffered in foster home

Willie Hague Leaving Politics?

22 October 2014

The Paedocracy

5 November 2014

So Which One Used The Pink Pill On the 14 Year Old Then?

17 May 2014

This Victim Calls the ‘Conservative Minister’ Slicked Back

23 May 2013


17 August 2014

The church protected Fr Kevin O’Donnell for 50 years — and then it avoided paying proper compensation to victims

Uploaded on 10 Sep 2011

De Val van Demmink 3-3.

18 Sep 2014

CHILD ABUSE VICTIM Micky Summers Gets his PUBLIC meeting

 Clock Is Ticking

Former Scotland Yard detectives say young boys were murdered by Westminster paedophile ring

Things Really Hotting Up For Some

Labour was told in 2002 about child sex scandal

“the links between the Scottish paedophile James Rennie and the Common Purpose organisation.”

April 28 2013

Margaret Hodge attempts to talk her way out of Islington paedophile scandal

Jackie Malton says investigation into Vishal Mehrotra’s death in 1981 could have been compromised by the ‘power of politicians’ at the time

November 29 2014

VIP paedophile ring ‘abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle’

John Allen found guilty of sex crimes against children ‘supplied boys for Westminster paedophile parties’

20 July 2014

What happened when UK Police found out about the systematic rape and exploitation of vulnerable children by MP’s

25 November 2014

Former Ukip regional chairman Peter Entwistle jailed for grooming children

Child grooming in Rochdale and Oldham

26 November 2014

Three priests and a religious education teacher are arrested in Spain after former altar boy writes to Pope claiming he was molested by paedophile ring

23 November 2014

Sickening Top Trumps-style paedophile card game condemned

“British political leaders habitually murder children for sexual
According to a former Special Branch officer and a former Scotland Yard detective, top people in the UK Parliament murdered young boys at sex orgies.
The Sunday People.The retired detectives say that they were ­ordered NOT to investigate the powerful paedophile group involved in the orgies.

The former Special Branch ­officer has now given a statement to
the police in which he says: “There was a significant paedophile group in
Parliament who were untouchable.”
The two retired detectives have ­provided information to the police about the identities of members of the paedophile ring.…

Sir Peter Hayman, the former deputy director of MI6, has been linked to the UK
Parliament paedophile ring.

A former government minister, reponsible MI5, has been linked to this pedophile

The two ­retired detectives have linked Jimmy Savile to this paedophile ring.”

July 12, 2014

Brittan and Dolphin Square

How DARE these perverts call themselves ‘Uncle’

Who knows the truth about what happened to Andrew Gosden?

Former Aide To Sen Lamar Alexander Ryan Loskarn Facing Child Porn Charges Found HangedFeb 2014

22 Mai 2014

New York : 71 arrestations pour trafic de pornographie infantile

Not waving but drowning

A former student at Chetham’s School of Music giving her horrifying account of Chris Ling

Nicole Kidman’s Dad Dies Amid Aussie Paedophile Ring,6918

Payne suspected

The Cult Of Mr. Berman at Horace Mann School in the Bronx

22 December 2014

Scotland Yard is probing five VIP paedophile rings after Labour MP hands in dossier naming six serving politicians and Lords

Notorious British paedophile pays eight-year-old boys £2 for sex

November 30 2014

James Bond and the paedophiles

23 December 2014

“Social services manager Bulic Forsythe, was killed in 1993 three days after telling a colleague he planned to “spill the beans” about the abuse scandal”

“paedophile ring ‘linked to future minister in Tony Blair’s government?‘”

Mantel: Kate Middleton is fake

Prince Andrew denies ‘underage sex slave’ allegations made in US lawsuit

Paedophile golfer who repeatedly abused schoolboy caddie after rounds at his local club is jailed for three years

Billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was among the best connected men in America

5 April 2014

Fylde Tory MP’s rent boy lover was in Britain illegally after being refused entry THREE TIMES


“One of rothschild biggest traitors in W W II was a man named Kim Philby, these men skewed the whole direction of the war,Kim Philby’s wife could not cope with her husbands treachury and did not trust rothschilds promise of protection,she rang the British embassy and asked for an appointment, next day she was murdered and a verdict of suicide was brought in. Kim Philby knew Sir Anthony Blunt, Blunt told philby that members of British aristocracy and royal family were active pedophiles who enjoyed boys from Barnados homes in Clapham and Limehouse and that he should try some of the boys.Philby told Guy Burgess that it was more up his street, Guy Burgess kept copius diaries and wrote up the whole thing, many people were named including Winston Churchill.”

Murder link to Margaret Thatcher As Peter Morrison accused of raping teenage boy

In Plain Sight – The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile

Trial of former Stoke Mandeville doctor accused of ‘arranging abortions for patient he raped’ begins

UK Foreign Office admits cover-up in St Helena child abuse scandal


21 Sep 2010 – 60 Minutes Excerpt

Comment: “Protect Yourself: Say out loud and to yourself: “If I have ever given permission or inadvertently given permission for any nonphysical being to be in my mind, emotions, or body, I revoke that permission now and permanently in the future.” Copy and paste this on to other video and websites.”

Comment:  “60 Minutes shown in the 90’s.  Ian Leslie is one of the most trusted reporter’s of our country. You can run the guy’s name up on a google and see for yourself.”

Teacher From Private School Again – don’t send your child to boarding school


Colonade  (Butt Plug - nice)

What The Rapture Really Is!! Pt 2

Kraftwerk – Autobahn

Charles Worth’s sentence too short says victim’s sister

Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP ‘murdered girl at vile orgy’ claims new witness

November 16 2014

The murderous VIP paedophile ring at Dolphin Square

Comment:  “There are many cases of jewish blood ritual since the year 1290. One of Winston Churchil’s occult team Dennis Wheatley exposed this going on in W W II. Sir Anthony Blunt Jimmy Savile Margaret Hodge Vanessa Feltz and the Conjuror James Randi are among those who have been seen at black magic meetings, and it is alleged have partaken in child murders
The 60s MP Gerald Nabarro named the Jewish MP who pushed the homosexual agenda Leo Abse as having bragged in the commons of attending occult rituals.
It is known that Leo Abse was like Peter Mindyourson a mouthpiece into the public for Rothschild interests.  Rothschild it is said always leave an empty space at their dinner table in case the devil should come.  The bottom line is that with so many children going missing never seen again, they are going somewhere”

‘As frail as you are, bent over your Zimmer frame, justice cries out that you are jailed': 94-year-old becomes oldest paedophile to be jailed in the UK

June 13 2014

Why the hell haven’t these BBC insiders been arrested yet?

Dr Michael Salmon: Woman ‘drugged and gang-raped by three doctors in hospital when she was 12-years-old’

30 Jul 2014

PaedoGate Proofs of a Paedophile ring

January 05, 2015
Virginia Roberts claims she was paid £10,000 /index.php?topic=14391.msg848049#msg848049

“The Express (I think) has reported that it is rumored Epstein may have had an association with Mossad  the Israeli intelligence agency or the CIA.  Epstein is known to have had relationships with Israeli government officials including a Prime Minister.  We know from the investigations in the UK that MI5 had used alleged pedophile rings as a means to blackmail people into giving them information and spying for them so this may be another example of that sort of tactic.  It could explain why Epstein got off so easy and why he so called “jail” time was such a farce.  I wonder about Savile in this regard too.”,1070.360.html

Jan 18, 2015

Doug Richard: Ex-Dragon’s Den star and millionaire advisor to Cameron arrested on suspicion of raping 13-year-old girl  Keep it going plod.  Make ‘em sweat.

October 30 2014

Bassetlaw MP John Mann’s campaign to expose Westminster child abuse

Grim Reaper Called For Leon Brittan 21/1/15  Good date for it maybe.  Questions being raised about how long he actually was battling ‘cancer’ over at “The Tap.”  GW thought it was ‘heart trouble’.  Either way heart attack or cancer are very convenient for getting rid of those in the way of achieving the ‘agenda,’ and Brittan was certainly a growing ‘problem’ for some.  Maybe he went to Israel.

“Nick Clegg is to Cyril Smith as William Hague is to Leon Brittan”  Hmmm - How far does ‘mentoring’ go then?

19 July 2014

Two Tory Ministers were named in a damning 1980s paedophile dossier

Harvey Proctor pays tribute to Leon Brittan: The last shirt has no pockets.

Harvey Proctor harvey@belvoircastle.
ER Comment:  “Arching over and above all of these phony compliments is the undeniable fact that he put the career interests of a load of paedos above the continued suffering of children – mostly orphans. For that, we may judge him as a human being a total failure and a disgrace to the human race.”

ER Comment: “He was a dritsek, when in the Thatcher govenment he was known as leon the liar, he has covered up child abuse for years, I hope he was in great pain before he died the scumbag.”

ER Comment: “Here’s one of the biggest Kiddy Fiddlers that Thressa May has been protecting !!!”

Weatherman Fred Talbot ‘told naked schoolboys to pretend to be girls’, court hears

Peter Mandelson stays silent over his contact with Prince Andrew’s disgraced financier friend

McCartney In Helicopter Near Miss

ER Comment: “Mike Smith and his wife Sarah Greene also had a near miss in a helicopter in the late 80’s. Peaches Geldof, an overdose, Rik Mayll a serious quad bike accident, Jill Dando shot. Both Rik and Mike went on to have heart attacks……. Is there a connection here? Well very possibly as they all knew something about the BBC and Westminster paedophile ring. Makes you wonder.”

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Truth is the official enemy when the subject is the New Zealand judiciary

“Siemer exposed Judges John McGrath and Lowell Goddard for perverting the course of justice when they were Solicitor General and Deputy Solicitor General and Judge Helen Winkelmann for suppressing evidence of unlawful Police actions in the Tuhoe ‘terrorist’ raids.”

4 February 2014

T May – Sue Berelowitz, the Deputy Children’s Commissioner, to chair the new CSA Inquiry.

gary glitter – this is your life

5 February 2015

Serial Killer Ronald Jebson Babes in the Wood Murders

A new article published yesterday in The Australian suggest that Sidney Cooke and several of his paedophile gang associates including Jimmy Savile’s driver David Smith may have worked for THE SAME LIMO COMPANY as Ronald Jebson.

14 Jan 2015

CSA Inquiry Time 4 Justice & Action Meeting The White Flowers Campaign Westminster

Stuart Syvret interview Jan 2014.

01 juillet 2013

About the satanic & pedophile practices of the English royal family  So they really do have to avoid the light of day.  Cocaine use destroys their blood?  Is that why they look so anaemic?

09 Feb 2015

Dearman Children and pedophilia in high places

February 7, 2015

Power, Pedophilia and the US Government


“Children Raped and Murdered In Rome, Italy, in 2000, Italian police broke up a ring of eleven top Jewish gangsters. It was discovered that they had been kidnapping Gentile (non-Jewish) children between the ages of two and five from orphanages, raping them, and then murdering the children. These despicable crimes were recorded live on film and sold throughout the infamous global “snuff film” industry. Over 1,700 customers had paid as much as $20,000 per film to view little children being raped and murdered.”

Paedophile doctor jailed for 22 years after abusing child cancer sufferers ‘is asked by the police for advice on how to prevent cases like his’

15 February 2015

MI5 accused of covering up sexual abuse at boys’ home

Pedophiles: Hampstead Police, Social Services brainwash whistleblower kids, threaten mother

12 February 2015

Chilling images inside home of Florida child porn collector

UKC 17 February 2015 -Czech Mum stripped of kids

UK Column 17 February 2015 – Czech Mum stripped of children.

Tory Mark Menzies’ rent boy ready to name another Conservative punter

These facts were covered up by Heath Cabinet Secretary John Hunt 2015 08.htm


Re The Hampstead Case – AanGirfan 26 February 2015 says
James (Horror in Hampstead) writes about the police interview of Gabriel and Alisa on September 17th 2015: 

“The police officer showed no intent whatsoever to discover the truth, quite the opposite.

“The interviewing officer behaved identically to a man sent out to ‘end it and make it all go away, get them to retract’.
“He actually coached them…  It ended all doubt for me.”

 GW:  Despite the police officer’s best efforts, there is medical evidence of abuse having taken place.  Also he seems over interested in what he found not to be true when he visited certain places the child detailed.  The child retreats from a lot of this stuff went on to ‘not as much’  under police questioning.  Where did he get all this information from anyway?  The library?  If the police actually DID their job, citizen journos would scale back.  It’s the fact that something went on in this child’s life that was not right and he is now torn.  For instance “Pa Pa wanted to take us to a party very late and Mama didn’t want us to go.”  He told it as it was.  Then he learns that this is not normal.  Then he retreats because obviously he doesn’t want to be seen as a freak, punished, removed from safety etc.  This child grew up thinking some stuff was completely normal and told it was ‘fun’.  Plod do your job properly ffs.

February 21, 2015

Horror in Hampstead? It Happened.

Published on 10 Aug 2014


3 March 2015

Ex-principal ‘sorry’ for sex abuse at elite Australian school

Knox Grammar in Sydney, whose ex-pupils include the late former prime minister Gough Whitlam and Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, has been the focus in recent days of a national enquiry into institutional responses to child abuse” 

“Ian Paterson was the principal for 30 years until 1998 and it is alleged that he failed to tell police about incidents of abuse and provided references for teachers later charged with sex offences.”

7 March 2015

Australian arrested in Philippines after girl’s body found buried under his home ‘ran paedophile ring for international clients’… and depraved video haul has shocked seasoned police

“Peter Gerard Scully’s latest alleged victim, a 13 year-old girl, has told police she was supposed to meet one of the disgraced businessman‘s Australian clients and carry out lewd sex acts on camera. 

However, the girl told investigators plans were changed at late notice and Scully tried to sell her to a German man for the equivalent of $2924 instead,”

8 March 2015

Leon Brittan homes raided in VIP paedophile child abuse probe six weeks after Tory Lord’s death

Cabinet office in child abuse cover-up: MoS beats attempt by No10 to gag VIP file that shows Thatcher knew about paedophile MP Cyril Smith

Former cop who ‘found Cyril Smith with a sex offender and two boys was told to keep quiet’

22 March 2015

Top Tory is linked to child porn stash

Guilty of sexually abusing girls he coached, the tennis Grand Slam champion who told one victim ‘rape is enjoyable’

Hampstead Allegations – plenty of articles around what was said.  As for babies by Courier from all over the world one only has to read between the lines.

5 August 2014

London became the child abuse capital of the world: Trafficked here by gangs, prey to pimps, paedophiles and murderers… the booming trade in ‘lost’ children that shames us all

26 June 2014

Wives of Niger politicians arrested over baby trafficking

20 July 2014

Pope Francis found guilty of child trafficking, rape, murder

The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult was said to do child sacrifices at Roman Catholic cathedrals in Montreal, New York, Rome, Scotland, London, Carnarvon Castle in Wales, an undisclosed French Chateau in Holland and at Canadian Catholic and Anglican Indian residential schools in Kamloops, British Columbia and Brantford, Ontario Canada. The Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult was believed to use privately owned forest groves in the US, Canada, France and Holland for their “Human Hunting Parties” for global elites including members of European royal families. Teens were said to be obtained by the mafia, then stripped naked, raped, hunted down and killed. The Chief Prosecutor stated. “The Catholic Church is the world’s largest corporation and appears to be in collusion with the mafia, governments, police and courts worldwide.”

28 February 2015

Child Protective Services children found in human trafficking sex trade

“Baby trafficking is big business in China.”  Book

Up for Sale: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

23 December 2014

Chinese Airline Mandates Babies Be Sedated Prior To Boarding Plane

Book – Cue McCanns sedated their children for instance.

Pediatric Sedation Outside of the Operating Room

“Homes of late Lord Brittan, Lord Bramall, Harvey Proctor raided by Met’s Operation Midland in #child sex abuse probe.”

Proctor resigns

Savile, Henlow and Shefford, East Bedfordshire


One Response to Paedo News Updates

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