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The Great North Run being held on 11 September and organised along Leylines to harvest human energy called Qi – mention of Savile leading the runners etc.

”Henry this year’s Great North Run will be held on Sep 11th. Last year’s was held on the Shemitah  We know that Savile was a Black Magician. He will have been adept at leading thousands of unwitting runners down leylines and draining off their Qi etheric energy. This is discussed on youtube. Does the route go past a vortex point too? Do corporate logos the runners see, such as Bupa, or starbucks, on the route have significance?
Holding this year’s on 9/11 is peculiar to my mind and needs questioning”

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26 Jun 2014

MP demands inquiry to determine whether Savile abused Newcastle patients


Dr Savile, the Devil’s Highway and the human battery farm of Broadmoor

The Devil’s Highway is a continuation of the A30 leyline aka ‘The Hidden Unity’ due to a multiplicity of faiths erecting temples and churches on the ley.  The road is known by this name all the way to Silchester which is the terminus of the ley.”


Qi Etheric Energy

”Many people experience qi in their daily lives without even realising it. In his book, ‘Tai Chi Theory & Martial Power’, Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming says, “Qi is often associated with a feeling of warmth or tingling which many people experience.””