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Epstein is alive
18 September 2019

The Time I Went To a NXIVM Mixer/Recruitment Party

Ben Szemkus
Published on 6 Jun 2018

I attended a NXIVM Recruitment Party/Mixer in February 2007 in Hamden, Connecticut in which I met Stormy Daniels as Well as some High Powered Political Figures and NXIVM Founders, Major Supporters and Members. Here is a written statement detailing My experience that night (warning the format is kind of crazy for mobile phone users sorry).

Here is a Reddit, I was barraged with questions

Here is another AMA I had on The Tanster’s Webpage









Amanda Fight
Every single person you named off at that party will be indicted and will face the consequences of their EVIL actions. Notice that the New York AG (shniderman) has already been fired. This happened about 3 weeks ago. His power had to be removed, so the Wiener laptop could be used as incriminating evidence against Huma, Anthony and Hillary Clinton. The video on that laptop made grown men cry their eyes out, they also had to seek help from professional. Two of the NYPD cops who saw the video were murdered for what they saw. Trump honored one of them a few weeks ago on TV holding the hand of the mother the entire time.

They are all involved with trafficking children, torturing/sacrificing them for adrenocrome and cannibalizing them. All for a buck and power. It’s truly very disturbing! Also the creepy Allison Mack and Keith Raignier have been indicted and charged for trafficking children. Allison is snitching on Hollywood, local police, federal and politicians. Jeffery Epsteins island (pedo island) has been destroyed by Trump and his military/intelligence administration. About a month or two ago. Epstein is literally one of the most evil men on the planet. He had a temple to worship satan on that island and they also sacrificed tons of children. Therefore I believe everything you just stated %100! Trust me they’re all going DOWN soon! Research #Qanon it will blow your mind!! Qanonposts.com


Interesting, the counter shows 9 comments but I only see ONE. From “Chief Ryback” and a reply from Ben Szemkus. That means the Youtube gestapo is already censoring this video. Ben, if you make an account at VOAT.CO and drop this video at the pizzagate subcategory, it will open a rabbit hole and set off a chain of events that will leave the white hat research community spinning for weeks. So many have intuited the connection btwn Stormy and Raniere, especially when on researcher zoomed into a photo of her bikini line which appeared to reveal a NXIUM style brand but it was a bit blurry. Other’s have speculated about the nexus btwn pizzagate and NXIUM, via players like Alefantis and Podesta. And you just dropped the bombshell of the year as an EYE witness. Be safe either way.

I don’t want to scare Ben but I’ve been at this a long time and the more noise he makes, the more he becomes a target. He needs an insurance policy which is to have video backed up in multiple places, with trusted people who will release it again and again if harm comes to him and that should keep him safe. If we can make it go viral, that will help insure they won’t touch a hair on his head. His story is shocking and really the biggest bombshell I have heard in months. It’s highly believable, his body language, eye movements, all match truth.

Well I can tell you from a very high perch that you just dropped the equivalent of a Hydrogen bomb onto Youtube. You also have reached the attention of a few people who know how to drum up groundswell on social media. Just be sure to have TIGHT insurance before you go any further.


James Munder
Published on 27 Jul 2018


Rainy_ Up North (edited)
Jennifer Gudmundson I couldn’t agree more. I found this really upsetting to watch this video and a few hrs later see posts everywhere that he is missing and feared dead. I read another post today explaining that Eric S had been approached several times regarding NXIVM but refused to pursue and investigation prosecution and criminal charges. This would make sense now. So scary that no one truly knows who to trust.

miss demeanor
Hey Ben, Thank you so much for posting this vid and for reaching out to law enforcement. It makes me angry that they didn’t take a statement from you! I’m going to pass your info on to some of my favorite truther channels — hopefully none of these have passed you up. Unirock, Unirock2, You are freetv, titus frost, blackstone intelligence, defango come to mind. Thanks again for sharing your experience! It takes time to make an impact on social media what with all the shills and algorythms, but there are people who would be interested in this!

I agree, Jake Morphonios from Blackstone Intelligence would be interested. Also, email David Seaman at Fulcrum News. He will jump all over this. I tried to make a submission at VOAT subcategory pizzagate , but you need to have 10 creidts to submit a thread. So I just left the info in a comment to a thread about James Alefantis. This would get alot of traction at Godlikeproductions. You can start a thread as an anonymous there, I am blocked.

Concetta Pharney (edited)
Hi Ben you are definitely right about these so called Gate Keepers, and never have they revealed themselves more than with Pizzagate and now the NXIVM story..their biggest most protected secret is unravelling despite their attempts to spin and “debunk”. One of the gatekeepers that has surprised me is the AnOpenSecret people, who are supposedly the beacon of truth when it comes to this kind stuff… well there is danger with these beacons of truth because a few weeks ago they adamantly came out and DECLARED that Stormy Daniels was NOT part of NXIVM..I remember being shocked by this statement, and they had posted pictures as so called proof. But the picture proof they were provided to give us actually SHOWED Stormys NXIVM brand! When ppl started to call them out, they began to block them. Again this has happened recently with the Tucson story, they attempted to shut it down without any real investigative reporting, just declaring that “Weve looked into it” and blah blah blah…Banning a ton of ppl who were legitimately trying to get answers..So all I will say here is that I agree about the idea of Gate keepers, and they are often the ones you would least suspect.Thank you. very much for your story, I am sure they never expected you.

PS..For all those questioning…Of course the Stormy Daniels thing needs to be kept hidden because they have been using her against the president and now it turns out she is part of this far reaching cult that is involved in trafficking is also deeply embedded into the political elite and highly secret society of which Trump is not a member. They want him out but they are so ….Stupid!

The Tanster (edited)
It has been telling that the pedogate researchers on YouTube have been hostile to Ben. There’s proof on my channel.

Here are videos showing Ben as he testifies to what he saw at a NXIVM mixer:

Steve Dave (edited)
I know the people involved with Stormy Daniels. My roommate spent a whole weekend banging her right on the other side of my bedroom wall. He’s a cocaine dealer and the supplier is CIA. I can tell you that what’s going on is way way crazier than you can imagine. Look up smart dust and mind control if you want to remotely understand

Angel Martin
Ben i know exactly what you mean about the memory wipe “spell” feeling, same thing happened to me when I remembered my best friends mom freaking out on me after her daughter told me, in so many words, that she was a mind control slave when we were 11. I didn’t know what she was telling me at the time, I tho Get we were playing a game (she told me commands to use to make her do things) and I told her mother over the phone, thinking my friend was playing a trick on me or pretending, and her mom totally changed from anything I ever knew her as at the time and yelled at me like crazy…I was really confused and upset because I prided myself on everyone’s parents liking me…but I totally forgot about the whole thing until pizzagate happened and it was like how you described, feeling like somehow a spell had been cast on me and was broken. Makes sense considering her mom turned out to literally be a Luciferian witch.

Wow!! That is incredible. I watched the clip that Mandy Bombard (the body language expert) it’s her opinion that you are telling the truth. This is incredible ! Thank you Ben God Bless !!!!

As of 7/28/2018 Ben is in hiding according to a tweet by someone called LaTanster.